Report: The Flyers Actually Offered Shea Weber $110 Million

It gets badassier.  


According to Nick Kypreos, the Flyers offered Weber $110 million. Here’s the breakdown. These years don’t even sound real.

2012-2013 through 2015-2016 (4 seasons): $1 million salary + $13 million signing bonus per– $56 million

2016-2017 through 2017-2018 (2 seasons): $4 million salary + $8 million signing bonus per– $24 million

2018-2019 through 2021-2022 (4 seasons): $6 million salary per– $24 million

2022-2023 (1 season): $3 million salary per– $3 million

2023-2024 through 2025-2026 (3 seasons): $1 million salary per– $3 million

Total? $110 million 

What does that mean? It means that Weber would receive $27 million before the start of next season (two $13 million signing bonuses + $ 1 million in salary for the 2012-2013 season). $41 million by July 1st of 2014. In total, $56 million over first four years of the deal.

The average annual value of the deal would be $7.85 million, the Flyers' cap hit.

Match that, Nashville.


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  1. All of a sudden, Weber slamming Zetterberg’s head into the boards seems “gritty” instead of “classless.” Cha Ching.

  2. How can the Preds even match this offer? 26 million=16% of the franchises total value! They’re screwed. Only thing they could possibly do is match the offer, then trade him.

  3. @ Will. Totally agree. I thought that was so dirty when it happened and now I cant wait to have somone like that on the team. Hope it works out

  4. Just made some calls and here’s what I’m hearing. Voracek will sign a multi-year deal upon finalization of Weber’s deal. Also, hearing voices, uh I mean chatter about a Hartnell extension as well. First I will eat breakfast and then when someone else breaks the news I will claim that I said it all along.

  5. Face,
    The press wouldn’t be able to trade Weber for a year after they matched the Flyers offer.

  6. Can they still sign Voracek after this cap hit, I mean Pavel Kubina is gone and had a 3,850,000 cap hit so i’m guessing still room to sign Voracek

  7. Jesus! To call this a “Monopoly Money” sort of deal would be a horrible understatement. Does Ed Snider have the keys to to the U.S. Mint or what?

  8. Ah, well that sucks. I heard a sign and trade might be an option if they wanted players out of the deal in addition to some picks.

  9. Face- they could do that by effectivly “trading” the compensatory picks back to the flyers for the players. A la the Chris Gratton deal in 97.

  10. WOW, I can’t believe what I’m not hearing from my sources. We are on the verge of a blockbuster folks. Let me finish this cup of coffee and I will fill you in all I can say now is Nash, Ryan, Weber, Doan, Voracek, Schenn Bros., Luongo.

  11. Homer & that p*ssy Eddie Snider are trying to steal the spotlight from phils reagrding RAJ & Hamels

  12. Really upset at all of these imposters of me… i will treat them to a mcflurry the next time i am with my sources…should be enough… more to come

  13. @Dave
    they will have to move Mesz to sign Voracek…. and they better. his salary will afford us Voracek. and we dont need Mesz with Weber+Coburn+Kimmo+Grossman+Schenn as our top 5.

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