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CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman:

The Phillies are sending signals that they are planning to make an initial offer to star lefthanded pitcher Cole Hamels for about $130 million over six years within the next few days, sources familiar with the team's thinking told

The Phillies are believed to have had some conversations in recent days with Hamels, and while no official offer has been made yet, sources say the team is interested in doing a deal in the range of Matt Cain's six-year arrangement with the Giants.


Sending signals? Not sure what that means. Did Ruben Amaro go out to dinner with Hamels’ agent John Boggs (he didn’t), open his legs and let The Big Poker out? Did he send him winky faces from his battery pack-enhanced iPhone? Touch his face and adjust his glasses ever so seductively? Did assistant GM Scott Proefrock exchange forlorn texts with Boggs, like he did with Cliff Lee’s agent? We don’t know. But, per a million reports, we do know the Phillies are planning to make an offer. 

The other day, Heyman reported it would be for at least $120 million, which wouldn’t be enough. Our Cole Hamels Millions Meter currently stands at $154 million (though we think a hometown discount would be worth around $10 million from Hamels– 8 mil from him and 2 mil from Heidi because she likes the shopping and children here). 

Heyman thinks the offer will come in around six-years, $130 million, which would be just slightly more than the total six-year, $127.5 million contract Matt Cain got with the Giants.

We’ll keep you updated. But we’ll continue to assume that the only signals Ruben Amaro ever sent involved a blonde, a high top table at a bar, and possibly a swirling motion with his tongue.

Various reports of offers coming under perceived market value. – $3 million. CHMM: $151 million.