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I really didn’t want to do this. I mean, I really didn’t want to implement a 30-hour-long running tracker of the dismantling of the Phillies. But, it looks like we have to.

The rumors are coming in fast and furious now, and no one is safe. Women and children and Joe Blanton off first, please.

4:19 p.m.

That's it. We're shutting it down. Phillies trade Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence at deadline. No other moves.

Re-live the last 30 hours… after the jump.


4:14 p.m.

 Not surprisingly, the Yankees couldn't eject Chad Qualls fast enough. He was traded to the Pirates for Casey McGehee.

Joe Blanton, it seems, remains a Phillie.


4:02 p.m.

Nothing. Deadline is up.


3:44 p.m.

Police are searching for Ruben Amaro. He was last seen wandering through NATITUDE Park with an assault rifle, a box of Liscio's rolls, and a hula skirt. Team officials are frantically searching for sacrificial box of doughnuts and Joe Blanton. Trade deadline in 16 minutes.


3:33 p.m.

Cool, guys:

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 3.32.43 PM

3:30 p.m.

Joe Blanton hasn't been traded yet. He's throwing in the outfield in D.C.


2:16 p.m.

More reports that Joe Blanton may be traded to Orioles. Todd Zolecki and Bob Brookover both feel it could happen. Phils would receive second-tier prospects. Awesome.


2:05 p.m.

Hunter Pence has a sad:

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 2.04.40 PM

Hunter Pence bobblehead night, August 21st. 


2:03 p.m.

Jayson Stark reports the Phillies won't be trading Lee.


2:01 p.m.

Phillies will get minor league catcher Tommy Joseph, Nate Schierholtz and Single-A pitcher Seth Rosin for Hunter Pence.


2:00 p.m.

Todd Zolecki reports Phillies will get Single-A pitcher Seth Rosin in Pence deal, as well.


1:53 p.m.

Blanton to the Orioles is gaining steam again, according Baltimore writer Dan Connolly:

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 1.54.35 PM
Giants outfielder Nate Schierholtz has been told he's going to the Phillies. Physicals are passed

Todd Zolecki reports that Phillies may get a third player in Pence deal. Perhaps a pitcher.


1:17 p.m. 

Jerry Crasnick reports that Pence deal is not officially done and some issues need to be completed beyond physicals.


1:07 p.m. and we suck again

via (@ChampDaley21)

1:02 p.m

Reader Will Yost:

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 1.02.36 PM
Crumbs, everywhere.


12:59 p.m.

Orioles and Phillies are still far apart on Blanton trade, according to Jayson Stark. Deal may still get done, though.


12:57 p.m.

Phillies officially announce Victorino trade. They get reliever Josh Lindblom, minor league pitcher Ethan Martin, and a player-to-be-named-later or cash.


12:45 p.m.

Jim Salisbury reports Phillies may get a player-to-be-named-later for Victo.


12:44 p.m. and I'm crying into a bucket of my own shame

No update.


12:37 p.m.

Conflicting reports. One report says a deal is done, but Ken Rosenthal and Todd Zolecki say the deal is close– not finished yet.

Jayson Stark says it's done pending one more physical. It appears the Phillies will be getting catcher 21-year-old double-A catcher Tommy Joseph.


12:27 p.m.

Phillies and Giants are working on final piece in Pence deal, according to Jim Salisbury.


12:25 p.m.

Hunter Pence has been traded to the Giants, according to Jon Heyman.

12:22 p.m.

They're not done. Both Jim Salisbury and Jon Heyman report that the Phillies are close to sending Hunter Pence to the Giants:

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 12.23.40 PM
Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 12.23.40 PM

12:06 p.m.

It's official. Shane Victorino has been traded to the Dodgers for Josh Lindblom and minor league pitcher Ethan Martin.


11:11 a.m.

Dom Brown has been scratched from the lineup for today's noon game with the Iron Pigs. He'll be coming up, presumably to take Victorino's place. Mr. Brown is on his way to Washington.


11:03 a.m.

10:49 a.m. and the sounds of Buffalo Soldier echo through an empty Citizens Bank Park, a child cries

Still no news on the Victorino trade, but it appears likely.


9:54 a.m.

