Flyers Miss Out on Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, Both Sign Ridiculous Contracts with Wild

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Well, after three days of feet(toe?)-dragging, Zach Parise and Ryan Suter have conspired to join forces in… Minnesota. With the Wild. 

Waiting until around around noon on the Fourth of July to make a decision (thanks, assholes), both Parise and Suter have agreed to terms with the Wild, according to Star Tribune reporter Michael Russo

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reports that both players got the exact same, 13-year, $98 million deal. Wild indeed. 

Plan B for the Flyers? Um, Matt Carle or Shea Weber (who is a restricted free agent). Or a trade for Jay Bouwmeester, I’m told. I'd think Bobby Ryan remains a long shot.


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  1. what a bunch of fuckin idiots. good job goin to a team that finished 13th in the western conference. so happy they arent penguins.

  2. HOW AMERICAN… and on July 4th!! Good luck Minnesota! HA!
    Love that they are both in the West (even though Suter was there already). HUGE money for good players… not superstars.
    Get on it Flyers… go get Bobby Ryan!

  3. after watching all the retarded pens fans drool over getting parise, i’m so fucking happy he didnt sign with them.
    i’m more happy about that than i am sad we didn’t land either of them.

  4. Kane isn’t a FA and Weber would never sign an offer sheet unless it’s a 1 year deal.

  5. I think Carle and Bouwmeester are really the same player. I like Bouwmeester’s contract better. He has 2 years left, compared to whatever you will have to resign Carle for. Gives you more flexibility. I would take either guy though.
    That said the Flyers do need to get bigger on the wing. They need a big trade.

  6. @OneManWolfpack
    id love to hear this big trade gets the Flyers a big winger without getting actually worse overall.
    they do not need to trade away more forwards for less back after already being down 2 losing JVR and Jagr.
    your best option is to see if you can sign Shane Doan.
    trading will most likely leave you worse off overall.

  7. resign Carle unfortunately? another carle hater idiot.
    haha. what a joke. unfortunately? you dont have to worry about the Red Wings will likely give him a big offer to take hiim away from the Flyers, because the Red Wings understand what a good defenseman he actually is.

  8. giving up any combination of the 2 of them Schenn/Couter/Voracek for Bobby Ryan would make the Flyers actually worse.
    wiat for Ryan in free agency in 2015, he’ll only be 28. and he’ll likely take a discount. Making a trade for Ryan would be a mistake at this point. They need to add without subtracting. Go after Doan if anything.

  9. 2 Girls, No Cup … or should it be 2 girls, still no cup. I don’t care much for parise, although like many of you I would’ve liked suter. Even if the pens landed parise it wouldn’t have mattered. It’s not like he’d be their missing piece. Do you remember how many goals they let up against us?? Doubt they’d offer weber a deal worth taking. Besides isn’t there an unwritten rule against offering big money to ufa’s ? Owners colluding against that or ruining trading partners? Either way best bet is to sign carle (wow) and fill in the spots with guys eager to win.

  10. How dare parise and suter sign with Minnesota over the birthplace of our great nation, Philadelphia. Take away their stars and stripes, where is their American pride and respect for our great city?

  11. @boom – I agree with both of your comments. Homer needs to steal Ryan without selling the farm. I don’t think he can do it though.
    Problem with Doan is that he old and not nearly as productive as Ryan. Plus he has already said that after July 9th when the Phoenix ownership/stadium issue is resolved he will resign there. Now, if that issue goes against the Coyotes he may want to leave. Can the Flyers afford to sit for another 5 days waiting for that though? Not sure

  12. What a great day for hockey in the state of hockey ! Finaly going in the right direction , just need to get the young defencemen up to speed and just like that the Wild are contenders.

  13. Dodged a bullet not tying up all that money with the best FAs in a really shitty market. Neither of these guys are superstars, not even close.

  14. I think Read a 1st and a 3rd would be good enough to get Ryan or maybe a 2nd instead of 3rd. Cooter is not on the table and Scheen is staying with his brother just getting here. Only other forward worth trading is Voracek. Flyers will not give up two players to get one in return for Ryan. If you trade Voracek it gives more cap space to even possibly sign Doan as well. If the money is right we can add Carle, Ryan and Doan and only lose Voracek

  15. Kyle, how is Ryan a long shot?? “I would think Bobby Ryan remains a long shot?” So it’s your opinion and it sounds like you’re not so sure whether he is or not. I’ll run laps around lakes if we get Bobby Ryan though. I’d be so happy.

  16. If a 1st and a 3rd (or even a 2nd) and Read can get you Ryan then you do it. Problem is it won’t. Ryan is a 25 year old, 4 straight season 30 goal scorer, with size and speed, and a very manageable cap hit. The Ducks have said they want Schenn or Coots. You can’t trade Voracek because he is a restricted FA and why would Anaheim trade for him and then have to worry about signing him. Next season both Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf are UFA’s (I believe) and the Ducks can’t just let Ryan walk.
    If Homer can get him without giving up Schenn or Coots he deserves GM of the Year before the season even starts.


  18. @onemanwaolfpack When i was suggesting to trade Voracek, I think it was assumed to know it would only happen if there was a sign and trade or he agreed to a deal with Ana before the trade was finalized. They won’t let Ryan walk, but they know they need money for Getzlaf and Perry and after being in numerous trade rumors Ryan asked for a trade and already said he wants to come to Philly.

  19. Re-sign Carle.
    Does Bouwmeester’s career +/- stat indicate the guy is a pylon? Does it also indicate that he’s not a good fit in Calgary?
    A deadline is insufficient cause for making a move; there is NO sense in making a move for the sake of making a move. If the right pieces you need aren’t in the UFA market, well, then trade for what the team needs later on…going out and dropping huge $ on a guy just because that guy is this season’s “best” available UFA is not an awesome strategy that fits every teams’ needs every year. And with the current trend of batshit-insane contract structures, really, do we want crazy-long contracts for players who we’re not even sure will work out? Anything beyond five years is just begging for problems. A lot can change in five years.

  20. I don’t blame them for not wanting to play for a prick like Ed Snider

  21. Idiots! Parise’s rear would have looked so fine and tight in some flyers hockey pants! Mmmm mmmm Mmmmm.

  22. Looks like flyers are gonna lose carle, and aint gonna git anybody better than him. Not good news at all. Bryz will be bitching at the d next year whenever the hell the season starts.

  23. TSN reporting Carle to Tampa for 6 years / 5.5 mil per. Wow. Is that true?! That’s way too much. Still need a D but not at that price.

  24. I’m quite impressed with how you were able to string the words together to make a near-perfect article. The way you write your articles give off a very professional impression to me.

  25. I don’t know how people are pissed that Homer didn’t sign Carle. That contract he got is WAYYYY too much for him, and could have stopped the Flyers from having the cap space to go after Weber next year.
    Agreed with some of the others here… you don’t make a move for the sake of making a move. Let the youngins develop this year, look for a trade partner (even into the season) if the right one comes along, and sit on the cap space till next offseason. Then throw ALL the dollars at Weber.

  26. Look at cup winners over a period of time… Generaly a team for a lack of better words has to suck for a while to be good ! The North stars before they moved to Dallas are case in point. Always middle of the road team not good not bad , never getting a high enough draft pick to be really effective , and also the fact that many higher picks were wasted cause of poor choises.
    So the wild have sucked long enough to get some good young tallent and those two saw there was a big. Upside to coming home to MN

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