Did YOU Spot Shane Victorino Ordering a Hoagie at the Margate Wawa Late Friday Night? Let Us Know!

Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 9.54.02 AMPic via (@tlb400)

Up in the sky, the Hawaiian’s flyin’ by, in the Wawa Hoagie Bal*… wait, what?! 

According to a couple folks on Twitter, Shane Victorino, who went 0-for-4 last night, took advantage of $4.79 hoagies late Friday night – nay, early Saturday morning – at the Margate Wawa. Jason, who tipped us off, said his brother saw Victo there around that time and, earlier, at the nightclub Dusk at Caesar’s in Atlantic City. We can’t confirm either of those things, but a quick Twitter search did reveal the above picture, tweeted at 3:20 a.m. Saturday morning from the Margate Wawa:

Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 10.29.55 AM
Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 10.29.55 AM
[While Theresa doesn't mention which Wawa, just two days earlier she tweeted a picture of Margate's Lucy the Elephant. So we're going to go ahead and make that leap. Also, using the #hoagiefest hashtag is the sign of a real keeper.]

Meanwhile, reader Dave spotted Heavy Joe Blanton shopping at the Cherry Hill Mall, at around 2 p.m. yesterday, about eight hours before he gave up five runs in sixth and a third.

Anyway, that’s your Phillies weekend roundup. See anyone? Spot Fat Joe picking out Levi's? Bump into Shane Victorino at Hoagiefest? At Dusk? As always, let us know!

*While we're on the subject– why, IN THE HELL, did Wawa dump the Hoagieman this year? The new CGI spots are bullshit and dishonor the great Hoagieman. He didn't deserve to go out like this.


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  1. Shane Victorino is allowed to go to Wawa if he wants to. His performance at the plate prior to his trip to Wawa holds no bearing on whether or not the world is going to end if he goes to Wawa.

  2. Some might say that getting extra rest while playing in 100+ temperature heat could affect your performance on the field.. just sayin

  3. Hoagie man, get a clue bud. He doesnt work a 9 to 5 like most of us. Say he gets to bed at 5, gets 8 hours, he is up at 1pm. Game time in 6 hours. I think hed be ok. I wish one of these athletes would go off and just say mind your own business to these stalkers

  4. Shane victorino cheats on his wife any chance he gets, go to 7-11 flying Hawaiian and won’t get caught

  5. Kyle Scott, #1 jerkoff in all of Philly. Your blog is a fucking joke, you become the TMZ of Philly sports. Hop off the players dicks that you swing on. OMG Shane is out having a hoagie after a team just lost? Let’s fucking lynch him!!!! Joe Blanton is shopping with his wife?! What is he thinking!!! WHY ARE THESE PLAYERS TRYING TO BE HUMANS, THEY ARE SPORTS PLAYERS THEY CANT DO NORMAL THINGS! They need to stay in and cry after every game they lose!! !!! Lets stone the whole team! BUT HEY EVERYONE CHECK OUT MY BLOG VIEWS, JUST CHECK THEM LOOK! I have blog views! Your a jerkoff, your girl is a jerkoff for being with you & if you have a dog he/she is a jerkoff for having you as an owner.

  6. Idk why there are so many assholes on here complaining about this post. After losing again, Shane shouldn’t be getting in his car and driving to Margate when they play a 1 pm game the next day. If I have to go to court tomorrow, I’m not drinking in an Atlantic City night club and crabbing drunk munchies at 3 am and then litigating the next day. Shane is supposed to be a professional and doing this after another embarrassing loss is not showing that.

  7. Hey matt this was after fridays game into saturday….even if….maybe he knew he was off sunday

  8. How dare the Phillies be able eat when they’re in last place! Especially after a loss! You’re damn right I starve myself if I don’t have a good day at work!

  9. No wonder Shane asked out of the lineup, hungover & heart burn from the late night meatball sub. POS

  10. Shane is a piece of shit and so is this blog. Phillies are burning down along with crossingbroad
    jesus h

  11. I see some watched Clarke and Missanelli not listen to a word Charlie said in his post-game presser and make up their own shit for what happened.
    We’ve got the whole second half.

  12. This explains the fight between Victorino and Manuel on sunday before the game. The fight that led to Shane being benched that day. Apparently Uncle Charlie heard about him being out late, talked to him about it… Later after batting practice Victorino saw he was hitting in the 7 hole again and flipped out to Charlie. Charlie then told him not to come out for the game.

  13. Everytime I see Shane with one of his mistresses, they are a lot uglier then his wife. No need to downgrade your chicks and play Shane. Now get the f out of Philly, you dumb pos!
    -Frank Weiner is def shane

  14. Not sure how this post is a TMZ travesty…A struggling gold glove athlete who is partying at a beach 2 hours away from the ball park at 3AM before an afternoon game…On a team thats sunk from first to worst in one fell swoop? I can see how its annoying if theres a post every time Jeff Carter clips his toe nails, but this is actually alarming.
    I don’t care what you do for a living, you don’t go out drinking at all hours of the night before you have work early the next day, especially if youre already doing a bad job. Its not like most games dont start at 7 or he doesn’t have off 6 months of the year.

  15. Pete H, he was out Friday night. Saturday’s game was at 7:05. You’re whole post is worthless

  16. Pete H, he was out Friday night. Saturday’s game was at 7:05. Your whole post is worthless

  17. Shane just needs to go, and I think that Cholly needs to go, too. I love the guy (Cholly) and what he has meant to this team. But this is OBVIOUSLY not the same group of all-stars he got to manage for the better part of 6 years. Some have been casualties of making room for the next guy (Burrell, Brett Myers), some have gotten full of themselves or had an agent that was full of it (Werth, Madson, and now Victorino and Rollins) gotten injured or had a bout with futility (Utley, Howard, Polly, Vanimal, Lee, Rollins, Halladay). Some of this roster is going to HAVE to turn over to allow us to NOT just go into a full blown rebuilding mode. The problem is that we will not get anything for the players that NEED to be turned over (LF, 3B, Relievers, CF and to a lesser degree, SS and 2B as we need to have replacements ready for Rollins and Utz.) The only players that anyone would be interested in would be Shane, Cole, and maybe Pence, Ruiz, and Halladay. Shane is the ONLY one in that group that I WANT to see hit the road, but three or four of these five we could see in a different uni next year as contracts run out or trades happen. I think our Phils will toil in mediocrity for another season until players are moved out, and new blood either by a youth movement via trades by the deadline or by free agency takes over. DAMN.

  18. clients the chance to get to know him. Even though the videos are not officially part of his blog (Kirk, if you’re reading this, please take this as a constructive suggestion), he could easily turn them

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