Scott Franzke Summed Up Your Frustrations When He Let Loose an Epic F-Bomb on the Fourth of July

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Major hat tip to the folks at Barstool for digging up this audio of Scott Franzke going off on the Phillies’ inability to get Scott Hairston out.

Last Wednesday at Citi Field, a few minutes after Hairston opened the scoring in the fourth with a home run off Cliff Lee (who eventually went on to get his first win of the season), Franzke ran himself right into a live mic when the Phillies radio broadcast went to commercial:

"Somebody figure out how to fucking get Scott Hairston out. He stinks! Jesus Christ."



He’s right, too. Hairston does stink. He is a career .244 hitter, but he’s batting .324 with five home runs and eight RBIs against the Phillies this year.

UPDATE: The MLB legal czars have pulled all traces of the audio from the interwebtuals for a bullshit copyright claim, despite the fact that the :25 clip passes easily exceeds all four criteria of the Fair Use act.


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  1. agree, Franzke could be the next Kalas here if they gave him the keys, he’s great and LA and him have such amazing chemistry

  2. This has been one of my few highlights this year – I don’t have cable and listening to Franzke and LA has been awesome. Still miss actually SEEING the game, but those guys are a hell of a consolation prize.

  3. That was fantastic. LOVE IT!
    You would never hear Mr. Happy Man-Child McCarthy say something like that.
    It’s a shame Franzke has said he doesn’t want to do TV. Him and LA are great.

  4. OK, so Franzke doesn’t want to do TV… But why in the name of all things Holy, do we HAVE to get T-Mac for the whole game??????

  5. Kyle, this site is horrible now. I was going to have you on my show but eh, I will pass. Glad to see what a Villanova education gets you. Perhaps you should have went to Harvard, provided you could actually get in. That makes me chuckle.

  6. Franzke and LA are going to be drinking even heavier in the 2nd half. Should be some gems coming.

  7. I love me some Scotty Franz! Somewhere up above I can see Harry Kalas looking down on this call, and with a sip of his beer and a wink of the eye, he nonchalantly nods in approval.

  8. Of course he wants to do tv…but he has to say he doesn’t because 8 gabillion people ask him every day why he’s not on and he isn’t going to undermine cone-head d-bag T-Mac. I started a petition but apparently no one cares enough to sign it.

  9. I too am too poor for cable and heard it. I was checking C-broad daily to see if anyone else picked up on it because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Funny thing is, I said those exact words after the Hairston shot. Scott is the man and will rule the tv booth one day.

  10. Enough of Tits McGhee and that pedophile Chester Molester – er, I mean McCarthy & Wheels. We gotta get LA and Franzke in the limelight.

  11. Will Mcavoy, sounds like you “should have gone” to school in general because your grammar is lacking. Clearly you went to neither Villanova nor Harvard.

  12. Scott has more fire in the booth then any of the Phils do in the dugout. True story.

  13. Did Scott Franzke get suspended for this? I did not hear him on the Sunday game against the Braves. Franzke and LA have brilliant chemistry and fingers on the pulse of the game and season. It takes me back to the days of Harry and the guys he really liked: Whitey, Kruk and LA. This season has been the bad old days on the field and an all time low in the TV booth. Double misery.

  14. Wtf I wanted to comment on t cole post but it’s closed. That’s clown shit bro

  15. Just listened to that 10 times, I’m crying and injured my spleen, please help. All time classic, this will be replayed for a loooong time.
    What Sarge would have said:
    “Well as a pitcher what he wants to do is throw a pitch where he can’t hit it. Because as a pitcher you want to keep the other team from scoring runs, that’s what a pitcher wants to do. It’s easy to throw pitches that they can hit, as a pitcher you don’t want to do that. Just thrown pitches they can’t zzzzzzzz…”

  16. Love the clip, shame it’s down. But gotta call BS on this, no way it was a live on-air comment. Took a full week to suddenly go viral everywhere? With this shitstain of a season the Phils are having? No way, this clip would have been posted up in 5 minutes by 50 guys. Definitely a leaked off-air rant during commercial.

  17. um dumbass – the post clearly says it was after the broadcast went to commercial. someone on the radio staff obviously leaked it and is probably surfing now.

  18. Um, dumbass-ier, there are commenters above saying they heard it live. Read the thread. And the post doesn’t say “after they went to commercial”, it say “as”. Very ambiguous, very different But thanks for playing.

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