Conflicting Reports That Phillies and Giants Have a Deal in Place for Hunter Pence

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 7.54.24 AMPic via (@CSNBaggs) of CBS 5 in San Francisco jumping the gun on Pence trade

There are conflicting reports out there that the Phillies are trading Hunter Pence to the Giants. 

Dennis O’Donnell, the sports director for KPIX in San Francisco, reported that the Phillies and Giants have a deal in place to send Hunter Pence to San Francisco and, perhaps, minor leaguer Tommy Joseph (?) to Philadelphia.

O’Donnell has been hinting at this since Friday and got all worked up when Hunter Pence was scratched from the lineup yesterday. At around 1 a.m., he tweeted that the deal was in place. But the report has been denied by the Giants: 

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 7.54.40 AM

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 7.55.29 AM


O’Donnell doesn’t Tweet often and only has around 700 followers, which is usually not the type of count you see from people breaking baseball trades. Then again, he is a San Fran based reporter and his station's sports director.

My take? Trading Hunter Pence would be stupid. He’s under team control next year, and even though he will likely earn around $12 million in arbitration, he’s the youngest of the Phillies’ “core” (if that means anything at this point) and probably the most reliable hitter besides Carlos Ruiz. Trading Pence now would indicate that the Phils are not only waving the white flag on 2012, but also considering doing the same for 2013. I’d trade Shane Victorino or Joe Blanton, both free agents at the end of the season, long before Pence.


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  1. If I they trade Pence, I could see them trying to sign Victorino. How can you go into the 2013 season w/ all 3 Outfield positions in question. I understand Pence has been an enigma this year, but he is not an “IT” guy. He is a complimentary player that helps a line up. With Howard and Utley out, they leaned on him, and he is not that guy.

  2. I wouldn’t reject trading Pence out of hand. It all depends on the package that we get back. If they blow you away, sure, why not? The Phils need to free up salary too. It also must be recognized that more disciplined hitters are needed at the plate. Pence’s approach is terrible. He’s like a wind-up toy that unloads pitches whenever he feels like. The Phils can no longer rely on free-swinging power hitters like they once did.
    The idea of trading Pence of course relies on Ruben Amaro being a savvy seller. If the second Cliff Lee deal is any indication, I would be very worried.

  3. Pence is probably there most valuable trade chip, precisely because is he under team control next year. Trade him for some good, young, CHEAP talent to plug some of the many holes this team has. Also trade victorino, blanton and pierre. Get whatever you can for these guys that will make the team better in the next few years, plug youth into the outfield and see exactly what you have and what you’ll need to acquire in the offseason

  4. Rube is a pos. ruined my summer with that shit product he put out this year

  5. How wasted was Rube when he traded 1.5 years of Pence for this Jabroni AA catcher?!

  6. I shit you not – this is the 2012 baseball prospectus on Tommy Joseph
    Comparables: Sebastian Valle (Phillies prospect)
    “Joseph doesn’t take many pitches, but a better contact rate in 2011 took some of the lopsidedness out of his strikeout-to-walk numbers. He’s not an athletic defender – he’s not an athletic anything, really – but he did cut his passed balls rate by half and threw out 37 percent of baserunners. A promotion to Double-A will keep him ahead of his peers, but advanced pitching won’t suit his free swinging.”

  7. Isn’t there a Hunter Pence Bobble Head Night coming up? Do they get to trade those for bats?

  8. They traded one of the best pitching prospects (Wheeler) last year for a half-season rental of Beltran. No wonder they’re jumping the gun – they just got a year & a half of Pence for nothing. I’d be pushing to finalize it too – before the Phillies changed their mind.
    Rube Amoron < Ed Wade Seriously You give up D'arnaud in a trade, Singleton, Cosart, etc You get Tommy Joseph, Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies, and some Hispanic A pitcher they got for Lee who is so irrelevant I can't even remember his name

  9. OMG I am with Homer’s Gun here. I hope this trade isn’t true. If you get someone really decent for Pence fine but if this is what we get in return, I am going to set fire to all my Phillies t-shirts. Rube is ruining this team.

  10. why would anyone think this trade even happened? does anyone honestly think that they would trade pence for a AA catcher? Catcher is one of the only position players they have in the minors ?
    people are retarded… and to the guy bitching about d’arnaud, singleton, and cosart… what about all the people they traded for lee that people bitched about? what about when everyone said trading happ was a bad move ? what about kyle drabek? what about michael taylor, carrassco, knapp, donald, marson??? where are they all now? Probably reading this website because they have nothing better to do.
    until one of those guys makes an all star team, you have no reason to complain… and aumont apparently has been pitching half decent as a closer in AAA

  11. Oooooooooooooooooooooooo is 100% correct. Pence is not being traded for some shit catcher people. Considering what he gave to get Pence RAJ knows he needs to get real quality back. Chillax peoples

  12. The Great Beez Nutz warned you all about Ruben for years now … please start listening.
    And Pence is overrated … move him
    Beez Nutz

  13. Except everything I tell you people comes true … but please keep forming your opinion from what you hear on 97.5
    And I get paid to post kid
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

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