Rangers Trade for Rick Nash

Well, better keep those fingers crossed for Shea Weber, because the Rangers just got better. 

No, Henrik Lundqvist didn’t secure a 10-year sponsorship deal with Sebastian Shaper* allowing for unlimited use of their products. The Rangers acquired Rick Nash in exchange for Brandon Dubsinky and his puffy cheeks, Artem Anisimov and his air gun, Jan Erixon, and a first round pick:


Yikes. Oddly, the Blue Jackets wanted a massive haul from the Flyers for Nash, yet they accepted a hodgepodge of nonsense from the Rangers. And Brandon Dubinsky.

Now, #WeberWatch continues, because if the Predators match the offer, we’re left with what's currently on the Flyers' website:

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 3.07.46 PM

*Don't worry, midlings, I had to look that reference up.

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  1. Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon and a 1st for Nash + others! Columbus gets fleeced again!

  2. wow bend over Columbus why don’t ya … you mean to tell me they couldn’t include Kreider on that deal? Wow, sounds like some fishy stuff

  3. Who cares as long as we get Weber – Nash makes 8mil a year. I’m just glad they didn’t get Bobby Ryan instead.

  4. Scott Howson is the WORST GM in all of sports. All sports. Every one, ever… played anywhere in any country and through all time.
    That is a terrible… terrible trade. And not cause I was hoping the Flyers would get him, just because its a BAD trade. Enjoy the bottom of the West AGAIN Columbus.

  5. Steven – they’ll take the 4 picks and they’ll fucking like it.
    I’m going to trade that shitty package (Voracek, Mesz, Read) to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan.

  6. Romano, fuck off man! Those 3 together? Not going to happen. At least I hope not…. ;>P

  7. Any flyers fan who calls Nash is overrated is full of it, I doubt he would be overrated if he would be in the orange and black.
    Dubinsky is a very good player as well.

  8. Whew, luckily I was all over this one. I am on the record as saying Nash would go to the Rangers. I am also on record saying he would go to the Sharks, Flyers, Red Wings, Canucks, Maple Leafs, and Blackhawks.
    More to come…

  9. what is kyle talking about.
    the rangers gave up two young solid defensive forwards, a top d-man prospect and 1st rounder to pay Rick Nash 7.8 million?
    lets all set aside the ‘name factor’ of Rick Nash (OMGZ RICK NASH YOU GUYS)… and actually look at what the Rangers did here.
    Anisimov and Dubinsky put up 26 goals last year. Rick Nash will put up lets 40-45 goals if he has a very good season. So that means the Rangers with this deal essentially added a 20 goal scorer.
    That’s it. That’s all they did folks. Relax. The name RICK NASH (OOOOH AHHHHH) doesnt automatically win you games.
    They gave two solid wingers, a blue chip dman, and a 1st rounder to add 20 goals next season (and that’s assuming Nash does better than the 30 goals he’s been averaging the past 3 seasons) and that Dubinsky/Anisimov don’t improve at all.
    Anyone that thinks this poses some kind of big threat to the Flyers really needs to stop “name-chasing”. The Rangers got worse defensively overall losing Prust, Anisimov, and Dubinsky in favor of pure goal scorer who is added a net total of 20 goals to their team next season, if Nash has a great season.
    enjoy New York, by all means, enjoy.

  10. this deal makes the Rangers marginally better next season, and if the Flyers get Weber for just picks or something minimal, the Nash acquisition becomes a laugher.

  11. With all this trade talk I hope we don’t forget this one simple fact: we still don’t have a goalie.

  12. Do people realize the trade to nashville is not “for” weber ….it would be to soften the blow if nashville matches watch for doan and a trade for yandle

  13. This is not s deal I would have made. The Rangers were good last year because of solid team play and Lundqvist. They give up two key pieces of their system to get a 60-70 pt guy getting paid $7 mill? As a Flyers fan, it doesn’t scare me and I’m happy they didn’t give up that kind of package for Nash.

  14. joe biden are you a total retard?
    The deal is for Weber. God, you just don’t take time out of the White House to watch hockey, do you?
    Does 14 years 110 million mean anything to you?
    We’re trying to get Weber, & I think we will, whether it’s by Nashville not matching the Flyer’s offer sheet to him, or through trade. If we get Doan or Bobby Ryan, it’s even better, but I doubt it.

  15. The reason Howson was asking the Moon and the Stars from the Flyers for Nash is because Holmgren raked Howson over the coals in the Carter trade, and Howson wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again while also making sure he felt like he got back at the Flyers for giving up valuable assets for little in return (lol, Carter, wtf). But then doing this with the Rangers, essentially giving up Nash for Not Very Much, wow, dude still has a job how? I suspect this will play out early this season if Colombus starts to suck worse. If there even IS a ‘this season’ coming up.

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