Jayson Stark reports that the Phillies and Dodgers are close to completing a trade that would send Victorino to LA and reliever Josh Lindblom and another player to Philly.

Lindblom has pitched in 48 games this year and has a 3.02 ERA. 


9:49 a.m. 

Todd Zolecki reports that the Phillies and Orioles are still in talks over Blanton, but his bloated salary remains an issue. Perhaps his figure, too.


9:43 a.m.

More indications that Shane Victorino is westbound. Jon Heyman reports that the Dodgers are in "serious talks" with the Phillies. He believes the return will be a reliever.


9:13 a.m. AND I CAN'T KEEP UP

Jon Heyman reports that the Phillies and Reds have ceased talks on Victo and Pierre. Dodgers are the favorites to land Victo and his never-ending quest for the perfect poon.


9:09 a.m.

You can bury that Justin Upton boner in a carafe of cold water. USA Today's Bob Nightengale, whose name belongs as the protagonist in a mystery or porn novel, says there are no truth to the rumors:

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 9.10.56 AM
Bobby Night does, however, say that Stephen Drew will be traded today. Not to the Phillies. Just somewhere.


8:50 a.m.

Thanks to our friend (@Tooozy) for pointing this one out: One rival executive (love that moniker– I want to be a rival executive, what do they do other than screw up other teams' negotiating?) told bow-tie man Ken Rosenthal that the Phillies and Diamondbacks may be discussing a blockbuster Cliff Lee-for-Justin Upton deal.

Rosenthal led his report off with a horrific pun: [FOX Sports]

Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers likes to refer to the final hours before the non-waiver deadline as “the lightning round.”

This year, Towers wants to make some thunder.


But then gave us this:

Lee, meanwhile, is clearly available – and one rival executive said early Tuesday that he had received indications that the Phillies and Diamondbacks had discussed a deal involving Lee and Upton.

Those talks, however, are unconfirmed, and it is not known whether Lee can block a trade to the D-backs. His contract with the Phillies allows him to veto trades to 21 teams.


Upton was an MVP candidate last year, but has fallen off this year. He's batting .270 with 8 home runs, 43 RBIs, 65 runs scored and 12 stolen bases. The good news is that he's 24 and under contract until 2015, for under $15 million per. If the Phillies were to trade Lee, which it doesn't appear like they will, this would be the type of move you'd expect in return– young, ready-to-rake now Major League talent.


8:46 a.m.

Jon Morosi, FOX sports:

Meanwhile, Amaro faces more difficult choices with right fielder Hunter Pence and the oft-traded Cliff Lee. The Giants, who need a right-handed outfield bat, have talked with the Phillies about Pence. Lee is difficult to move because (a) he has a huge contract and (b) he hasn’t been dominant this year, but Amaro may want to take advantage of a seller’s market. The Phillies’ payroll is about to burst, and Lee will be owed a minimum of $87.5 million after this season is over.


Morosi thinks the Dodgers and Reds are likely landing places for Shane Victorino and Juan Pierre, respectively. Which is perfect. Pierre will fit into that old-school baseball city and Victo will undoubtedly love the poon in LA.


Tuesday 8:32 a.m.

Lots of chatter late last night surrounding Joe Blanton. A deal could be likely, but the Phillies want prospect Jonathan Shoop. One scout, however, thinks that’s a lousy deal for the Orioles. He told CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman “I liked Shoop when I saw him. I didn’t like Blanton.”

Ouchie. The scout and I, it seems, have something in common.

More from Heyman:

As things stood late in the evening, one person said the Orioles believed the righthander Blanton was "too rich,'' for them, referring to about $3 million left on his contract and how much of it the Phillies were willing to pay.


My gut tells me something gets done here. Way too much chatter for it to not be almost a foregone conclusion.

Heyman also notes that the Phillies are trying for a reliever and then some for Shane Victorino.

Stay with us today. Updates all day. I have coffee, a dark room, and fish Clarke along for the journey. We’re going down with this ship, folks, and only Clarke stands a chance of survival.

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 8.40.10 AM


5:39 p.m.

It appears Blanton may be headed to Baltimore. Which is great, because he loves crab cakes.

