Drink: Flyers Power Hour

In case you want to drown your sorrows over the Phillies and don’t feel like watching NBC’s 12-hour delayed Olympics coverage, here is an excellent Flyers power hour put together by (@collinmehalick). Enjoy.


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  1. Well done dude who put this together. I will be using it Friday night.
    FUCK! I can’t wait for hockey season!!

  2. My friends and I call Brayden “The Wrecking Ball.” The hit at around 7:10 is why.

  3. Also, is that our very own Sarah Baicker getting schooled on the finer points of sports reporting at 40:04?
    I love her and Prongs… I wish they would have a child… that child would be perfect

  4. Crazy how I can be so moved watching Kate sing the anthem and then want to kill someone when it shows crosbitch’s mug

  5. Great video, but it pisses me off that it doesn’t make you drink every 60 seconds.

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