Shane Victorino Promotes ADHD “Own It” Campaign

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Sent to us by reader (@309expressway), here’s a full-page ad in the current issue of Newsweek– Shane Victorino, raising awareness for ADHD. [You can watch the accompanying video here.]

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Shane is part of a campaign that also features Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Nicole Funicelli (???). The three of them are encouraging people diagnosed with ADHD as a child to get reassessed as adults, because otherwise, you might not be able to become an athlete and philanthropist like Victorino.

Solid message here. We all learned about Victo’s ADHD the minute he got called up to the big leagues when Stan Hochman wrote a lengthy story about it in the Daily News last year. Victorino talked about his struggles with teachers and coaches as a youngster, and how his positive spirit (and medication) helped him to overcome them. He also talked about a book, which he was plugging. Hochman lapped it up, wondering if there would be any backlash over Victo coming out as having an illness that – ready for this? – affects 108 Major Leaguers, according to Hochman. – quick math – 25 players per team x 30 teams = 750 players – That means rougly 14% of Major League players have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, significantly higher than the national average for adults– around 5%. So, while we’re taking nothing away from Victorino or his disorder (hell, I’m 99% sure I’m ADD… where was I?), it seems Major Leaguers are actually more likely to be diagnosed with ADD-ADHD than the rest of us mere mortals. Or they’re just more likely to seek out medicine to help them focus. Whatever. 

Anyway, Victo’s willingness to talk about it last year seemed like more of a ploy promote a book than anything. But there’s certainly no harm in encouraging people to get checked out. Think you may have adult ADHD? Take the quiz. I scored a 16– or, I may have ADHD.

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20 Responses

  1. Is it just me or an I the only one who refuses to belive ADHD is real? Especially in children. Proper diet and nutrition is severely lacking in today’s youth. When an idiot parent wonders,” Why can’t my idiot kid pay attention?” Well maybe it’s the fucking sugar covered cearal for breakfast, or maybe it’s the pizza or whatever slop is being served for lunch at the cafeteria at school, or maybe it’s the McDonald’s or frozen foods for dinner. Nope it’s none of those things, so he must have a mental disorder…medicate my stupid child.

  2. Shane is a s#x addict who cheats on his wife worse then Tiger Woods. Not to mention he’s the dumbest player in MLB

  3. Blonders…When an idiot parent wonders,” Why can’t my idiot kid pay attention?” They can’t figure it out because the apple doesn’t fall far…
    It’s not the food, you dope.

  4. While I think ADHD is real, I also think many children are misdiagnosed with ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, etc. as a result of shitty parenting. Too many kids that are diagnosed have parents that don’t pay enough attention to them, let them do whatever they damn well please, then make excuses for bad behavior rather than holding them accountable for their actions.

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  6. A DVD is real. So is ADD. Misdiagnosis is common but, there are good facilities that make a difference. Years ago my son was seen by Dr. Barkley, at UMASS. He was went through a eight week study. We do I.d out he has ADD. He is now 34 years old. Still has some problems. Don’t joke about it.

  7. Who is bankrolling these ads? I’m sure Victorino and Adam Levine don’t come cheap. The only common treatment for ADD/ADHD is medication so the purpose of this ad, malevolent (probably) or not, is to get more adults to question whether they have ADD/ADHD and seek pharmaceutical treatment. Let’s get medicated America! Adam Levine said to and gee, he is sooooo hawt! Meanwhile Phizer, Lilly, et al. will make a tidy little sum. Great.

  8. #BreakTheStigma everyone! We can make it through this! Mental health is just as important as our physical health. People do not realize how real mental illnesses are, thus making it more difficult for those who are suffering from such. I’d like to invite everyone to this movement – to be open-minded when it comes to mental health issues. Spread mental health awareness.

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