According to this reporter from Baltimore, the Phillies have faxed (faxed?) Blanton’s medical records to the Orioles’ orthopedist:

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 5.40.45 PM 

Now, this one is ripe for a joke. So we’re going to go with: His X-rays showed only a doughnut and three Cheetos in his stomach. Everything else appeared to be fine. Told it shouldn’t hold up trade. 

Next bit of news will be that the Phillies sent over Blanton’s non-team equipment on the back of a camel.


5:00 p.m. in the East, 1972 in NBC time

Buster Olney Tweets for Jayson Stark that talks between Phillies and Rangers have all but ended:

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 5.02.13 PM
Annnnnd Kristen Lee takes her kids to a celebratory dinner at Capital Grille.

4:20 p.m. and your GM is high

The Dodgers are in on both Pence and Victorino. 

Jon Heyman, CBS Sports

The Dodgers still looking for offense, have been talking to the Phillies about their outfielders Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino.

Victorino may be the more likely of the two but it's interesting that they are also in on Pence since their archrival Giants are known to be talking about Pence. 


Heyman goes on to say that Phillies people assured Pence he wouldn’t be traded… but, Amaro's word is about as reliable as one of those cone-shaped drinking cups you find at a water cooler– it holds for about five minutes before it inexplicably shape-shifts into something unrecognizable, leaving you with hands covered in water and a healthy dose of shame. I would put to much stock in that promise if I was Pence. Which, it seems, I am not.

Ken Rosenthal notes that, while the Dodgers appear interested in Victo and Pence, they are not interested in Lee.

Chris Branch, of the Wilmington News Journal, writes that trading Lee would set a bad precedent. Agreed. 

After Amaro traded Lee the first time and “broke [the Lee family's] heart,” Cliff came back, accepted less money and looked to be a centerpiece for the future of the franchise. That was a year and a half ago, and now it appears Lee could be on the verge of more heartache.

What does that say to a big-name free agent? You have to think that, if Lee gets shipped off, they’ll be a little more pensive about cementing long-term plans in Philly.


Somewhere, Paul Holmgren nods in approval.

3:39 p.m. 

Some more music, this one courtesy of (@M_Torrey). I'm not sure what made me cry harder: this or watching that 17-year-old American swimmer sing the Star Spangled Banner on the podium.


3:37 p.m.

Howard Eskin gets the pun of the day right here as he reports that the Phillies are close to sending Fat Joe to Baltimore:

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 3.37.43 PM

Get it, heavy? Heavy B?? Anyone? Ah never mind, this sucks.

3:05 p.m.

Phillies are going to unload

Jim Salisbury, CSNPhilly.com:

“They’re going to unload,” a person with knowledge of the Phillies’ deadline plan said Monday afternoon. 


He then goes on to reaffirm just about every rumor out there now, including trades of Pence, Victorino, Blanton, possibly Lee, Pierre and Wigginton.


2:37 p.m.

FOX Sports' Jon Morosi reports that the Phillies are more likely to trade Hunter Pence than Cliff Lee, but both are possible.

Neither makes sense.


1:57 p.m. 

Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb gives four reasons why trading Cliff Lee would be difficult: there are only eight teams he can be traded to (the list is not public knowledge but the Rangers are believed to be one of them), broken promises (to Lee, his wife, and Hamels about keeping Lee), Halladay remains a question mark, Lee is still owed $95 million.


1:47 p.m.

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.46.46 PM


1:42 p.m.

The Phillies are sellers… and buyers. They're intersted in Shin-Shoo-Choooooooch, along with Chase Headley: [FOX Sports]

Yes, the Phillies likely will move their potential free agents – center fielder Shane Victorino, left fielder Juan Pierre and right-hander Joe Blanton – and entertain offers for right fielder Hunter Pence and, according to reports on Monday, left-hander Cliff Lee.

But club officials also are exploring deals that will add to the Phillies’ core – hence, the team’s interest in San Diego Padres third baseman Chase Headley and Cleveland Indians right fielder Shin-Soo Choo, according to major-league sources. 

1:38 p.m.

Danny Knobler, CBS Sports:

The Phillies, pushed into sell mode after they were swept over the weekend in Atlanta, have indicated to teams that they're willing to discuss Cliff Lee, sources say.

A deal for Lee remains complicated, because his contract is so big and because the Phillies will want so much in return. But with Cole Hamels and Zack Greinke off the market, Lee could still be the perfect answer for teams like theRangers and Dodgers.


