Lou Williams Announces on Twitter He Won’t Return to Sixers

Well alright. Not more than an hour after news of the Sixers signing Nick Young broke, Lou Williams announced on Twitter that he won’t be returning.

That’s a first.


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  1. If I remmeber correctly, HE’S The one who decided to opt out of his contract, not the Sixers. Good Luck to him.

  2. Good luck to Looouuuu …dude played hard here…his game wasnt tough but he was the only clutch player on this team in a while

  3. I’ll take Nick Young for 1 year $6m over Sweet Lou for say 5 years $30-35m. We need as much cap space as possible going into next year. A ton of $6-8m/yr multi-year deals kills your flexibility.

  4. YES!! I’ve been waiting for this news for years. This calls for a celebration!

  5. I’ll miss Lou. Terribly inconsistent, but when he was hot he was white hot. Ask the Lakers.
    He wanted a Thad Young contract and I think that would’ve hurt us in the long run.
    Love Lou as a player and a guy who really connected with this franchise and its’ fans, but it is the time to part.
    Good luck. Hope he doesn’t end up anywhere near the Celtics or Heat.

  6. Ummmm, lou , u opted out brother.. Serves u right .. Go take that guy who wanted to car jack u back to McDonald’s

  7. Sweet Lou just tweeted that he is taking his talents to south beach….I guess I missed his espn special

  8. Lou williams didn’t get stuck up in Manayunk on xmas or whenever it was. That was the the lamest story i’ve ever heard.

  9. Rumor around the court is that Aaron McKie fucked sweet Lou’s mom

  10. Lou Williams: I play for the Sixers
    Chaire Holloway: Here in Philadelphia? I didn’t know they still had a team!
    Lou Williams: Yup, we’ve got uniforms and everything, it’s really great!

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