Good Morning, Here’s a Picture of Ruben Amaro Giving You The Finger

OK, so he’s not really giving you the finger (though this seems like perfect symbolism for the season). It’s just a clever title. We like to have fun here. The Big Poker is actually saluting a Phillies scout, or someone similar. 

We’ll let an anonymous reader fill you in. His email to me:

I have a picture that I took of Ruben Amaro giving someone the finger.

It is legit. Not photoshopped and not retouched. It is a clear picture of him taken from the owner's box from spring training this year. He was standing right next to a sitting Dallas Green. I was taking a series of shots with my zoom lens and just when I was about to hit the shutter button, he made the gesture. I don't think it was direction of a fan, but it was directed to scouts seating section at Brighthouse field behind home plate. Let me know.


Do I want a picture of Ruben Amaro whipping his middle finger around like it’s a fucking egg beater? OF COURSE I DO! You know me too well, reader. 

Digit 3’s appearance isn’t surprising. When I stalked sat in front of Amaro at a spring training game, he frequently turned around and looked up at the boxes to chaff Dallas Green and the rest of his front office buddies. We presume that’s what you're seeing here.


The reader also sent in this picture, which, combined with the first photo, provides an exhaustive look at Amaro’s two negotiating tactics– fuck you and fugetaboutit.


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  1. remember how all of you forgot that Dallas Green, Ed Wade and “Big Rube” were the front office guys who led us to years of suck … The Great Beez Nutz tried to warn you all.
    Ruben is a fraud

  2. ever since Ed Wade returned to the fold the team had slid down the skids faster that ever….he’s The Mush! put him in the bathroom!!!

  3. Can you stop calling him the big poker?? In the last year alone he has traded 3 of his top 10 prospects for the bumbling idiot in RF and has now botched negotiations with his best player to the point that he may actually trade him… “The big Awful” “Billy King 2.0” or “Stefanski” would be more appropriate.

  4. I don’t understand why my trent cole comment was deleted. Kyle is becoming soft

  5. Yea Kyle has been really insecure about the comments lately. Now he’s closing comment thread two hours after posting a story.

  6. Kyle your readers would appreciate if you would stop with the whole (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) thing. It was midly funny the first time, which was probably the first day you started this blog. It seriously stopped being funny the second time you did it. Thanks, Kyle! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. What a pussy for closing the Trent Cole comment section. This site is getting weak when you’re not able to comment on a post & break balls

  8. Ed Wade drafted Hamels, Burrell, Utley, Howard, Madson, etc yet people wanna blame him? No Wade…no world series. Rube took a championship team on a modest payroll and destroyed it.

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