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Tough month for Jeffrey Lurie. The Eagles owner lost his right-hand man and his wife, Christina.

In an email obtained by the Inquirer, the couple announced they were getting a divorce. Included: []

"This was not a decision made easily or without deep consideration for each other, our children, and our extended families," the couple wrote in the statement. "But it is one we have reached mutually and with the greatest respect for each other and each of our roles in our work here at the Eagles."

"We share the same goals for the Eagles that we have always had. We want a world championship team, of course, and we want to carry on the dedicated community service that is so much a part of this company's heart and soul."


Not surprisingly, the email went out on the Fourth of July, a day that, this year, will be the start of a five-day weekend for many, likely minimizing fan and media attention.

On her blog, local writer Laura Goldman says that she wasn't surprised, based on observations of the couple in public.

This announcement, obviously, has little to do with football, but, Christina is a co-owner and, as the Inquirer notes, had weighed in on decisions relating to the team’s logo, colors, stadium design, cheerleader outfits, and other aesthetic issues. So for those of you jonesing for a new color scheme (like me), there may be a light at the end of this tunnel. And yeah, I'm kind of an insensitive prick.