Dan Carcillo Rips Michael Leighton… and Peter Laviolette

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I struggled with the idea of posting about anything Dan Carcillo said. The only time I can recall doing such a thing is when Carcillo tweeted about finger-banging someone who was later revealed to be a CB reader (chronicled right… hither).

He quickly removed (and likely regretted) that comment. 

But, this weekend, speaking at a Blackhawks fan forum, which was likely attended by about seven to nine people, Car Bomb went boom again, this time taking aim at former teammate Michael Leighton and… Peter Laviolette? 

First up, Big Bear Michael Leighton. According to some Twitterererererers in attendance, one of which admitted that Carcillo’s comment were mostly tongue-in-cheek,  Car Bomb said: “If we had better goaltending, maybe we would have put up a fight.” 

Ouch. While I certainly can’t blame anyone for, um, blaming Leighton about anything (he’s what the Spanish call El Terrible), throwing a former teammate under the bus is bush league. Not to mention inaccurate. The Flyers did put up a fight. Leighton gave up the soft winner to Patrick Kane, but can hardly be blamed for the Flyers losing the series. The Blackhawks were a better team. 

About Lavs? Not many details exist, but Carcillo said something to the effect of having “zero respect” for the Flyers coach. 

We didn’t reach out to Lavs for comment, but we’re guessing his response would have been somewhere along the lines of go fuck yourself.

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  1. Zero respect? The fun fact of that is that Peter Laviolette is very good at his job while Dan Carcillo really isn’t. I’m glad they got rid of Carcillo because he was just as much a pest off the ice as on.

  2. Everyone needs to get off Big Bear’s back..I mean we got to game six of the cup finals with michael freakin leighton..

  3. Ya the same Dan Carcillo that was blowing perks and oxys every day.
    The same Dan Carcillo that got Richards and Carter hooked as well….

  4. Yeah, he forgets that Leighton (bad goal in the Finals notwithstanding) did WAY more than Carcillo did to get the Flyers to that Finals.
    Without Leighton, the Flyers do NOT get to the Finals. They probably don’t even make it to the conference finals.

  5. Cool… thanks Carcillo. Hey, who do you have pictures on in Chicago that would actually RE-sign you to a 2 year deal?!
    Just wondering… cause it HAS to be some serious blackmail shit you’re pulling. You’re garbage.

  6. This should be on your flag Kyle
    “When an asshole speaks/tweets: CB is there.”

  7. Dan, you sound a tad salty you were the only coke head from 2010 not to win a Cup with LA.
    Fear not, I hear Patty Kane has a drinking problem!

  8. I will never forget walking in on car bomb doing a line in mcfaddens bp bathroom. He said getttt outttta her idiot!

  9. Seriously, as someone mentioned at the top, we traded Scottie Upshall for that piece of white trailer trash.

  10. zero respect means “damn it now we have a real coach in here who won’t tolerate me showing up to practice hung over or taking moronic penalties that hur thet eam” … yea STFU Carcillo

  11. I still can’t get over his “fight” against Talbot in the playoffs. I loved the season ending injury he gave himself while attempting a cheap shot.

  12. He looks like someone who would hangout at penny gardens tavern

  13. Well, I’ll just point out that Laviolette got his ass handed to him by Pete DeBoer this last playoff run. I mean, you guys did notice that, right? That Laviolette got totally fucking owned and couldn’t figure out how to beat the same trap that had been used against them all season. Oh, wait, you were all too busy whining about the goalie. Right.

  14. these comments are hilarious. the same flyer fans who say how much he sucked, etc are the same bloodthirsty 2nd level fans who were cheering every fight and cheap shot this no talent clown ever particpated in.

  15. @LemurCat – Nice post but what does that have to do with Carcillo?
    @TR – Dude was garbage when he was here. He took WAY too many stupid penalties and added nothing to the lineup. Any real Flyer fan who praised him while he was here was still saying that he was crap.

  16. Some people in Philadelphia have Carcillo jerseys… and Asham shirseys… I’ve seen both with my own eyes

  17. Carbomb played with passion here unlike the rest of the team.
    However, since he and his beer league friends are gone, you can actually call the Flyers a “team” instead of cliques.

  18. @OneManWolfPack – I thought it was pretty freakin’ self evident – that maybe Carcillo might be just a bit correct.

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