President Obama Would Like Michael Vick to Slide More

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 2.22.39 PMMadden Obama

Now, Michael Vick has a direct order to slide. Not from Big Red, but from President Barack Obama. 

A flurry of Tweets:

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 2.19.45 PM
Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 2.19.45 PM
Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 2.19.45 PM
Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 2.19.45 PM

Perhaps he told Nnamdi to tackle someone, as well.

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40 Responses

  1. Yeah, because a passing remark about sports clearly dictates an entire presidency. Thank god people like you vote, Steve.

  2. Agree he is an atrocious president but him telling Vick to slide has no effect on his presidential duties. Love how people seem to think our government can only ever deal with or comment on the most important thing.
    Also, surprised namdi is a obama supporter. Thought he was supposed to be such a smart guy?

  3. Steve, I’m fairly certain that Obama could cure cancer using ferret stem cells and you’d post that he’s anti-animal rights. Spaz.

  4. Yes, because that should be Obama’s biggest concern. Worst president ever.
    Posted by: Steve | July 25, 2012 at 02:25 PM
    God forbid the president make a joke. The guy got Osama, got us all decent health care coverage, and saved the economy and the auto industry from certain doom. What the fuck do you want from this guy?

  5. 1) SEAL Team 6 got Osama. I don’t recall Obama racking up his weapon and rappelling from a chopper onto that courtyard. In addition, it wasn’t his idea to get him in the first place. Any sitting president would’ve executed the order to take him out.
    2) He did NOT get us all decent healthcare coverage, or even mediocre healthcare coverage. He made it mandatory for us to have coverage in the first place, or pay an additional tax. If you wanted to celebrate the Affordable Care Act, you’d be better served to mention some of its beneficial provisions.
    3) Any recovery (???) of the economy should not be attributed to the president, or anyone else. Basic economics dictate a natural upswing based on external indicators.
    4) The auto industry is far from safe. What the bailout provided was a temporary safety net.
    Disclaimer: I’m not a Democrat, nor a Republican

  6. Mitt Romney is a con artist. He shares no qualities with the average American. If you want a corporate, greedy CEO to shit on your society and you “little people” even more than it already has been by corporate America, than give your vote to Mitt Romney.

  7. Why is it that if you don’t like Obama, people automatically assume you’re voting for Romney? Nowhere on this thread have I seen ANYONE say “Romney 2012”

  8. He didn’t save the auto industry, he saved the UAW. If the auto companies filed bankruptcy, they’d still be in existence. Instead they’re still in existence and owe us billions of dollars that we’ll never see.. Great job saving them! I’m glad he shares the same passion for player safety that I do though. Perhaps I can persuade him to take a meeting with me to discuss further. Then I can propose he sucks me off to keep me quiet. Also, what moron drone actually thinks obamacare will provide decent healthcare? Must be a kenzo…

  9. politiks are dumb. they just say crap so u vote for them. none of them care about us little folks.

  10. FACE, no vote is wasted. Your vote = your voice. Even if I write in Captain Noah, I still expressed my opinion in the most sacred of democratic forums.

  11. obama wants to keep killing american citizens with drones..keep printing money etc… and Romney wants to print just as much to invade Iran.. fuckin lunatics
    lets stick to sports.

  12. Hypocrite, you are the reason I care about politics and funding adult literacy programs. And by the way, you forgot my meximelt the last time I came through your drive-thru.

  13. hey port richmond, chug on my doctorate cock you racist, right wing, gun loving, selfish asshole

  14. Dr. Chik-Fil-Gay,
    I see your doctorate is in self-inflation with a concentration in full-of-shit.
    you democrats on here are even worse then the drudgereport trolls.
    I think everyone should go fuck themselves. Gary Johnson 2012

  15. Obama has a lot of experience with sliding. Like the economy continues to slide into oblivion under his Presidency.
    Dear Obama, STFU and worry about this country and the terrible shape it is in. No time for you to worry about Michael Vick.

  16. heh i agree.. gary johnson 2012 since they butt fucked ron paul outta the race…
    hes on the ballot in all 50 states.
    if youre votin for obama find a romney guy… cancel each other out.. and both vote for Johnson.. end the warfare/welfare state please thank you goodbye

  17. How does he have time to follow football?
    Especially with playing all that golf (100 rounds in 3 years) and 160+ fund-raisers.
    At least he’s rooting for the Eagles?

  18. Does anyone know why African Americans always walk at a snails pace?
    Jeez they are some slow walkers

  19. Weedlord BonerHitler nailed it on the head. If your going to bitch about Obama then turn around and vote for that Romney scam artist, then your straight foolish. Mitt Romney is the definition of a CEO who shits on his middle men.

  20. I hope Obama also told Nnamdi to tell Juan Castillo that if he ever tries to use him again in zone coverage that he’s going to get punched in the throat… I guess we can’t get too mad at Juan though. What do you expect when you name your offensive line coach defensive coordinator?

  21. @portrichmond, You have two choices this upcoming election- Obama or Romney. If you’re not voting for Obama than you’re probably voting for Romney. Or just be one of those asshats who says “eh, fuck it, I’m not voting because they both suck.”

  22. From the Johnny Dangerously Grapevine Tweet:
    ” Hillary told Freddie Mitchell to tell Kevin Kolb to run headfirst into the nearest Linebacker”
    Careful, Kyle, don’t let this site turn into
    Politics ?…..I waited this long for Eagles football and this thread is comical….like Nixon sending in a play to George Allen.

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