DeSean Jackson Gets in Fight, Plays “Starter” Card

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Of course it only took DeSean Jackson a few days of training camp to be an idiot again.

D-Jac and Brandon Hughes got into what our friend Eliot Shorr-Parks called the “best fight of camp so far” today. That part is the norm for training camp. But afterward, Jackson had this to say:

“It’s a part part of football. Scuffles happen."


Go on…

“He’s not a started. I’m a starter.”


There it is.

Somewhere, Allen Iverson approves.


21 Responses

  1. Why does everyone hate on Djac?? Nothing wrong with showing some passion out there! Hit up the show line and lets talk!

  2. He’ll never grwo the f up. Childish punk. You save the attitude for the games, and other teams, not showing up your teammates.

  3. shoulda dumped this clown when they could get something for him, he’ll be useless(completely) after this year.

  4. Chuck Bednarik could still beat the living shit out of this wankster.
    Fingers crossed for an epic Lindros/Scott Stevens hit on DJax this year. Fuck this entire team.

  5. Kyle, no racist fake quotes in DJax lingo with this post? You’re slipping, man.

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