Bud Selig Wants to F$%k with Baseball Again

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You know how you hate everything about the DH rule in the American League? Well! Bud Selig doesn’t give a shit. 

Speaking to the media leading up to tonight’s All-Star Game, Selig said that he likes the idea of using a DH in National League parks and pitchers batting in American League parks during Interleague play (which, beginning next year, will be an ongoing thing, not a twice-a-season novelty).

That would be like… women sucking vagina straws at bachelorette parties and tittie bars sponsoring Magic Mike nights. No one wants that. You go to Interleague games to get nutty and sample a little strange, not to completely switch sides. National League fans hate the DH rule, and I’m pretty sure American League fans hate games where the final score isn’t counted in dozens. The whole concept is silly.

As Jeff Passan notes, Selig saying that he would discuss his half-witted idea with Joe Torre in the offseason means there’s a good chance it happens. Which means… every night, somewhere across our vast landscape or Canada, baseball tradition will be flipped on its belly, ass-up, and doing it like the Greeks, all so Selig can get his jollies.


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  1. I’m telling you, this is just to test the idea out. When every NL stadium stuck with a DH for the weekend still manages to sell half their available tix, he’s going to claim success and the DH will be adopted by the NL. It’s coming. And it’s going to suck.

  2. So… wait… does he want to make the DH a permanent thing in the NL? Or is this just him fucking with interleague play?
    In that case, why? Just why? So when the Phils play the Yanks at home, we see DHs, but when the Phils go to NY to play, Cliff Lee gets to be a more effective batter than our DH would be anyway? I’m so confused as to what this idea would accomplish.

  3. I would only say yes to the DH rule for the Phillies pitchers. I’d like to see Halladay, Hamels and Lee have their careers elongated. With DH, their bodies wouldn’t risk injury and we could see them have longer careers…which is good for Philly.
    Just sayin’.

  4. The idea is the fans get to see diff. styles of play than what they’re accustomed to. Yankees fans would get to see pitchers hit, and Phillies fans would get to see DH style of play.

  5. If I want to see the DH, I’ll drive to New York or Baltimore. No, no, you don’t have to bring it to me. I’ll come get it myself.
    It’s pretty cool to be able to live through baseball taking an absolute shit on itself for 2 decades. Can’t wait to tell the grandkids how it used to be in my day. Steroids ruin the home run record, an exhibition game decides home field for the World Series and now the DH rule in both leagues so we can see ridiculous scores with less defense and a pitching strategy completely thrown out the window.
    No other sport eliminates its most important player. There isn’t a designated player for a QB, Goalie or any other major role position. Thanks for destroying the sport, Bud.

  6. WTF why can’t we comment on the trent coke post??? CB is getting weak when we can’t comment on a post. Pussy shit

  7. Having to use a DH would be bad for the Phillies, because the NONE of the regulars can hit (except for Chooch this season.) We’re better off letting Cole, Cliff, Vance and Blanton swing away, they can at least be average hitters for their position. Halladay just needs to go up and look at every pitch and not swing.

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