1:27 p.m. 

Don't worry– we'll be here with you throughout the ordeal. We've been ordered to play something cheery to make this process a bit more palatable:


1:13 p.m.

Ruben Amaro is like a rich kid who unwillingly stumbled into a pawn shop– he's used to spending mom's money on shiny new toys, but all he can do here is sell… and he has no idea what he's doing. Here! I'll give you my shoes, Playstation, Mac and innocence in exchange for that toy clock and some sponge capsules that might one day grow into something of little use. LOOK MOM! I did it. I traded now for later. I made a deal!!! All my worldly possessions are gone, but I have these sweet fucking things.

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.12.50 PM

Yeah, I'm not real confident in Rube's ability to navigate these uncharted waters.


12:52 p.m.

Despite reports on Friday that Cliff Lee would not be traded, Buster Olney reports otherwise. He told 97.5 The Fanatic the following: "A strong source is telling me that Cliff Lee is in play for a trade, it'll take a significant package to get it done, but if he's going to be traded, the most obvious location is Texas."

More. XM’s Jim Bowden tells 97.3 ESPN that the Phillies are in “sell, sell, sell” mode and that Lee, Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton and Juan Pierre could all be gone.

CBS Sports’ Jon Morosi reports that the Phillies are interested in Padres third baseman Chase Headley, 28, who is hitting .267 this year with 12 home runs and 51 RBIs. They could use prospects obtained for a veteran to do so. Presumably, the Phillies will just shoot Placido Polanco.


122 Responses

  1. clearing pences salary opens the door to potentially go after someone named josh Hamilton when he hits the market, not sure If you’ve heard of him

  2. This team is too unlikable for me to be overly upset about any of this. At the risk of sounding like a “THROW OUT THE BUMS” voter…throw out the bums.

  3. i have an inkling that josh hamilton and philadelphia will not be a good combination. just my opinion

  4. even the picture is depressing! hahah oh god. why did the good times have to end?! =[

  5. hearing cliffton to the rangers for mike olt and other. i for one like that idea. then clear pence out too and bring in the dominator

  6. Hunter Pence makes no sense. Trading Victorino, Pence, and Pierre would be catastrophic. Pence who may not be the biggest piece to the lineup does his share. He is young and would be great for this team for years to come. Juan Pierre is a solid replacement for Victorino in center field and a great lead off hitter. I guess he can go but he is a fine asset. Get rid of Victorino. Get some triple A guys though. But here is real question. Who plays outfield for the rest of the year. And try and throw three names at me without me laughing.

  7. Pence and Lee to the Rangers for their 3rd base prospect and someone else sounds like a good deal.

  8. Buster Olney is full of shit. He has whiffed on all his “rumors” from his “reliable sources” Him and that Morosi character are frauds just like me. More on Luongo to Philly rumors after I take the kids for some ice cream. Of course something will happen while I’m out and someone else will take credit but remember you heard it here first.

  9. Yeah I don’t see Hamilton coming to Philly. We would have 5 players making 20 million a season. Thats a lot to weigh out when your going to need a third basemen, second basemen, center fielder, right fielder, another starting pitcher, and lots of help in the bullpen.

  10. Pence has to be going somewhere, it looks like his landing spot was SF this AM, but maybe something else happened to have the phils pull that offer?

  11. trading Lee is a fuckin retarded idea …
    – Keep all the SP’s …
    – Even keep Pence who I hate for 1 year at the arbitration amount…
    – Let victo, blanton and polly walk (or trade them). – Sign Bourne and bring up D. Brown….
    – Bullpen will have to be fixed internally
    You’re over the lux tax 1 year. After that Halladay and Utley come off books.

  12. Hunter, Shane and Juan? Looks like Dom Brown will be called up out of default. Fucking Rubes.

  13. So now you don’t have confidence in Amaro? This time last year you were giving him a ton of gay love for making that horrible Pence trade. “The Big Poker!” Anybody who had a clue knew the Howard signing, Pence trade, first Lee trade plus countless other bad signings (Polanco, Ibanez, Contreras extension) wouldn’t end well.

  14. pence trade was a good one. still is. problem is, they have no bullpen, half the team was hurt, and they filled holes with old white guys.

