Report: Victorino Trade Likely

Jayson Werth. Brad Lidge. Raul Ibanez. Ryan Madson. Pedro Martinez. Roy Oswalt. Pat Burrell.

All big-name players who played integral parts in the Phillies 2007-2011 run. All gone. And while each of their departures were, for varying reasons, disheartening, none of those guys comprised the core of this era of Phillies baseball, which we’ll define as Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino. Those are the guys upon which this team has revolved since 2007 (with a myriad stars inhabiting their universe). 

But we’ve now reached the end of days. The end of an era, what with the Phillies 7,000 games out of first. The core will now slowly unravel. We all know about Hamels, but Victorino (less talked about) may be the first to go. FOX Sports’ Jon Morosi: [FOX Sports]

Something that should grab your attention: A high-ranking executive with one club predicted that Victorino will be the first of the big-name players to move. But he’s having the poorest of his eight seasons in Philadelphia, with a .179 batting average over his past 10 games.

The Dodgers are known to have interest in Victorino, who would supply the offense they’ve lacked in left field while perhaps becoming the leadoff man. Other teams that have scouted Victorino recently include the Rangers, Tigers, Pirates, Marlins and Giants.

Victorino, 31, is in the final year of his contract. If he’s moved, the acquiring club will hope he’s revived by the opportunity to win again.


It’s almost a guarantee that Victorino won’t be a Phillie next season– he’s 31, will demand more money than he’s worth, and his skill set is replaceable. As Morosi notes, he may be the first big-name player to be moved before the trade deadline at the end of this month. In a trade, the Phillies would likely be able to land a bigger haul than the compensatory draft pick they would receive if Victorino left during free agency. 

None of what you just read should be shocking, but the day most Phillies fans feared – the selling off of core players – is almost here. And it’s going to be hard to watch.

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26 Responses

  1. I would love for Shane to stay in Philly if he would accept a reasonable contract extension.
    But I think he over-estimates his value.
    Fully expect him to be traded. That will be the shot across the bow.
    We need to see what Dom Brown can do. Soon.

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  3. Watching them sell off the core might be hard to watch, but not as hard to watch as this over the hill, bullpenless mess than Rube has created. Time to accept the window is closing, but not closed. Retool for next year, and the years to come.

  4. Shaner killed the phils with hi sh(t play this season. Why don’t he grab his 26 mistresses & get the F out of philly. POS cry baby

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  6. Get his screwed up head out of here. Best for him and the team.
    Vic for McCutcheon ? LOL. Is ed wade working for the pirates now ?

  7. pack your bags shane. go be non-productive somewhere else. let him go get overpaid by some other suckers. now go get free agent michael bourn (fastest man alive) to come back.

  8. I’ll give Victorino a golf clap upon his return, he’ll get the standing O when he swings at the first pitch and pops out to an infielder. Aloha!

  9. All good things must end, and that includes this era of Phillies baseball, easily the most successful since the late 70’s through early 80’s. Sure, it’s sad, but inevitable, in other words, get used to it. Meanwhile, nature abhors a vacuum, to that end, the front office has to do all it can to retool the club, and if that retooling starts with a Victorino trade, so be it, I won’t be at all depressed to see him go, not when Michael Bourn will hit the free agent market after this season, to have him back in the organization and patrolling centerfield is a tantalizing prospect worth pursuing, and pusuing hard.

  10. Fuck the comp picks. This Ed Hardy wanna be already said he would think about taking a one year deal here, which they have to offer in order to get picks. So trade his ass like the deadline is today.

  11. Interesting to read that a potential acquirer (Dodgers) would consider using Shane in the lead-off spot…but not Chollie! Even if we signed Bourne, Chollie would still bat J-Stroll first. What year is it again?

  12. Dan Farm: Give up on your Dom Brown fantasy. The next time you see him playing in this town, it’ll be for another team visiting the Bank. The Phillies as an organization have, for whatever reason, soured on Brown and won’t let him suit up for the big team, otherwise, he’d be in left field instead of Juan Pierre. Don’t be surprised if Brown is sent packing at the trade deadline as I’ve been of the suspicion for weeks now that Brown’s days in Philadelphia are numbered.

  13. The Dodgers’ left fielder must REALLY suck if the Victorino of this year is going to be an offensive upgrade. Or maybe we should be taking “offensive” in the other sense…

  14. The Dodgers’ left fielder must REALLY suck if the Victorino of this year is going to be an offensive upgrade. Or maybe we should be taking “offensive” in the other sense…

  15. The day we’ve all feared? Get a clue, these guys are old and players like Victorino only shone because they were in a lineup with a healthy Howard and Utley. Move them all,start over, it’s called baseball you jackwagon.

  16. Shane is humping my friends sister, said his wife got fat after the baby. poor wife

  17. shane is going to need a big contract after his wife divorces him for serial cheating & takes half his $$$

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