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You know how you hate everything about the DH rule in the American League? Well! Bud Selig doesn’t give a shit. 

Speaking to the media leading up to tonight’s All-Star Game, Selig said that he likes the idea of using a DH in National League parks and pitchers batting in American League parks during Interleague play (which, beginning next year, will be an ongoing thing, not a twice-a-season novelty).

That would be like… women sucking vagina straws at bachelorette parties and tittie bars sponsoring Magic Mike nights. No one wants that. You go to Interleague games to get nutty and sample a little strange, not to completely switch sides. National League fans hate the DH rule, and I’m pretty sure American League fans hate games where the final score isn’t counted in dozens. The whole concept is silly.

As Jeff Passan notes, Selig saying that he would discuss his half-witted idea with Joe Torre in the offseason means there’s a good chance it happens. Which means… every night, somewhere across our vast landscape or Canada, baseball tradition will be flipped on its belly, ass-up, and doing it like the Greeks, all so Selig can get his jollies.