Report: The Flyers Offered Zach Parise, Like, a Billion Dollars

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Thus far in free agency, the Flyers have struck out. A big ol’ swing and a miss for Zach Parise and Ryan Suter that landed… um, Ruslan Fedotenko and, I think, the guy from the original Office.

But it’s not like Paul Holmgren didn’t try. According to a report in today’s Minneanapolosanaisananpoliscanibuyavowel Star Tribune, which takes an in-depth look at the Wild signing both Parise and Suter (we saw similar articles back in the good old days when the Phillies signed Cliff Lee), the Flyers offered Parise… $110 million.

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Let’s read: [Star Tribune]

The numbers turned out to be 13 years and $98 million. The contracts included identical signing bonus structures ($25 million the first three years) and no-trade clauses. Both players could have made more elsewhere. Parise reportedly had been offered $110 million by Philadelphia. Suter was offered more than $100 million by a team Sheehy wouldn't identify. 


Parise took $12 million less to spend the next 78 years in Minnesota. His loss.

via Broad Street Hockey

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26 Responses

  1. Can’t blame him for not wanting to play for Eddie Snider after what he did to Pronger & Lappy

  2. Just like to throw it out there that the Flyers “swinging and missing” on these guys was probably the BEST thing that happened all summer. They are not worth the $98 million they got, let alone the $100+ million the Flyers offered them.

  3. His loss? Uhh yea….cause the flyers are always playing for a stanley cup…

  4. Pens fans are particularly butthurt about this signing. They just can’t understand why these players wouldn’t wanna live and play in a great place like Pittsburgh. LOLJK who the fuck would ever move to pittsburgh?

  5. next years FA class is way better. (probably best to wait for a mid-season move this season, imo)

  6. Amen OneManWolfpack… amen.
    Pens4life… I don’t see The Wild playing for the cup um, ever.

  7. Pittsburgh has had quite the off-season, what with losing Jordan Staal and getting…nobody at all.

  8. why is it “his loss”? he has as much of a shot to win a cup in Minny than he does in Philly. Plus the fans are knowledgable about hockey fans there.

  9. oops, got to edit my post. the fans in minny are more knowledgable about hockey than philly fans

  10. Suter is great, but he wont be as great without Weber. It wasnt like Suter was playing with AHL call-ups like Carle was doing here.
    Parise is awesome, and worth more the money than Suter will be without Weber, but neither is worth that kind of money. Thank god they chose the Wild.

  11. Flyers will never win a cup as long as Ed “show me my $$” Snider owns the team.

  12. The anti-Flyer losers are here in full force today, eh?
    Show me a Penguins fan typing or saying “1975” as if that matters to anyone outside of Pittsburgh and I’ll show you someone who is desperately seeking attention, is desperately butthurt on a permanent basis, or both.
    1974! 1975! 1944! 1812! Fucking imbeciles. Hey, uninformed Penguins fans (aka most Penguins fans), please review the first shift of 2011-2012’s first round, game six, wherein your gayboy “star” got flat-out annihilated in open-ice by the same guy who scored seconds later. That’s how fucking lame your team is. That’s how fucking lame your team will be forever.

  13. When this era of Pens hockey is over your team is going to suck until they get another string of high 1st rounders like Edmonton. No superstar free agents will sign on to live in your horseshit city. The only reason players even consider signing there now is b/c of Malkin & Crosby. Yeah, Flyers haven’t won a cup since 1975, but we still show up and support our team. When you yinzers weren’t winning you abandoned ship & they almost moved the Pens out of that shithole city b/c nobody cared enough to attend games. 99% of the Pens & Steelers fanbase is made up of the same type of people who hopped on the Phillies bandwagon in 2008. Your city sucks, your star player is the Justin Beiber of the NHL, and your bandwagon fans so shut the fuck up and troll elsewhere.

  14. Just happy he is out of the division, and to see him go to a hockey town like St.Paul. Sad to see the Devils in such a bleek state after winning the east after the NHL having to take over their franchise. Oh well, the Flyers will be able to move on.

  15. @PENS4LIFE – “Thank god Staal is gone… never liked him”.
    Really? You didn’t like your 2nd line center who was a damn good, young player, who helped carry that team while Cindy was out with his soft head?! Yeah I HATE guys like that.
    You sound a little bitter to me.

  16. Name the last Devils player to leave NJ and have a successful career afterwards?
    I can only think of one solid one…
    Players that leave the Devils style of play rarely succeed elsewhere. Parise is good but not worth what he was paid. Nice to see Minnesota make some moves finally but they are still ways away from a cup contender.
    Fedotenko killed the Flyers every year. You picked up a player that knows the Rangers style, You have a player that played in the Pens system (Talbot) and you added D depth with the signing of Gervais who if anything will at least push the guys to work harder for that #5 and #6 D spot.
    Flyers had loads of offense and still have plenty. I think they may make a push for Shane Doan to finalize things.
    Coburn Grossman, Mez Schenn, Timmo Gustaffson…Not a bad 6 with Bourdon and Gervais fighting for a spot. They def have size and physicality.

  17. Guys working on something huge…will have more to follow…
    something is cooking on the flyers front (e435464)

  18. its a sad and uneventful day in the sports world when a star player turns down HOVA $$. what a… weirdo?

  19. talked to sources over dinner…. flyers in on nash, ryan and jbo….prices said to have deflated i nthe last few days…. id put it at 80% flyers get all 3 (e43543645)

  20. Players that leave the Devils style of play rarely succeed elsewhere. Parise is good but not worth what he was paid. Nice to see Minnesota make some moves finally but they are still ways away from a cup contender.

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