Jrue Holiday Wants a Silly Contract

We won’t spend too much time discussing the future of Jrue Holiday, what with Paul Holmgren currently taping piles of cash to carrier pigeons and the Phillies experiencing the End of Days, but a report from Yahoo! (!!!) says that Holiday is seeking a max contract extension (for a player with his lack of experience, that would mean around four-years, $58 million, at the current cap level).


Today, Holiday was named to the USA Select Team, the squad that will serve as a punching bag for the Olympic team before they head over to London.


5 Responses

  1. Hey Jrue,
    See ya later!
    Put ET at point and get that Rue out of here for a real SG.
    Thats how you do biznass like a boss. Now where’s Rhea Hughes, she promised to do me like Cataldi and snort some white fresh my dick.

  2. I would also like $58 million dollars so long as the sixers are giving it out. Ironically, the sixers will win the exact same number of championships (zero) with either Jrue or me at the point. And, I’m a washed up old guy with a bad back. Actually, that last sentence probably makes me more attractive to Rod Thorn.

  3. mehhhh…..This article contains no hockey reference or hockey players. Can’t wait until the 2013 nhl draft…..

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