Eagles Running Back Dion Lewis Was Arrested This Weekend After Getting Drunk and Pulling a Fire Alarm at a Hampton Inn

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Are you ready for some football?! A July afternoon party. We've got booze and alarms and Hampton Inns and Jesus Christ what the fuck are we talking about? 

Our first official bit of Eagles news this summer, and it’s a blasty. 

Backup running back Dion Lewis, 21, and his brother, Lamar, 35, got drunk this weekend and locked themselves out of a Hampton Inn in Albany, where they were staying, forcing them to pull the fire alarm. The plan completely backfired (jokes!): [Times Union]

The incident unfolded around 4 a.m., when Lewis and his brother, Lamar Lewis, were locked out of the Hampton Inn on Chapel Street, police said. The two men, who police say were intoxicated, then tried to get back into the hotel, but the sliding glass door to the lobby was locked, Officer Steve Smith said.

According to the police report, Dion and Lamar Lewis struck the doors "with such force as to rock them and nearly break them from their hinges." They then pulled on the alarm outside the hotel's lobby, the report said.


I almost read the original story as “Lewis pulled a fire arm,” not fire alarm, which, somehow, would have been more expected from an NFL player doing anything at 4 a.m.

Lewis and his brother were charged with falsely reporting a fire (a felony) and misdemeanor reckless endangerment. 

*In completely unrelated (yet totally related) news, I had a dream that Michael Vick and his now wife Kijafa confronted me about not giving QB 7 and his recent streak of good citizenship a fair shake. That’s it. That was the whole dream and I wanted to tell you about it.

UPDATE: Lewis wants to put out… the fire. He says not to be… alarmed about his behavior:

"I want to apologize to my family, the Albany community, the Eagles organization and fans, and to the NFL for my involvement in an incident this past weekend. It was never my intention to cause any public alarm or damage any property. I am sorry for any embarrassment and inconvenience that my actions have caused. I am committed to continuing to conduct myself in conformance with the high moral, ethical and professional standards that I have my entire life and of which so many others rightly expect of me. Because the matter is still in the hands of the court system, I cannot comment any further."

Here all week, folks.


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  1. What’s the big deal?? I used to do that drunk every weekend in beaver hill apartments during my years at penn state. I used to giggle myself to sleep

  2. This is pretty humorous in my opinion, but I just don’t get how you are able to pull a fire alarm if you are locked OUT of a hotel?? Was the fire alarm on the outside of the building? I blame the Hampton Inn for not having a reception person 24-7…

  3. “The 6:30 show is diffrent then the 9 folks and don’t forget to enjoy the buffet”

  4. Something isn’t right here. Why can’t one get into a hotel room, that they paid for, at any hour they want much less 4am on a weekend? Not smart to ever pull a fire alarm, but if Hampton Inn concierge was responsible, than this wouldn’t have occurred. Charges will be dropped.

  5. Wait, never mind, I see in the article it says the fire alarm was outside of the lobby…never knew there were fire alarms outside of buildings before…

  6. This racist scumbag meant “somehow, would have been more expected from a BLACK man doing anything at 4 a.m.”
    This “journalist” is a joke. I’ve been catching this stuff for years

  7. who hasn’t pulled a fire alarm at least once while they were drunk?? I know I have


  9. @mike size, i thought the same thing! ha! from alexander court to penn towers to calder commons, if the party ended early or it sucked, that was our version of paybacks on the way out the door. what we shared in common with dion was we were young, drunk, and stupid. what we didnt share in common with him was we were not professional football players getting paid serious paper! with this dumb decision of his, he could potentially piss away his career in the NFL! have to think smart when you can lose big!

  10. Haha I pulled a fire alarm in gateway cedarbrook apartments back in 2004. I didn’t like how the host of the party was treating me

  11. @James Niggly
    You’re taking the quote out of context. I see where you going with it. A lot of NFL players who get into trouble with firearms or just get into trouble in general do happen to be black, but white players and players of other races have gotten into trouble a lot too. I don’t think there’s really a double meaning there.

  12. Why would anyone imply that blacks are more likely to commit a crime? (I mean besides the fact that they are responsible for a gigantic amount of crimes)

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