CHMM: The Phillies are About to Offer Cole Hamels a Six-Year, $130 Million Contract

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CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman:

The Phillies are sending signals that they are planning to make an initial offer to star lefthanded pitcher Cole Hamels for about $130 million over six years within the next few days, sources familiar with the team's thinking told

The Phillies are believed to have had some conversations in recent days with Hamels, and while no official offer has been made yet, sources say the team is interested in doing a deal in the range of Matt Cain's six-year arrangement with the Giants.


Sending signals? Not sure what that means. Did Ruben Amaro go out to dinner with Hamels’ agent John Boggs (he didn’t), open his legs and let The Big Poker out? Did he send him winky faces from his battery pack-enhanced iPhone? Touch his face and adjust his glasses ever so seductively? Did assistant GM Scott Proefrock exchange forlorn texts with Boggs, like he did with Cliff Lee’s agent? We don’t know. But, per a million reports, we do know the Phillies are planning to make an offer. 

The other day, Heyman reported it would be for at least $120 million, which wouldn’t be enough. Our Cole Hamels Millions Meter currently stands at $154 million (though we think a hometown discount would be worth around $10 million from Hamels– 8 mil from him and 2 mil from Heidi because she likes the shopping and children here). 

Heyman thinks the offer will come in around six-years, $130 million, which would be just slightly more than the total six-year, $127.5 million contract Matt Cain got with the Giants.

We’ll keep you updated. But we’ll continue to assume that the only signals Ruben Amaro ever sent involved a blonde, a high top table at a bar, and possibly a swirling motion with his tongue.

Various reports of offers coming under perceived market value. – $3 million. CHMM: $151 million.


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  1. Well this is a little better than the 5 year offer. But here’s my thing… these reporters REALLY need to stop putting an “hour” or “day” time frame. It was a week ago that either Olney or Rosenthal (can’t remember which) said a deal would be offered within 72 hours. The other said the same thing… just about 72 hours ago. Enough already.
    And RAJ really needs to stop leaking this shit. Handle the negotiations behind closed doors, it’ll go better that way.

  2. If you give him 7 years, he will be 1 year older than Cliff Lee is NOW at the end of the contract.

  3. keyword: INITIAL
    initial offer. phillies are bringing 6 years to the table, if cole shoots em down, they’ll counter with 7. they just dont want to start there and have to up to 8.
    slightly exceeding the Cain deal is a solid non-insulting starting offer that shows good faith. this is much more encouraging than the 120 mil that was previously stated.
    if the phillies counter with 7, then we can at least be at peace with the fact that the phillies actually legitimately tried to do what it takes, and it was just flat out Cole wanting free agency

  4. These numbers, if true, actually give me more hope than I’ve had in awhile. If the real number is 6-150 or there abouts and there is about a 10 mil discount, they are really only about 10 mil apart. I don’t see the Phils losing him for 10 mil over 6 years.
    Remember how all we have heard for 6 months how it was the Phils unwillingness to go for six years? That seems moot now.

  5. I already think Rube sucks
    If they go with a 7 year deal like you dopes want … there is no doubt he’s the worst GM in the league

  6. Is this really a better deal/offer. If Hamels can get closer to Sabathia money at 7/160 on FA Market, how’s a 6th year for 10 mil more not a second slap in the face and more of an insult?

  7. @J
    because the phillies are matching/exceeding what the Giants gave Cain who is a comparable pitcher as an initial offer. you cant compare any deal to the ones the yankees offer. look at the ridiculous burnett deal a few years ago.
    if cole wants the yankees to make him an offer, there’s nothing we can do.

  8. Boom-I know Cain’s deal is one of the markers but he’d be making more than 2.5 mil less average per year with that 6/130 deal than 24 per year at 5/120.If it’s money, not years, to Cole, that extra 10 Million is another insult as he CAN get closer to Sabathia rather than Cain money. We all know and they know that. Also, Santana’s deal was 6/136. If this was their first offer, I’d say well ok, it’s a start, but it’s their 2nd.

  9. hmmmm was that 5/120 deal an official offer? I dont remember Cole refusing any official offer from the phillies yet, i thought it had just been talks at this point. im not sure though.

  10. Ease up on the “millions meter”, thats not helping things. he’ll get 137.5 just like Santana.

  11. He isnt even worth what Cain got … let alone Santanna and definitely not worth CC money

  12. CC Sabathia – CY Young Winner, Johan Santana 2 time CY Young Winner, Cliff Lee Cy Young winner….Cole Hamels….?!?

  13. Adam B- World Series MVP… How many of those has CC won? Johan? Cliff?
    Not to mention he’s younger. And getting better. But nah, he’s not worth it.

  14. World Series Winner
    World Series MVP
    All 3 of them would take that over Cy Youngs.

  15. The POP UPS on this site are pissing me off more than JIMMY ROLLINS’ POP UPS on the 1st pitch.
    You guys are so gullible!!!
    Since when has Amaro leaked numbers EVERY SINGLE DAY like this?
    It’s a PR Stunt, remember……whatever Amaro says or does, he’s LYING… think the OPPOSITE!!!!

  16. Trade him to Texas for that 3rd base prospect & resign heavy joe to fill the gap

  17. You fuckin idiots that think he’s worth 160 million are retarded. This is the Phillies 2nd offer unless that 5 yr. 120 mil offer was just bogus reporting, we don’t know that, so let’s just assume it wasn’t bogus reporting. If the Phillies go up another 8-10 mil, it’s a really good offer, he would be dumb to refute it. Of course New York is always going to overpay for pitchers, good or bad- see AJ Burnett, CC Sacrapia, etc. so if he wants to stay, take the next best offer Cole, plain & simple.

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