  15. Josh Hamilton would be the stupidest thing in the world. Like we need another mid-30’s home run or strike out hitter. Hamilton is now hitting like .260 on the year, plus he likes cocaine.

  16. Could they swing Lee and Vic for Profar and Olt? I’d do it in a New York fucking’ minute!

  17. Beez nuts you have not one solution in that paragraph, bringing up dbrown will not do shit if he couldn’t win a spot on this squad in spring that says alot, and fix the bull pen internally, unless someone in the organization knows magic how could they do that. They have brought up almost every minor league pen pitcher already and maybe one of them has a chance of being any decent. You need to bring in pieces for the pen. And what r u gonna do about third base next year, or 2nd after next season, or left field

  18. @ Kyle- I would’ve still rather given them Cosart and Dom instead of Singleton, and I think Ed Wade would’ve been more than happy with that.
    Singleton not being here stings a bit…he’s really good.

  19. If you trade Lee, you might as well see if there’s anyone willing to take Rollins too; that contract was a bad idea.

  20. midnightrider
    Thats the point of standing pat and not doing much. Besides adding and going over lux tax (which should not be an issue at all). Id rather them not needlessly trade Lee when Halladay and Utley and Pence (maybe) come off books after next year.
    regarding the Pen: Paps is a lock. Stutes comes back, Next year De Fratus will be up (2 upgrades). Your stuck with Bastardo and Diekman and Schwimmer… you need 1 spot more. Not sure Kendricks situation
    regarding d. brown: He will be up whether we like it or not (will probably be in a platoon again)
    regarding 3B: The only hole I left un-filled, I have no clue who’s avaiable but given the team you really just need a guy to give you a little more at the plate than Polly and not kill you defensively.
    regarding 2014: You will have roughly 55 mil to figure out how to get a secondbaseman, RF and an SP.

  21. So my solution is to keep a team together that won over 100 games and add Michael Bourne, a non-defensive liablity at 3B and keep a platoon in LF … wait for the salary relief in 2014 … I know its unimaginable

  22. You people who keep trashing Dom Brown are idiots. Sure, let’s give up on our top prospect after 246 fucking MLB ABs. he’s got some work to do but has been screwed with big time by this organization. There are far worse issues with this team than if Brown gets called up. Do you honestly think Browns numbers would be worse than Vics, JMJs, Wiggys? Exactly, quit fuckin crying….

  23. The answer to the picture at 1:47 is that Ruben can fire himself – that should free up some salary. He depresses me. The whole entire team depresses me.

  24. What’s the free agent crop of outfielders looking like this year? If it’s a good one, I say ship Hunter Pence out of here today.

  25. As the only Phillies fan in my family (Philly raised and now living in the dumpy midwest), my wife and kids are going to eat this up (Shitty Tigers fans). I’m offically depressed.

  26. “They’re going to unload.”
    Thank fucking God. This makes me think Ruben actually has a clue. Naturally, the return he gets in the trades will either affirm or debunk that thought. Either way, a fairly drastic makeover of the roster is necessary, regardless of the cries emanating from delusional lemmings who still believe it’s 2007-2011. Objective viewers saw the disaster of 2012 coming a mile away.
    Also, Hunter Pence blows.

  27. On Dom Brown, every MLB team has a #1 prospect. How many of them ever pan out?
    On the Hamilton issue, this team could use a guy who likes cocaine.

  28. Jonny Marks here! Join me and my man Sean Brace this weekend at Andy’s Diner!

  29. Talkin Baseball with Dutch! Best show on the radio! Join us weeknights from 6-7!

  30. Anyone notice we rehire Ed wade and the team falls apart. That dude is like cancer to any ball club.
    While we’re at it can we trade Charlie and bring up Ryne Sandberg at least he’d put up a fight without making excuses and taking it like a dog
    I said it before I’ll say it again Charlie is a terrible manager we won in 08 cause we had a shutdown bullpen great hitting and hamels pitched out of his mind. Anyone woulda won with that team

  31. His point about Dom Brown is that you dont truly know what he is yet … you need to find out. You also need to have cheap players.
    Pence does blow… but very very tough to find a righty that hits 30 and 100 (or close to it). They could possibly get him at a nice price in arbitration
    by trading vic and blanton or piere they need to get 1 bullpen guy, hopefully a guy that can play 3B (wont be a stud) and maybe either another platoon outfielder or utility infielder.
    You cant fix everything in one year and you cant fix everything by trying to get teams to buy you out of a 3 year contract worth 87 mil

  32. Will! Love the show man. Wanna join me and Dutch on Talkin baseball with Dutch??? Call Brace he will set you up thx bro!

