UPDATE: Ruben Amaro Offers Supremely Smug Statement on Cole Hamels Reports

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Speaking to Ken Rosenthal, Ruben Amaro offered a few comments on reports that he is shopping ONE OF THE GREATEST PHILLIES HOMEGROWN STARS OF ALL-TIME (I’m yelling). He didn't deny it: [FOX Sports]

“Our goal is the same as it has been from the beginning,” Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Monday. “To sign him and keep him long-term in a Phillies uniform.”

“I do not ever discuss the information that is out there, nor those rumors or speculations.”

“This is the time of year where things will be out there. It is the nature of our sport and a product of the time of year.” 


Thanks, Ruben.  

It’s really this simple: Regardless of whether there is a trade, Amaro should be fired if he doesn’t sign Cole Hamels this offseason. There’s no excuse for having that much money and not being able to re-sign a guy who grew up and won a World Series with the franchise. 

Some may say that, because of the Phillies’ bleak short and long-term outlook, Cole won’t want to sign here even if the Phils could match other offers. That’s fair. But again, it goes back to the money point: There’s no excuse for having that much money and not being able to field a team that entices your 28-year-old star pitcher – who loves it here – to stay.

In both cases (money or Cole wanting to play for a winner), it’s Ruben’s fault. If saying that means we have to admit signing then-32-year-old Cliff Lee was a reckless act better reserved for a video game than real life, then so be it. But there’s no way the Phillies should even be at this point with Hamels. None. The Phillies knew for at least two years that he was due a big payday, and they ignored it. They signed Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee, Jimmy Rollins and Jonathan Papelbon, when all along, whether we wanted to admit it or not, Hamels was the most important player for the future of the franchise.

UPDATE: Shortly after speaking to Rosenthal, it seems, Amaro talked to Matt Gelb: [Philly.com]

"These aren't things we discuss or talk about in front of other people," Amaro said, "but our goals are always the same. Our goal is to try to continue to contend this year, to try to win the National League East. If we can't do that, we want to be a playoff club.

"Our other goal, frankly, is to keep Hamels in our uniform, short term and long term."

Amaro was asked if he believes re-signing Hamels is still realistic. "I do," he said.


"I have no indication to think otherwise, that's why," Amaro said.


Gelb added that Amaro and Hamels' agent have hardly spoken.


42 Responses

  1. I loved Amaro when he was trading for Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, and keeping Howard and Utley in town, but he’s really lost it. He’s a terrible GM. I mean, any guy can come in, throw money around, and create a successful team for 3 years, but it’s clear now that he had no long term approach. He was in it to win back to back to back to back championships after ’08, and now he won’t admit that he has to blow the team up and we are going to have to go through a couple years of sucking before we get back to the pinnacle again.
    Fire Amaro, and let Homer manage all the teams in Philly.

  2. The Smugness tells me that he will be traded. Thanks for everything Cole, see you in LA, where another LA team will reach the pinnacle with one of our homegrown players

  3. Exactly my thoughts, Kyle.
    I’m as big a Phillies die-hard as you’ll find. I learned to read by reading the box scores and stories on the Phillies when I was 4-5 years old. I’ve watched games for as long as I can remember (I also remember those 2 awful, awful summers when my parents decided they didn’t want to pay for Prism anymore). I’ve gone to fewer games the past couple years because my ticket money allotment covers fewer games than it used to. Basically, I say all that to illustrate that I’m not one of those fans that’s only been around since 2007.
    Having said all that, if Cole Hamels is not in a Phillies uniform on Opening Day next year, I’m going to have to seriously reconsider my being a fan of this team. I never thought I’d ever say the words “reconsider being a fan of the Phillies”… ever. But that’s exactly what I’ll do if Cole is not a Phillie. It’s unthinkable that they’d let this guy go. If Reuben does it, all the good will this team built with this city in 2008 goes away.

  4. He’s basically Brian Cashman but worse…even when they threw money at guys they still developed some players in their system (Cano). Amaro trades any and all prospects that we have every year. Now we’re left with a bloated payroll and not prospects in the system.

  5. So if Ruben signs Hamels to the 7 year $175 million contract he wants and gets hurt in 2014, you’ll have a blog about how dumb it was to sign him.

  6. does cole really love it here? It might just be his personality but he seems like the guy who plans to bolt straight for the west once his contract is up. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fran, maybe even Arizona. It just seems like his place. My bet is on the Dodgers. I got a chance to take a tour of clubhouse two years ago.. The three items which stood out the most: the abundance of J.C. Romero’s supplements, Jayson Werth’s two sets of golf clubs, and a game-used base with a Padres logo signed by the entire team sitting in Cole’s locker…
    The sad and obvious fact is that the Phillies five year dynasty is coming to a crumbling close. The same faces are there but the bats are gone. It really wouldn’t surprise me if they did for Utley what they did for Jim Thome. Shop him to an American League team and let him flip from DH to 2nd base depending on how his knees feel. Im going to bet they resign Vic depending on how he ends his season. They still have a very strong nucleus in Halladay, Lee, Howard, Ruiz, Rollins, etc… maybe it is time to revamp the supporting cast.

