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Major hat tip to the folks at Barstool for digging up this audio of Scott Franzke going off on the Phillies’ inability to get Scott Hairston out.

Last Wednesday at Citi Field, a few minutes after Hairston opened the scoring in the fourth with a home run off Cliff Lee (who eventually went on to get his first win of the season), Franzke ran himself right into a live mic when the Phillies radio broadcast went to commercial:

"Somebody figure out how to fucking get Scott Hairston out. He stinks! Jesus Christ."



He’s right, too. Hairston does stink. He is a career .244 hitter, but he’s batting .324 with five home runs and eight RBIs against the Phillies this year.

UPDATE: The MLB legal czars have pulled all traces of the audio from the interwebtuals for a bullshit copyright claim, despite the fact that the :25 clip passes easily exceeds all four criteria of the Fair Use act.