Carlos Ruiz, Adorable


Here’s Carlos Ruiz with Josh Thole’s comically large glove, used to receive Dickey.


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  1. They should give that glove to that stiff Pence, dude can’t even catch a cold out there in right field

  2. this is so much more humerous for me….my mom always ends up calling chooch, cooch. so in my mind it’s cooch is trying to catch dickey with a big mitt! bahahahahaha

  3. And your family will be raped in a home invasion by years end. #realitycheck

  4. I think Kyle should shut down this comment board. getting out of hand on here

  5. You mean the beat looking Marilyn Monroe? Hey, at least you keep your standards low…

  6. @Tom Nicholas, @Candy From the Oak, @Vinny Curry, @Fairmount Joe Miller (all 4 screen names probably belong to the same unemployed nerd living in their mommy’s basement) – Would you please STFU about the Trent Cole comment section?? This is a GD sports blog.
    And if you have such valuable input to add to the Trent Cole post, then go onto the CrossingBroad Facebook page and leave a comment there. But Holy Sh*t, then you cant be such an internet tough guy and the post would actually be under your real name.
    BTW – Your mom needs you to take out the trash…geek.

  7. I’m with mac…I was PISSED when they were interviewing Jeter with Chooch up! As far as I could tell, there was no mention of his insane avg, how well he handles the staff, nothing. Just f-ing Jeter. I like the guy, but c’mon, it’s Chooch’s FIRST All-Star game, for God’s sake!

  8. LoL
    1) Didn’t see anybody mention the Trent Cole post here.
    2) Wow, you’re mind must be really consumed with this is if you remembered or went back to check everyone who was joking around about the trent cole story.
    3) You’re a pussy, why don’t you go to facebook and leave a comment under your real name, internet tough guy.

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