  7. Hamels is 28. Wouldn’t think a seven-year deal is dumb. And, I’ve never called Howard’s contract dumb because of his injury. In fact, though I think Hamels in he long-run was more important than Howard. I think $125 to a 40-120 1B was actually a good deal.

  8. Ever stop and think that maybe Cole DOES NOT want to sign here no matter what they offer him? That’s not on the GM or the front office. That’s on the player

  9. Ok, let’s talk about trading the guys who constantly fall short, Lee and Howard. Their combined salaries would open up some room for a couple of players who produce.

  10. Chazzo-
    You give him a fair market deal last offseason or the one before and we WOULD have signed it. Guaranteed. No player is that stupid to turn down that security when in either of the following years they could suffer a career-ending injury and lose out on the payday.
    That’s where RAJ made the mistake- letting it ever get to the point we’re at now.

  11. Mark Boyce, you are a fool! I’m not saying that you have to trade a player at their absolute peak but to trade either Howard or Lee now would be the most nonsensical move the front office could make. This isn’t WIP or MLB: The Show. You need to unload a player who will bring you value in return. Those players are Hamels and Papelbon. Despite his poor year, I would add Shane to the mix simply because he will not here next year.
    If you want Lee gone, fine. You just have to hope he turns it around in the second half and then shop him over the winter. If you were to unload him now, you would be hard pressed to find a team willing to offer any player or assume more than half of that contract.

  12. Find a team the Cliff Lee will wave his NTC to & trade him, then use the boatload of money you just saved from his contract & resign Cole. WTF is so hard about this concept. Cole is the Anchor of your pitching staff for the next 5-10 years. If you trade him away or let him walk then you may as well completely obliterate this team, along with Amaro as GM.

  13. Let’s assume Cole Hamels can be signed at the end of this season and let’s not assume the scenario of trading him away and then signing him back.
    Cole Hamels is one of the best pitchers in baseball. He is a superstar and he will be 29 years old beginning next season. That means that he is in the prime of his career and you can expect him to have at least 3-4 good years. If you trade him away, you need to have a prospect that will turn into a superstar and almost another who will turn out to be good as well. That’s very hard to do in these kinds of trades.
    A friend of mine put it very interestingly. Amaro gave up a season of Cliff Lee at a relatively cheap salary for 3 prospects with questionable upside. Why do we trust him now to get value for Hamels?

  14. 2008 won World Series – payroll $104 million
    2009 lost World Series – payroll $131 million
    2010 lost NLCS – payroll – $141 million
    2011 lost first round – payroll $173 million
    2012 – $173 million ?????????
    If any business in the world operated like this – HEADS would roll
    start with Gross, Samuel, Charlie, Ruben

  15. Some of you guys on here are ridiculous. “Amaro needs to be fired, he is the worst GM…” Where was all that when this team won 102 games last year? The Phillies have been without their #3 and #4 hitters for half the season and they are going to be without their CY Young winner for another 4 weeks or so. If any other team in baseball had those issues they would be in the same boat as the Phillies.
    Where was all the Amaro hate when he got Doc, Oswalt, Pence and brought Lee back? Just a few short months ago Kyle was blowing his load over sitting near “Big Poker” at spring training.
    For everyone who goes nuts about “cleaning out the farm” for the trades he made…please refresh my memory about who, out of all of those prospects, has been making waves in the Bigs.
    I personally think trading Cole is a smart move. The Phils are heading towards a rebuilding mode whether we like it or not. He is the one asset the Phillies have that would bring in quality talent. With all the holes this team is going to have next year, LF, CF, 3B, 4th and 5th starters, Bull Pen, don’t you think the $25+ mil a year Cole is going to demand can be better spent on other positions?
    Some of you on here crack me up…fucking hypocrits.

  16. 2008 – 92 wins – payroll $104 million
    2009 – 93 wins – payroll $131 million
    2010 – 97 wins – payroll $141 million
    2011 – 102 wins – payroll $173 million
    2012 – ??? wins – payroll $173 million
    When elite teams in a sport only win 60% of the time, the regular season record is the best way to judge the quality of a team.

  17. Amaro is a terrible GM and the Hamels negotiations only highlight that fact. Most of his credited success is a result of Gillick’s work. Since taking over, Amaro handed out a five-year, $125 million deal to Howard two years before he was set to hit free agency. He traded for Cliff Lee in 2009 in a steal for the Phillies yet dealt him a year later, in quite the unnecessary fashion, and for a subpar return. This is also the same front office that has essentially deflated the value of its top prospect — Brown — through very poor handling. Finally, he signed a closer (Papelbon) to a $50 MM contract before the market even set on relievers and likely grossly overpaid.

