Perhaps Fittingly, Dom Brown’s Flight from Syracuse to Washington was Delayed

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Dom Brown’s flight from Syracuse, where the Iron Pigs were playing today, was delayed, meaning he won’t be in tonight’s starting lineup for the Phillies. Charlie Manuel told reporters that once Brown arrives, though, he will be a starter.



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  1. I’m willing to bet Utley’s knee’s that Brown was booked on United. Planes spend more time on the ground then the air.

  2. I’m willing to see him play, with the season all but over, and hope that something clicks in him.

  3. Pat Scott sounds like he likes losing. What a pussy, pulling the bandwagon card

  4. Enough with the Dom Brown hate. Fucking idiots. Brown has had a whopping 246 MLB ABs and people are will to give up on him. If he was up all year he would have better numbers than Wiggy, Vic and JMJ…

  5. I agree with Blood Fountain. In actuality his flight wasnt delayed….he missed the first flight out of Syracuse

  6. Hey! Gotta give the kid a chance to see what he can do as a consistent every night started. Hopefully he BLOWS up and is a star! Marks out!

  7. Good to see the 2008 fans are headed to the exits, you mother fuckers were way too annoying at the ballpark with your face paint and catch phrase ill tees, go back to the burbs hipster losers.

  8. Of course Dom’s starting. Why wouldn’t you want to see what he can do with zero pressure the rest of the way? Solid experience

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