Michael Vick Won’t Back Off Dynasty Comment

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If there’s one thing you can say about Michael Vick, it’s that, for better or worse, he’s stubborn. Up until this point in his career, he’s refused to heed the advice of coaches every single person who has ever watched a football game or seen him play– that he should slide more often to prevent hits like this. It’s seemingly taken a presidential intervention to get that message across. 

So, we probably shouldn’t have expected QB 7 to back down from his dynasty comment so easily.

Speaking to Mike and Ike on 94 WIP today, Vick had this to say when that whole dynasty thing was brought up. Which it was. Rather quickly.

“I mean, I don’t know how you can take so much negative out of something so positive, when I’m trying to speak about something we have the potential to build. You look around at our team, and what I would ask everybody to do is go down our roster and look at all the players, look at the Pro Bowlers we have, look at the players who have NFL experience, whose played a substantial amount of games, whose played great football in this league, and tell me that we don’t have an opportunity to put a dynasty together. You know, when you think about the dynasties of the great teams in the past, you know, they were all built and they were all put together and that’s a tribute to great administration. But it takes time, and once you get there, you have to realize in the moment the opportunities you have, and you got to try to seize it. And that’s all I’m trying to do.”

“I guarantee you it’s not our fans complaining about what we’re trying to do. They want us to win as well. That’s the media. I mean, that’s the media just trying to create a negative vibe, and we understand that.” 

“When you have confidence and you have a great deal of belief, I think that’s all you need at the end of the day. It wouldn’t have came out of my mouth if it wasn’t on my heart. If it wasn’t what I believe we could strive to do and to work for. I think nothing of it. It’s totally total opposite of the Dream Team comment. And like I said, a Dream Team is already put together, a dynasty is something that you got to work for, you got to earn that title. I said we have potential to work and get there and become that. That’s it. Other than that, I’m not answering that question.”


He’s not only not backing down… he’s embracing it! I guess there’s something to be said for that, but I wonder if his tune will change as a lathered up and foaming at the mouth defender bears down on him screaming something about shoving a dynasty up a dick hole. 

Vick always has a target on him, it’s just that now he’s giving opposing teams a near dissertation to write on their whiteboards. 

The rest of the interview is pretty good. Vick certainly has confidence, and sometimes even comes across as likable. Give it a listen… after the jump.

Audio courtesy WIP


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  1. if a flyer (or carter/richards) had said this it would have been spun by this site as the best words ever spoken by an athlete

  2. So do you think Vick would NOT have a target on his back if he stayed quiet????
    Seriously!!! This has NOTHING to do with what will happen ON THE FIELD, if you think otherwise…..you need to PLAY SOME SPORTS.
    If you played Football you would know this. But no matter what people say, they will get hit…. HARD.
    You said the same about Eli when he made the “Elite” comments, and he just won his 2nd SB Ring…..

  3. The man is a beast. He would lay all of you out. If he slid more often then you could take away some of the biggest plays of his life not to mention almost all of his rushing touchdowns. He did what he had to do and he showed dedication and confidence. Name one other quarter back that has the balls to run past 300 pound defenseman. NONE!

  4. I don’t have problem with what he said it shows confidence but with the media (espn) replaying comments like this for the next 6 months I dont know if its the best idea….putting a target on your back is not a good idea in todays age more teams will be hyped to play us then the ny ginas …it’s under the radar teams who get hot sneak into the playoffs in MLB, NFL, and NHL win it all nowadays….but remember jroll in 0 saying we are the team to beat and he was right…..

  5. personally, I like it. Its nice to see your leader have that much confidence in his team.

  6. The eagles suck. they went 8-8, won 4 games when there was no pressure on them. Reid sucks. Vick sucks. There is a looser hole in the middle of the defense than Jenna Jamisons vagina. There is a difference between the Flyers and Eagles……. The Flyers have a cup. The Flyers make it to the playoffs perennially. They wouldn’t be stupid enough to say that.

  7. Today is what’s known as a no-news day. There’s literally no sports news unless somebody shoots up the Olympics tonight. So this is what we get, Vick saying he likes his teammates and is motivated to win, being shit-spun by out-of-town cretin-trolls into a controversy. Move along, nothing to see here.

  8. Two seasons with this loser at QB. One was a 1 and done playoff “run”, the other was an 8-8 season. Sounds like a dynasty in the making!!

  9. “You know, when you think about the dynasties of the great teams in the past, you know, they were all built and they were all put together and that’s a tribute to great administration”
    none of those teams were put together is a coach’s 14th season

  10. He is right – this team could be a dynasty only if we changed and got a real QB and not a WR/RB at the helm

  11. @JohnSmallwood
    You came oh-so close to committing a black on black crime, bro.

  12. The screwball national sports media is gonna run with whatever they want to. The damn center for the Carolina Panthers takes out a full page ad in the Charlotte newspaper guaranteeing a Super Bowl, and you hardly ever hear about that- yet the Eagles are still referred to as the “Dream Team”- a quote from A BACKQUP QUARTERBACK IN TRAINING CAMP. I’m glad Mike isn’t running away from what he said. And I’m really glad it’s almost football season!

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