Hey Look, Jeffrey Lurie Talked About How Great Business Is

Jeffrey Lurie and the Eagles are featured in a new book, Team Turnaround: A Playbook for Transforming Underperforming Teams. An excerpt was printed on FastCompany.com, with quotes from Lurie. It’s mostly stuff you know about how the Eagles were blah blah blah when Lurie took over, but have now risen to the level of blah blah blah no Super Bowl. 

Here’s a highlight:

In this early period of turning an organization around, a leader simply has to take stock of what's wrong. Lurie began by watching quietly and noting deficiencies in the facilities and the team dynamics as well as taking note of concerns with the larger culture. On the ground in Philadelphia, he attempted to understand why the organization was failing, but he also worked to define success by talking with Bill Walsh and the staff of the San Francisco 49ers. Lurie took hold of opposite ends of the performance spectrum, and he grasped the stark differences between the two. Eventually he worked to bridge the gap, but before taking action, he studied, watched, asked questions, and worked to define both what was wrong with the Eagles and what they should eventually be doing right.

The Eagles turned the corner in 2000 and have been one of the most dominant teams in the National Football League ever since. From 2000 through 2010, the Eagles have amassed 113 wins against only 62 losses. They have advanced to the playoffs nine times, to the NFC conference championship five times, and to the Super Bowl once. Their 2004 Super Bowl run ended in their loss of the championship game, but the Eagles have established themselves as a perennial Super Bowl contender and as a dramatically different organization from the one Lurie purchased in 1994.


One thing remains the same, however.  

Read the excerpt here.

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  1. Well Lurie has gotten richer so in that way sure it’s been a success. Other than that we’re still the Buffalo Bills Jr.

  2. GOLD standard baby…
    as fans we should be ecstatic that the Eagles are raking in the bucks even though our seasons end in heartache, disappointment and bitterness…
    woo hoo, our owner is a great businessman…I can die now…

  3. It’s annoying how unappreciative people are of Lurie and the Eagles. Sustained success takes prudence. The Eagles did not redline against their cap every year because it gave them flexibility to stay good for longer and football doesn’t work that way. If anything, 2011-2012 season showed that pretty drastically. They did not win the Super Bowl, but they also were not basement dwellers. This was a fun team to watch. If you are a sports fan and watch for the championships only, you have the wrong leisure activity, especially being a Philadelphia sports fan.
    Also, the “go for broke” attitude is very difficult to continually do. The Phillies used the prudence method until they won their championship in 2008. Beginning in the 2009, the focus came on championships only. The team did get better for 3 years straight. But now we can begin to see the undoings of that. If the Phillies don’t get their heads on straight soon, this team is going to fall far and fast.

  4. all I want from Philly sports is a Super Bowl before I die –
    Lurie, Reid, et al, offer me little hope
    with No. 7 at the helm I have NO hope — anyone who truly believes Mr. Vick can deliver a Super Bowl needs mental health attention
    sorry Nick that I’m not jumping for joy that the Eagles make the top 6 of a bad 16-team conference every three out of four years

  5. I’m not jumping for joy either, but I think most people have a really short memory. I hated losing 3-straight NFC Championship games (especially against the Panthers). Losing the Super Bowl was awful as well, but you have to remember that was against a Patriots team that was probably cheating.
    Do you remember when the Eagles were really bad with little hope of getting better? That was terrible.
    People love to accuse the Eagles’ ownership of milking their cash cow. At least then win and are competitive while they do it. Imagine if you were a Pirates fan. They have been milking their cash cow for many, many years and all the fans have had was an awful product on the field.

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