UPDATE: Jonathan Papelbon Prevents Fan From Dismembering Every Single Phillies Reliever (Now With Video!)

Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 9.43.45 AMPhoto via the best, or worst, Twitter handle ever, (@moo4KOW)

Hey, here’s something!(?) Who’s with me?!

looks around, no one… oh, you, a 33-year-old legal clerk who watches Phillies games from his man cave in his mom’s South Philly basement.. alright! welcome! – 

The crowning of achievement of the 2012 Phillies season happened last night: Jonathan Papelbon stepped up big time in the seventh inning when a fan tried to climb into the Phillies bullpen, presumably to suicide-bomb Antonio Bastardo.

The above picture is the only one that exits (or, that we can find), but there were numerous accounts of the incident, which is surprising, because I would have assumed that most folks threw in the towel by that point in the game.

Here’s one version of how it happened, from Tom Dabomb Jackson on Facbeook:

went to the phils game tonight with my brother and my father who i haven't hung out with in almost 15 yrs, they lost but i had an awsome time!!! saw a fan try to jump into the phillies bull-pen right in front of my seat and Jonathan Papelbon put him in a head lock!!!!! that shit was wild! ……..and then Jeremy Horst threw me the ball he was warming up with right before he went into the game!!!! WHAT A GAME!!! AND I WAS SOBER!!



Anyway, were you at the game? Had you not slit your wrists before the seventh inning? Have pictures? Video? Evidence that there are live bodies in the Phillies’ bullpen? Let us know!

UPDATE: (@kevinpmcw) sends along somewhat grainy video. You can view it after the jump.

via The Big Lead


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  1. Good. Papelbon should do us a favor now and return the money we are paying him, and go bounce at Delilah’s
    Excuse me, I have to go put on my douche.

  2. I would prefer our million dollar athletes going near stupid drunk, possibly dangerous fans. Let security deal with it.

  3. I was in the first row in section 102, saw it all up close but unfortunately didn’t have time to get a video/picture. Paps looked like he was about to murder the kid (who looked fucked up and about 12). Billmeyer had to pull Paps off him and calm him down…. shit was wild. I would never cross that dude. Security didn’t do shit, I’m glad the Phils are paying 58M to keep the bullpen safe from rambunctious fans.

  4. That fan was only doing what all of us want to do, but know we can’t. I think we should be more civilized and think of ways to get Bastardo deported.

  5. dude was excited on facebook because he was thrown a ball. Is he 12? What a dork

  6. Who ever post on here under the name of Rhea Hughes everyday is the most pathetic pussy ever. Not funny, and fails at trolling. If you had balls enough post your real name I’d find your and gut you with a rusty pitchfork!

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