UPDATE: Hunter Pence Traded to Giants, According to Reports

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 12.48.39 PMAn exclusive shot of the Phillies Nation

According to reports, the Phillies have traded Hunter Pence to the Giants in exchange for minor league catcher Tommy Joseph, 21, who was the Giants' second round pick in the 2009 draft. The Phils may also receive outfielder Nate Schierholtz.

Joseph is a promising prospect who is batting .260 with 8 home runs and 38 RBIs this season in double-A.

It’s the second trade of a Phillies outfielder to the left coast in less than an hour. 

The deal is not done, as teams are reportedly waiting one more physical. But it’s done. Pence is gone. The Phillies, purged. The 2012 season, ashes. 

UPDATEJerry Crasnick reports that the deal is not done and some issues need to be completed beyond physicals.

UPDATE 2: It's official. Phillies receive Joseph, Schierholtz and Single-A pitcher Seth Rosin.

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20 Responses

  1. i thought these trades were supposed to help us for next year?? the victorino trade we got a reliever ok thats fine but what do we get out of this trade?? howard is locked down for a few more years and chooch isnt going anywhere so where is this dude gonna play??and if we get schierholtz i might punch my computer screen, hes trash…..great moves amaro, great moves

  2. Joseph can hit the long ball, but won’t be ready for a couple years. He’s played both catcher and 1B. What the Phillies get in addition to Joseph will determine if this a a good or great move for Rube. It’s not crazy to think the Phils could move Joseph to another team for a minor league prospect that more closely fits into the Phillies near future (ie. Third Baseman). Adios Pence, you came up too lame too many times in the clutch (until recently). Plus your days we’re numbered was the Phils’ brassed decided to keep Hamels at all costs.

  3. what do you expect in return for an over paid meat-head that swings at anything and is a defensive liability in the field?

  4. Well that trade sucks. Our regular outfield now consists of Mayberry, Brown, and a bag of baseballs, which oddly enough may possess more talent that Mayberry & Brown. Combined.

  5. gave up 4 top prospects to get him, and (might) get only 1 in return??? massive fail on Rube’s part, with respect to Pence deals.

  6. What a difference a year makes in this town … the black clouds have descended over the Philadelphia sports landscape and we have plunged back to the dark days.
    Flyers – Pronger is done, No Shea Weber, Carter and Richards have a cup
    Phillies – Last Place, Everyone is hurt and the season was over in July
    Eagles – Spoiler Alert, Juan Castillo is still our defense coordinator and we don’t win a Superbowl
    Sixers – Phil E. Moose and Andre Iguodala is still here!
    It’s as if Mama McNabb brewed up a pot of chunky soup and placed a huge curse over this city

  7. Not fantasy baseball friends. If the Giants are paying all/most of Pence’s remaining salary, what did you expect?

  8. pence was a salary dump. i didn’t expect squat in return, honestly. he was a bad pickup. when the deal was getting done, i voiced my opinion to get carlos beltron. he wasn’t under control for as long, but he was cheaper (coming off injury plagued mets seasons) and had more upshot. oh well. now chooch leads the team in RBI. yay. put howard in the 8 hole to learn how to be more selective of his pitches… :]

  9. I dont get this one bit…Not only is it a perplexing swap (A prospect-catcher?), but I thought Pence was going to be a building block for the future. He seemed to take over that fan-favorite mantle when he came here and hes been one of our best hitters. Hes young and hes a hard worker (he also chokes up on the bat…Not a big deal, but it gets him bonus points lol.) …I just don’t see how this is a ‘win’ in any way, shape or form for us.

  10. Holy shit we are fucked. Now we need an entire outfield, 3rd baseman and more relief pitching, fire Rubes and put a bag of Skittles in this place. Dude is Ed Wade Jr.

  11. Ruiz has no impact on this new kid. I love Ruiz, but he is 33 and, realistically, has about 2-3 good years left. This kid Joseph is only 21. By the time Chooch is done, he should be about ready to come up.

  12. Well atleast we freed up about 13 mil … we can use all that to sign a thirdbaseman, CF, and RF
    great trades … simply great

  13. Cool we can plug nate into right and brown into left. Awesome!! So now we will have in our lineup:
    Howard L
    Utley L
    Brown L
    Nate Schierholtz L
    Ruben is putting my dream of an all lefthanded lineup to reality. Now we can sign Hamilton in the offseason to put in center and we will have 5 leftys in the lineup. Do it! If we start schneider next year part time we will have 6, 7 when lee and Hamels pitches. Almost there.

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