  33. Marks shut the f*ck up. You’ll be off the midday show in two weeks. Btw, you have a really wierd laugh sometimes.

  34. People make it seem like Cliff Lee is eating dog food now that he took the deal with The Phils. He took like 3 million less to sign here. When your talking contracts in the $120 million range, that’s nothing.

  35. Yeah Josh Hamilton sounds like a great idea so our lineup would have:
    Howard L
    Utley L
    Brown L
    Hamilton L
    Maybe we could have an all left handed lineup, the first in baseball.

  36. Weedlord, cmon bro no room for hate, where i come from, the GROVE we aint havin dat yo!

  37. The Phillies need to acquire Chase Headley. Just for the 28,977 Phillies fans who thought they were really original when they named their sons “Chase”. They need a Chase just to get those guys through the next 10 years.

  38. lol! good one Mike! Call up the show to talk about it! Love to hear from ya peace son!

  39. Whoever said Pierre can play center is high… That dude barely has the arm for LF…

  40. This team fucking sucks dick. I hope Charlie steps in a bear trap. The answer is to trade cliff lee and Roy halladay for Michael Bourn, Utley and Dom Brown for Jose Reyes, Victorino for Brad Lidge, and Papelbon for RA Dickey and this team is set. Too bad Ruben is so fuckin stupid that hell probably end up getting us swill like Chase Headley

  41. Owen Douglas is trolling all philly blogs hard with his idiot knowledge, he also has a discreet secret that’s safe with me.

  42. I wonder who’s knob Johnny Marks polished to get the afternoon gig.

  43. and Brace is having all of that back pain probably ’cause Tony Bruno bent him over Harry Mayes’ sectional. I heard Bruno walks around the Fanatic studios with his salami hangin’ out of his draws.

  44. George you forgot the “D” in front of Utley’s “L”. Guess we can expect Chase back in August next year.

  45. Who the fuck cares what they do? The Iggles will be playing in a couple weeks and we can all forget they even exist until next year…

  46. If they trade pence what do the phillies personnel do with all those bobble heads?

  47. I have a feeling Ruben is gonna fuck this up and not trade anyone, maybe Blanton, leaving us in a terrible spot going into next year.

  48. I’m truthing you fucking homosexual. Those moves I laid out are the perfect solution to the phillies troubles, and I double dog dare you to fuckin gimmie reasons as to why they’d fail. Fuck yourself.

  49. @Owen Douglass
    not only are the moves you suggested awful, but they are also so completely unrealistic it’s laughable. i award you no points. now let’s get back to the shed and finish up before your beard gets home.

  50. I was all for not trading Cliff Lee, but if it nets us JUSTIN FUCKING UPTON? Get that shit done Rube. What if…hypothetically of course…they can slang Lee for Upton, keep Pence and sign Josh Hamilton in the off-season? Pence/Hamilton/Upton would be insane, with the Big Piece getting back into stride…that’d be dickriculous!
    Geter done Rube!

  51. FACE
    Upton is a dog like his brother. lazy, not reaching his potential and a baby. he was benched this year for a period of time and that team is winning. the fans here in philly would eat him for lunch if he became a phillie. not a good move.
    now if you included hamilton well yeah that looks like a nice outfield but Upton would not be good here

  52. How bad is John marks show hurting already, posting comments asking people to call in to his show, 97.5 sucks especially that ass hole mike missanelli. LONG LIVE WIP

  53. BREAKING: victo traded! Call up and lets talk! Also pelase note this is a parody account of Jonnnnnnny Marks. Not the real Jon Marks thx

  54. Dear Cole,
    Thanks so much for signing here and all of the wonderful things you said about us. Now look at the “GTFO Cliff” comment above and substitute your name because that’s what we’ll be saying about you midway through next season!

    …fuck is Rube doing? 5 hours to go and nothing confirmed. Fuckin’ make moves you greasy bastid!