  18. Thank you Adam B
    Kyle basically delivered Rube the keys to the city when he made the moves, no calling for him out
    Hind sight is 20/20 my friend so dont come sit on your high horse and act like you opposed these deals since day one you lost ur load everytime he made on of these trades and so did all the other readers so pump the brakes
    Your a joke Kyle go back to trolling twitter

  19. Adam B –
    I hate to break the news to you, but sometimes signing or trading a player isn’t worth it if you trade all of your prospects away. I do give you and Rube for being magicians and knowing that none of their prospects wouldn’t pan out. And btw, if you followed baseball, like really followed baseball, you would know that isn’t true. Do your homework rather than posing a question you don’t know the answer to.

  20. i can picture Kyle wiring this entry….crying and yelling and the computer….sweating….for the love of god sign hamels!!!!!

  21. I think Kyle should be the GM for the Phillies and the Flyers. He knows so much more than Ruben and Holmgren, so it makes sense, right?
    All the Crossing Broad groupies who worship every word this guy types on this website really make me question the state of our education system in this country. I hope you all have your “ill” shirts washed because it sounds like you’re all about to sell them and “give up your fanhood” because Rube couldn’t sign a player who has made it obvious he has every intention on going to free agency. Yes (if Gelb is right), and Rube and Cole’s agent “haven’t talked”, you can certainly criticize Amaro, but they both have phones. And if Cole was 100% serious in resigning here, he would be imploring his agent to make every attempt to work out a deal.
    Obviously, that isn’t happening. Maybe Cole is tired of the lack of run support he gets. Maybe he sees the money Cain, Weaver and Wilson got and knows he’ll command more in the off season. Point is that Ruben isn’t the only person to blame if Cole doesn’t resign here, Cole is a little at fault too.
    This team has won 3 straight division titles and a Pennant under Amaro, and you’re ready to fire him? Isn’t this the same franchise that only 6 seasons ago reached 10,000 losses before any other professional franchise in all of sports? You all act like this team has always been winners and has always spent money in the offseason. If he did sign Cole to the numbers you all want him too, you’d spend all 2013 criticizing him for not getting bullpen help, an outfielder or a third baseman.
    I really hope you all do give up your “fanhood” when Cole leaves in the offseason and the Phillies get absolutely nothing for him. Maybe then I’ll actually be able to go to games for under $30 again.

  22. Adam B –
    I for one have had an issue with Amaro since the Howard contract…as stated above, he gave him a insane extension two years before he hit FA. His numbers have declined steadily since his MVP season.
    I hated the Pence trade as well as we gave up two top 50 prospects for a guy that wasn’t worth it.
    In reality what move has Amaro done that’s been great since he’s been here? The Halladay deal was quite good as was the original Lee deal. That Lee deal is a wash since he traded him a year later for junk.

  23. At this point it is a necessary evil. we currently dont have any advantage in resigning him at this point so even if we trade him we could still resign him in the off season (though amaro will prob have to pay him like 147 mil over 7 years but id be okay with that) so we might as well trade him now get as much as we can for him. the perfect trade in my mind would be with the pittsburgh pirates (who would of thunk at this point this season they would be buyers and we would be sellers) they are one game and and a player like Hamels could be enought to get them to the top of thier division. and as they never sell out and thier fan base is tiny it might also make him miss the atmosphere a CBP. we should trade him to the pirates for Prospects Gerit Cole SP, Straling Marte OF, and drew Magghi inf all three are top prospects in baaseball and Gerit cole and Marte are near MLB ready. then we still should make in effort to resign Hamels at the end of the season. we can refill our team and still kepp our favorite homegrown pitcher. it just means though we have to give up on this season. which i am ready to do if it will bring us back into contention the for the next few years

  24. I shutter at every comment that says that hands any blame to Cole… Poker face tried to low ball Cole with a 75 million dollar offer and then talked confidently about how he knew how much Cole was worth while saying $120 million was too much now we watch as Cole comes out every 5 games and ups his value way past what Ruben said was too much for Cole.
    I guarantee that if the Phillies offered Cole $120 million at the end of last year this wouldn’t even be a topic.

  25. He blew it with the Papelbon signing. We needed middle relief and bullpen help for three years now. If we’re not IN the game by the 4th inning, what good is a high priced closer? Ruben must be taking advice from Ed Wade. That would explain the season.

  26. Every last one of you who are saying Amaro should be fired are all hypocrites. Adam B has it spot on. And all of you pointing out that he gave Howard a new contract 2 years before he was supposed to hit free agency, isn’t that EXACTLY what you’re saying he should have done with Hamels?!? Seriously, just shut your mouths because you loved him when he brought this team together and now that Hamels may not come back you’re calling for his head. It’s moronic fans like you people that make Philly look so bad in the eyes of people outside of the city.

  27. The only move that I disagreed with was the Papelbon contract. But we had a pretty big hole in relief pitching and he went out and got the best available free agent so you can’t argue too much there either

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