GIF Hunter Pence Truck Sticks Juan Samuel
In what has to be some sort of symbolism for the Phillies not being able to get out of their own way this season, here’s a .GIF of Hunter Pence knocking over Juan Samuel as he awkwardly ambled toward home in the second inning of the Phils’ 351st loss of the season.


6 Responses

  1. Need the GIF of him spitting out his gatorade after laughing too much at what Kendrick said! Happened like, two mins after this.

  2. If they were both lost for the season in the crash things would start to look up for this team.

  3. Yeah, them chatting in the dugout afterwards was hysterical! WTF was Samuel thinking?!

  4. Juan Samuel is the worst 3rd base coach in the history of baseball. You might as well just put a traffic light over there that constantly stays on green.

  5. Agreed…Samuel should know a guy running that fast is going to take a wide turn! I just wonder why he was glaring at the dugout/Pence as if it was HIS fault. And WTF was he thinking sending Fontenot, on, what was it, Saturday? He was out by a MILE!!!

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