Homer Signs Convicted Flyers Murderer And A Guy Named Bruno

Does this picture remind you of a dark time?

Most Flyers fans don't remember Ruslan Fedotenko for the time he spent in Philadelphia. You'll more likely to think back to 2004 when he played the role of "Flyers Killer" in the Eastern Conference Finals as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If your memory is that good, you can set your contempt aside for a bit. Fedotenko signed a one-year deal with the Flyers for just under $2 million. ESPN and TSN insider Pierre LeBurn broke the news on Twitter.

Fedotenko scored nine goals for the New York Rangers last year while logging 11 assists. In addition to being a piece of the puzzle that helped the Lightning win the Stanley Cup in 2004, he won a cup with Pittsburgh in 2009 and played for every team in the Atlantic division with the exception of the New Jersey Devils.

It's also worth noting that Fedotenko has scored more goals (16) against the Flyers than any other team in his career. After being such a pain in our ass over the years, I'm glad to have him back wearing orange. The dude is a stone-cold winner and a grinder who can serve as a nice piece to an already strong scoring squad. (Say that ten times fast)

Also, as expected, the Flyers signed Tampa Bay Lightning free agent defenseman Bruno Gervais to a two-year deal. As I mentioned last night, Gervais isn't the answer to Matt Carle and will likely fill the role of a fifth, sixth, or seventh defenseman. He played 50 games for Tampa last year and averaged less ice time (14:16) than he has at any point in his seven-year career.

Homer, in announcing the deals, found it noteworthy enough to mention that Max Talbot is the best man at Gervais' wedding. So… uh…

No beat writer has said it, but the math says that the Flyers have reached 50 contracts and are still considerably under the cap… an odd situation for a team that's used to having less than a million bucks to work with at almost all times.

I'm not sure where Paul Holmgren will go from here. Frank Seravalli of the Daily News mentioned that Homer really "[likes] our team. I'm hesitant to give something up to get something back." But this is also the guy who has signed three men to long-term contracts only to ship all of them off early in the deals.

Paul Holmgren is never done. 


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  1. So we’re going to relive the Winter Classic Alumni Game every night now? That’s the plan?

  2. Love these deals. For once, Homer let the old/average players like Carle and Jagr walk and is relying on depth signings. Sure, Carle and Jagr are better than Fedotenko and Gervais, but the money we saved is important come trade deadline. Have faith in the young guys. In Giroux we trust.


  4. He “likes our team”??? TRANSLATION: Homer’s gonna get fucking tanked on a bottle of Jack, load his shotgun, and trade Voracek, Couts, B. Schenn, and Read. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

  5. Flyers technically have 48 contracts — although 50 players are under contract, 2 are governed by the “slide rule” meaning that they can be assigned to their junior team and not count against the 50 contract limit

  6. why is noone counting on the fact that many of the kids we are keeping will play better to make up for the talent we lost..We didn’t have JVR for most of last year and we still were 2nd in goal scoring..chillax

  7. I like the move to fill out the 3rd or 4th line but “stone-cold winner”… be easy on that.

  8. This team is slightly worse than last year but with that said if Couturier gets better and Schenn too, this team will be animals next year in free agency and still be a contender this year. The Rangers and Pens didn’t get better, and the Devils for worse. They’ll be in good shape at the deadline if the right guy is available. I’m not jumping for joy, but I’m also not jumping off a bridge.
    Guys… nothing on the big Union win in LA last night?! I can see Douchebag Harper’s Mercedes but I can’t get a quick write up on the Union? You guys suck.

  9. Oh and anyone else think every time Fedotenko scores he is just having the most ridiculous orgasm of his life? You ever see the dude’s face?! Hilarious.

  10. Welcome to the 2012-13 version of the 2006-07 apocalypse…
    Rusty = Kyle Calder
    Schenn = Steve Eminger

  11. Meh! I’d rather have Ricky Gervais! Probably plays better than this Bruno guy!

  12. I think homer is planning something. Does anyone think he will put an offer in on weber so big that nashville can’t match. I think read and vorecheck ( spelled that wrong) are getting traded for ryan. I hope im wrong on ryan cause jake is gonna be a star with g this year and hartsy. One good year and with g and if he uses his speed he could get 40+

  13. You should sign Semin and trade him to Toronto for that JVR kid… I hear he’s really good and he doesn’t like Toronto.

  14. Next season Shea Webber, Evgeni Malkin, Corey Perry, and Ryan getzlaf will be free agents. The Flyers will no longer have the contracts of Timonen and Hartnell to worry about. Both of which amount to about $7-8 million a year. This leaves only Vorachek to be signed. He will likely sign for 3.5-4 million. Leaving the flyers with his years’ cap space, a little extra space depending on what happens to those three players, and added space assuming the cap increases. I would be willing to bet that Malkin is likely to test the market. Malkin has no roots in Pittsburgh or any of the United States. He is the best player in the NHL and receives much less attention than another player on his team. I would be willing to bet that they flyers will make a huge offer to Malkin if he tests the market. With this said, it is looking more and more likely that weeber will test the market. As well as Perry and Getzlaf. The Flyers will have a lot of cap space next year to make a big splash and hopefully grab one or two of these big names.

  15. To clarify, Malkin actually becomes a free agent in 2014. And the cap hits of Timonen and Hartnell are $9 million total, not $8 million a piece. Vorachek had a cap hit of $2.5 million this past season. According to cap geek the flyers will have just under 26 million to spend next season.

  16. Are we ONLY allowed to get Tampa’s sloppy second’s on defense or something?
    Carle, Mezaros, Walker, now this fool?
    This smells worse than my Hershey highway on a 100 degree day, after Angelo just got done spitting on my asshole after trying to stuff it in.

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  18. HAHAA most REAL flyers fans know who he is! if you don’t, then you most likely are 9 years old or are the typical jump on the playoffs bandwagon flyers fan.

  19. @Roose (TTB)
    Not sure if they’ll pair Schenn with Kimmo. Schenn will probably get considerable time and I don’t think Kimmo can handle the minutes like he used to.

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