Lou Williams Announces on Twitter That He’s Taking His Talents (And “Show Ya Luv”) To Atlanta



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  1. just had a light snack with my one and only NBA source…..hearing Lou Williams to hawks is a strong possibility (e4) more to come after my bowel movement

  2. Good luck to this guy in the future. Not a perfect player, but he at least worked hard while he was here. Wish him nothing but success!

  3. I like how he called the Hawks young when they’re the second oldest team in the league behind Dallas.

  4. totally agree with ya james niggly. sometimes he drove me up a wall with his dumb play. i even called him the shane victorino of the sixers, but overall he was a good player for us. he is going back to his home state and i wish him the best.

  5. doesn’t mean they’re not the 2nd oldest in the league. maybe it’s different after the trades, but their average age was the 2nd oldest in the league as of a month ago based on something i saw in the playoffs.

  6. Fresh, yeah I wasn’t trying to be arrogant. They were pretty old with TMac and JJ, but now they’re actually a pretty young team

  7. Sure, Lou was quite the scorer but was indifferent at best on defense. All things considered, I don’t think he’ll be missed.

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