  56. Justin Upton
    piece of shit just like his brother, both are head jobs
    he’s never played over 139 games, ever
    AND dont you think its suspicious a small market team would trade a 24 year old coming off a monster year last year who is under control for years at a discouunt…

  57. Thanks for the World Series Shane, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  58. Jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny Marks here talkin phillies all day long from Drake Tavern in Jenkintown. Man those burgers are mm mmm goooooooooooood!

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  60. All this trade speculation is driving me mad!!! I wish Ruben would just do it, and fast… like ripping off a Band-Aid… just do it quickly and get it over with.

  61. Beez Nutz talks out of his ass every time he post on here, y aren’t you a GM already you know so much.

  62. Victorino hasn’t played well this season, but he’s had some HUGE hits in the postseason, and played a HUGE role in the ’08 postseason. He was a scrappy little SOB, too, and I loved that about him. Good luck, Shane, and THANKS!

  63. WTF could they have possibly received in return for Pence??? All of SF outfielders suck! Unless Amaro fleeced them for Posey this has the makings of an awful deal

  64. WOW seriously … a fuckin double A catcher … thats it
    two All Stars for a reliever and a double fuckin A catcher
    Beez Nutz

  65. Its really not one or the other … they completely overpaid for both … but Hamels shoulda been traded, woulda got them much much better prospects (according to the reports).
    Ruben is fuckin horrible

  66. Is there a way to get beez nuts thrown off of this fucking site no one on here wants to have to constantly read the garbage that comes from this jerk off

  67. what they are saying we got for pence makes no sense a 21 yr old cacther who is not even a top prospect in the giants organzation bad deal if that is all we get…shedding salary is good but not getting a top prospect for a former all star who will be under contract next year is awful

  68. LOL
    First not all of them are me
    Second, learn to think for yourself. If you ever did, you’d have known how shitty this GM is before
    But im sure you’ll find a way to praise these moves from the “Big Poker”

  69. Jonnnnnnnnny Marks on live till 2 when Mikey Miss comes on the station talkin philes for that good ole afternoon drive….

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  71. Who would’ve thought that going into August 1st, our outfield would be John Mayberry Jr./Laynce Nix in LF, Juan Pierre in CF, and Dom Brown in RF.
    Why bother trading these guys…these moves did nothing. Should’ve just waited till the off-season like they will with Cliff.

  72. FACE is right.
    the pence move blows, we gave the Giants an upgrade at RF, arent we supposed to be competing against them in 2013? We’re not trading Howard/Utley or the 70 million dollar men so we’re still trying to win right? Then why did we just willingly give SF an upgrade?
    are we rebuilding or not? seems like we’re headed towards limbo like the Sixers.

  73. So lets dial down the emotion for a second and look at this logically. Last year we traded two top Triple A prospects for Pence. One year later we trade Pence for a Double A catcher and single A player…
    Ok yeah we got fucked over, please go back to yelling at each other, threatening Rube, and trolling the site.

  74. T-Bone thanks for the laugh! We are fucked. Trade Ruben for a third base prospect.

  75. Are you organizing a park take over for this series?? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
    16 1/2 out

  76. Amaro gave Pence away. What a fucking joke! This has the makings of another Lee trade where we got hosed for 3 awful prospects. The OF we got back can’t crack the starting lineup for the Giants.
    What is the point of this move? If you are in the business of dumping salaries, eat some of Lee’s salary and dump him off somewhere else.

  77. People, calm down! These moves will work out. Phils will be back in contention next year. The 3 aces will resume their dominance. Call Bruno and Marks tmrw and we can talk about it.

  78. This is such a great deal! Ruben fleeced those cunts right in half. A minor league catcher and some world class pitching for Hunter and Victo is just what we needed. We got those two boneheads off the team and replaced them with superb, major league ready talent. And now that that stupid faggot Victorino isn’t taking up Dom browns spot, he can light up national league pitching like he should’ve been all season. The only thing that would have made this the perfect day is if someone poisoned Joe Blantons pop tarts and stabbed Charlie. We’re on our way.

  79. And my pool boy shit stain…way to waste a perfectly good opportunity for a billy Madison reference and choose your lame fucking humor instead. Go fuck your grandmom.

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