Roy Halladay Will Pitch in Clearwater on Thursday

This is going to be too little too late, but the Phillies announced today that Roy Halladay will pitch in a rehab assignment with single-A Clearwater on Thursday. That should put him on track to pitch for the AAAA squad next week in the City of Angels (and, perhaps, Cole Hamels' new home). 

Maybe Doc can win 55 games in the second half.


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    How come you closed the comments on the Trnt Cole post?? I don’t get it, are you becoming a p*sssy
    love the site though, keep up good job

  2. Site starting to sell out. U remember the good old days when post won’t close. I guess the DN piece went to his head

  3. You better shape up, Kyle. This deleting comment and closing comment thread nonsense is not going to fly.

  4. I’m close to taking my comments to 700 level if he keeps it up with closing comment threads. What Kyle, did those avalon h0’s threaten you to take the comments down???????

  5. I believe the correct spelling of that would be
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