Not Surprisingly, the Phillies Won’t be Trading Cliff Lee

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I didn’t believe for a moment that the Phillies were going to trade Cliff Lee, if only because, last time, doing so proved to be such a mistake. But it was one of our favorite (ignored) rumors from the men whose job it is to throws gobs of shit at a wall to create interest in something that largely isn’t there (we, too, do this during free agent signing periods… so yeah, I’m calling that kettle black). 

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The Phillies plan to keep Cliff Lee, and won't trade him before the Tuesday trade deadline, sources say.

One person with ties to the Phillies said team higherups believe trading Lee would potentially undo most or all the good that was done by extending Cole Hamels and that the team's plan is to build around its trio of great starters, including also Roy Halladay, next year. The Phillies also gave themselves an outside chance this year with their riveting three-game sweep of the fading Brewers.


No shit. 


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  1. Fuckin right we’re not dealing Clifton! We’re not dead yet.
    What if they get at least 2 out of 3 from the Braves then sweep the Nats? All of a sudden they’re only 7 games out. Let’s go!

  2. Trading Cliff Lee would be a monumental mistake at this point. The Phillies can be a perfectly fine contender next year so long as they don’t have awful injuries like they did this year. Stay the course for now. 2012 has been hard to watch, but the talent that is on this team can and should fix a lot of things. Just be patient.

  3. Phils will make a run this year even if it’s to late to catch the wild card and Clifton has pitched better then his 1-6 record shows…. a healthy team next year and we can still win the NL East…..kyle get some carly rae jaspens (or whatever her name is) nudes up on this site im sure she was burrelled at one point make a connection lets go

  4. Greinke’s an Angel, Ruben and everyone else needs to get over Cliff Lee and realize that the 70 million to 3 pitchers model isnt winning us games. How did we win in 2008? With a well rounded team. This team is not well rounded at all.
    1 run against the Braves isnt cutting it, we may have given up 6, but 1 run isnt winning that game no matter what.
    Let’s start talking to the Rangers again about Lee. Get us Olt, Murphy and maybe that OF prospect Martin as well. We need a 3B and an actual starting LF.
    The Rangers were seeking a starting pitcher before the Greinke to Angels move, now they’ll be even more desperate.
    We need better everyday players. Whats the plan next year for 3B? There’s no one out there, that dude Olt is young and about to be MLB ready and by all accounts he can field and hit. He’s exactly what the phillies need right now. And you’d be getting 1 or 2 Outfielders back from the Rangers as well, so we’d have options with Victorino and be able to get rid of Mayberry/Pierre in left, having Murphy and Martin waiting in the wings.
    Go get them Rube! Gotta bite the bullet. This team isnt championship caliber, with regards to Lee this town needs to stop thinking with its heart and use their heads. We’re not getting it done with how the team is built and major holes at 3B and Left Field, the team isnt good enough everywhere else to cover those holes up.

  5. Josh Johnson is probably ahead of Lee on the Rangers wish list. We need him to land somewhere other than Texas soon. If he’s off the market maybe Texas is desperate enough – still think they’d want us to eat some of Cliff Lee’s salary (which Scott Pa may be willing to do, but not Rube).

  6. You guys are fucking idiots. Cliff lee is the worst. He’s the number one reason this fucking team that glorious Ruben Amaro put together. Lee is chopping off rubes dick one centimeter at a time. The guys pitch variance and velocity is dog shit. He’s got the bravado of tepid porridge and his scrotum is small. I hope Charlie kills him.

  7. Wow you are a genius Kyle!
    The only reason he won’t be traded being he’s going to be 34 next year and have 3 years and 87 million left on his contract.
    No shit.

  8. God how does trading Cliff undo anything Cole, if Cliff gets you an amazing 3B for the future in a non-existent 3B market and puts an end to the LF carousel by getting Murphy. And you’d probably get either Martin or Borbon or a reliever out of it as well.
    And you’d free up all the money you need to fix the bullpen for next season and possibly go after Bourn.
    What are the phillies thinking with this? We won with Hamels and Brett Myers as our no. 1 and no.2, without Lee, Hamels and Halladay are our 1 and 2.
    70 million in 3 starting pitchers is doing exactly shit for us. Are we really gonna keep marching out Mayberry and noodle arm Pierre in LF and automatic error Wiggington and Fontenot on 3B next season? You think the phillies are winning the WS with that?
    I loved Cliff, was thrilled to get him back, but circumstances change. There’s a deal out there that fixes a lot of problems in one foul swoop. Pick up that phone Rube and call up Nolan, right now.

  9. @Snake
    cant help it if you’re gay for Cliff Lee dude, you’ll just have to find another lover.

  10. Texas wouldn’t trade Olt for Greinke or Josh Johnson. Unlike Rube, they’ll let Josh Hamilton (32 next year) walk instead of paying him $20+mil/year and put Olt in LF for 300k.

  11. Doesn’t Kyle know blogging is a 24/7 job. I don’t care if you’re down the shore on the weekends, bring your blog equipment & post something. Maybe you saw Riley Cote on a boat in sic, post it nigga

  12. None of you know a thing, that’s why you all sit on your asses read this blog and than comment like you have the answer. If any of you knew a thing about what ur talking about you would be working in the front office

  13. Homer’s gun doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground but he wants to sit on here and talk like he knows baseball, becoming a fan in 08 doesn’t make you know baseball

  14. Stop complaining about trading Lee. You morons! If anything we can move Utley to the Angels for Mike Trout & that pitcher Garrett Richards. We need pitching & Trout is from NJ & would look great in CF. Thats the kind of deal we’ll make. Not Lee. Utley & Victorino for Trout & Richards. Not Cliff u asswipes!

  15. Hoagie, you don’t know shit about baseball you 2008 bandwagon horsecock.

  16. the angels would never ever do that. mike trout is like a top 3 mvp candidate who’s about ten years younger than chase utley

  17. Doppler Radar you don’t know shit about baseball. We’ll trade them Howard then too and take Pujols’ contract back. And then well trade Polanco for Trumbo.

  18. Kyle, put the lotion and tissues down for a half an hour and post a story. Blogging isn’t a 9 to 5, you can’t go on a bender every weekend. Or get Frosty Gillion to post some shit story for christ’s sake.

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