CHMM: How Much is $144 Million?

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In an oh so Darren Rovell style post, let’s breakdown Cole Hamels’ six-year, $144 million contract into, say, smaller units:

Hamels will earn an average of $24 million per season.

Assuming Hamels averages 32 starts, 200 innings pitched, 15 wins, and 190 strikeouts per season, he will earn: $750,000 per start, $120,000 per inning, $1.6 million per win, and $126,000 per strikeout.

If he throws an average of 100 pitches per game, and pitches for an average of 120 minutes per start, he will earn $7,500 per pitch, $375,000 per hour, and $104 per second during games he starts.

You, plus sign, me, equal sign, us.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were earning $104 per second while on the mound, I’d be incapable of pitching. I’d just stand there, completely oblivious to the world around me,  yanking on an imaginary cash register and screaming ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching like a mad man.

And, even if we were to calculate Hamels' hourly rate over the entire six years of the contract, not just during his starts, he would make $.76 per second, or, $2,736 an hour for six straight years– and that factors in a leap year!

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 1.27.59 PM

So yeah, Hamels will make about three times the average American household income every time he walks to the mound to start an inning. The Cole Hamels Millions Meter is alive and well.


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  1. raj overpaid for a guy who never won 20 games

  2. Not only is that entirely too much money for ANY baseball player, it is definitely too much money for someone who can’t pitch passed the 6th inning without shitting the bed.

  3. Chance- Vice President of the GnA Falcons
    In order to win games, your team needs to score runs. If you really want to evaluate a pitcher, use your brain and better stats.

  4. He never won 20 games cause lack of run support screwed him over more than one season. And by the way he might of never won 20 games but he has a nlcs MVP, a world series ring and a world series MVP. Something doc and lee don’t have

  5. jesus christ. thats more than most of us (and our chicks, combined for that matter) make in a year in one inning. wow. it’s kind of sickening when you break it down like that.

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