Report: Phillies “Eager” to Trade Hunter Pence

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Here’s a name we haven’t heard too much in trade rumors– Hunter Pence. 

Bow-tie man Ken Rosenthal writes the following: [FOX Sports]

The Phillies continue to signal to clubs that they are eager to move right fielder Hunter Pence, who could earn $13 million to $14 million next season in his final year of arbitration.

Pence, 29, is batting .268 with a .789 OPS, 17 homers and 57 RBI. His value could be enhanced by the signings of the San Diego PadresCarlos Quentin and Toronto Blue JaysEdwin Encarnacion and their respective removals from the trade market. But few teams are willing to assume high salaries and part with significant prospects. 


Trading Pence, who is in the prime of his career and under the Phillies’ control next season, would, to me, symbolize a rebuilding effort a bit more extensive than previously thought. As we’re seeing now, Pence is a very valuable player when guys like Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are hitting around him.

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  1. STUPID MOVE if you do it Ruben – what are you going to do put Dom Brown in there for him???

  2. If that is true, then why hasn’t Domonic Brown been up auditioning again with the big club. Makes little sense. We know Shane & Pierre will be gone next season. So what, rebuild entire outfield in offseason. I don’t buy it.

  3. Why the fuck would they trade Pence? They should deal Victorino and Polanco and extend Pence and Hamels. If they trade Pence and/or lose Hamels…well then Ruin Tomorrow Junior truly is an ass hat.

  4. If he could only drive his left foot (already far left in the box) towards the pitcher and not “in the bucket” as they say, he’d be hitting .300+ with 20+ HR. He takes the sweet spot of the bat out of the zone every single AB by stepping towards 3rd. It’s a mystery to me because his stance is tailored towards curbing exactly that. He frustrates me.

  5. I am ok with getting rid of Pence. Honestly, I think you can get three new outfielders next year, one of which could be D. Brown, for much less money which would allow for the signing of Cole, Chooch and possibly a high priced 3B (D Wright?!?). You can also get as good if not better production than we are already getting from our relatively expensive outfield.

  6. (insert name here) is a very valuable player when guys like healthy Chase Utley and healthy Ryan Howard are hitting around him

  7. Pence is such a great hitter with Utley and Howard around him that he still manages to hit into dp and infield f.c. when we have RISP.

  8. Once again Kyle should stop with the analysis and stick to TMZ. Trading Pence would not be a reuilding sign. Maybe for this year, but definitely not for next year. Trading Pence makes the most sense of any of the players on the roster. You could get some legit talent in return, PLUS save a lot of money to be used on more pressing needs.
    Like it’s been said before – this team doesn’t rebuild, it reloads.
    Trade Pence now.

  9. If the Phillies trade Hunter Pence, who is your only tradable Phillie worth keeping, then RAJ better follow him, because his bad moves the last year or so are going to make the Phillies look like the 1962 Mets in a year or two. Over exaggeration? Yeah, but this team should be trying to reload and not be in rebuilding mode.

  10. It’s finances driving this decision. Yes they print money at the bank, but management would love to stay under the luxury tax limit and by resigning Cole, it could and/or will push them over the threshold next year (and they’re teetering on it for this year). And if you don’t realize how the luxury tax works, if you go over this year, the penalty next year is even worse. The percentages grow as you become multi year offenders, so if they go over this year, resign Cole, keep Pence, then they are going to be over again next year and really start paying out the nose.
    So, to every fan on here who thinks Ruben is an idiot, just know him and his Stanford education are taking into account much more than you monday-morning couch potatos.

  11. Joe Q, who outside of Chooch is really worth “reloading” around? Plus he’s a catcher so he’ll be done in a few years anyway. Utley/Howard are most likely both one more leg injury away from being completely done, Jimmy and Shane suck, Polanco is made of glass, and Pence is a nice addition to a team that’s already good. Suck it up, time to rebuild.

  12. Why prolong the inevitable? Do it, and start getting us back to playoff contention!

  13. Just saw Pence today down at Liscios Bakery for a promotion. He was almost 45 mins late, word was he was talking with his agent about this pending trade. As Harry would say…”He’s ouuuuttaaaa here”

  14. Trade him. I do not want to sign this guy long term. If you try to move him next year, you will get less because (like Hamels and Vic) he can not get his new team some comp picks.
    Kyle should have mentioned this in the article, but he cant be bothered with solid reporting, he is happier speculating about Mexicans hitting rocks with weed wackers, and cyber-swallowing anything Lee related. Spit the cum iut of your mouth and do some real work sweetie.
    My crotch smells like an attic filled with moth balls when it gets this hot out.

  15. this makes all the sense in the world. you can find a replacement for him with ease in free agency – as we have seen ourselves, his perceived value is way higher than his actual value. he swings at everything and is god awful in the outfield.
    outfielders grow on trees. trade him for a young MLB-ready 3B (which don’t grow on trees) like Lonnie Chisenhall in Cleveland and then sign one of the many OF options in free agency that will be as good if not better than him for the same price…. double upgrade

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