Discussing Cole Hamels on CSN’s Lunch Break

I joined Rhea Hughes on CSN’s Lunch Break today to discuss Cole Hamels and the death of the Philadelphia Phillies. Give it a watch. Bonus points to Rhea for her oh-so-meta mention of our commenter, Fake Rhea Hughes. Something tells me she just made some 14-year-old's day.

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26 Responses

  1. Kyle, I’d like to see more of this stuff with Rhea Hughes and yourself. Its fun and different.
    You and Rhea ought to make it a once a week segment.

  2. Kyle, nice work on wearing a clean shirt…it beats the wrinkled slop you were wearing your last time on this segment.

  3. People who are ripping Rhea’s looks are complete losers with no class. You know she reads this site rite? Having kyle on is good pub for the blog. Im sure if you saw her in person there is no way you would make those remarks. In fact, after you met her youd prob run to mommys basement and rub one out. What a bunch of faggots

  4. …and still not 1 comment about what was discussed during the 7 minute video

  5. Kyle,
    To give you a bit of fashion advice – your shirt is one size to big. I’m assuming it’s a large; you should be a medium. The shoulder seem should meet at the corner of your shoulder bone.

  6. If we can trade and make a handshake deal to sign him in free agency, i would be completely OK with that. This season is done and its worth to get some type of youth around here.

  7. Vinny Curry is pathetic trash. Among the many posters on here that need to be gutted

  8. Looks like Vinny Curry had himself a real productive day at work…or on his parents computer…

  9. Looks like Charlie Brown had a real productive day responding the the guy who had a real productive day at work…or on his parents computer…

  10. Vinny Curry is just jealous- “A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.”

  11. I do like it. The only problem I had was a previous commenter suggesting that people were fapping to Rhea Hughes. You would be able to see the context of my issue had Kyle or whoever not deleted one of my comments.

  12. Jealousy of anything related to this site was never mentioned nor implied. You should of saved that zinger of a quoute.

  13. I’m not sure why the writer of a sports tabloid who occasionally voices typical fan opinions would be on a credible news channel. It’s rather curious.

  14. dude kyle you copy and paste that same speech alot…stop defending yourself….these people are in your house

  15. Kyle, stop looking into the camera with a blank stare.
    Look at her when she is talking. lol

  16. Jimmy Rollins shoulda talked to the media … true
    shut up fag … nobody cares and you’re not part of the media

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  18. Ive heard Rhea say so many ignorant comments about other people over the years that any nasty comments she gets is karma coming back around. Her latest target is blasting on the airwaves how dumb Shane Victorino is. If anyone trys to convince you that Rhea has class, roll your eyes and walk away.

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