The Dodgers Want Jimmy Rollins, Too

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And the dismantling talk just can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Per another report from CBS Sports, this one from Danny Knobler, the Dodgers have a long list of players they’re interested in. One of them? Jimmy Rollins, who just signed a three-year, $33 million deal with the Phillies (with option for an attainable fourth year): [CBS Sports]

The Dodgers, who are short on prospects but long on both money and needs, have some interest in the Phillies shortstop, sources said Monday.

Rollins is part of a long list of players the Dodgers are looking at, as they try to trade for both a hitter and a starting pitcher in an effort to keep pace with the Giants in the National League West. But he may be the most intriguing.

While Rollins has been a big disappointment with the Phillies this year, he could be a help to a Dodger team that lost shortstop Dee Gordon to the disabled list. Since Gordon went down with a torn ligament in his right thumb, the Dodgers have played Luis Cruz and Juan Uribe at short. 


Despite the unsettling nature of the Phillies being sellers talk, the possibility of the Phils ridding themselves of Rollins' contract now looks to be a huge win. An aging, overpaid shortstop has no place on a rebuilding team, if that's the direction the Phils choose to go.

Knobler notes that Rollins and Shane Victorino are more realistic targets than Cole Hamels for the Dodgers, since they don’t have the prospects to land the latter through a trade and will just have to wait until free agency. Knobler also mentions Dodgers first base coach Davey Lopes’ love for J-Roll™, who, himself, mentioned his love for SoCal on Twitter today:


Lovely. A perfect match. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be shredding my 2008 World Series poster into a pile of tears.


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  1. Get that lazy fuck out of here. Bad resigning by that pussy rube

  2. I’ll borrow my boy’s isaacs mini-van & drive j roll ,shane & a few of shanes mistresses to the airport.
    Those 2 losers came up small this fucking year when the team neededed them to stop the bleeding.
    2 lazy pussies

  3. dude, you keep talking about losing the 2008 team and now “shredding your poster” but does this mean you’ve been over the 1980 team for decades because those guys haven’t played for the phils in that long?
    that’s just retarded.
    with that mentality you must expect these guys to never age and play for the same team forever.

  4. If they can actually improve the team, do it. But not for nothing prospects.

  5. And who’s going to play shortstop until Freddy gets healed up and finishes serving his suspension?
    And how do we know Freddy’s going to come back from a fractured back?
    I love Freddy Galvis, don’t get me wrong. His defense was a bright spot in a mostly down first half. I hope he comes back better than ever.
    But we can’t dismantle the team when they’re still capable of reaching 85-90 wins. Will it take some doing? Yes, it will.
    The only player I’d be willing to let go of at this point is Victorino and I’d rather stay course with what we have and see what happens.
    All the bandwagon clowns who want Jimmy, Shane, Cole, Hunter, Polly gone should just go jump off a cliff.

  6. Jimmy has been good since he was rocking the dreads with the mile back forehead

  7. Shed salaries and gear up for the future, this current team is cooked

  8. Rollins is the laziest player in MLB
    Victorino is the dumbest player in MLB

  9. Hey! If the Dodgers want to be rock stupid and take J- Roll and his contract off our hands, then let’s get this done!

  10. @Mayor Nutter
    I agree with you to an extent. I think they should keep pence, hammels, and polly. Victorino will probably be gone by the end of the week. Brown was just activated so I think something is imminent because Brown looked good playing center. His first few years are similar to Chase’s and look at how that turned out(aside from the knee problems).Everyone ripping him are the bandwagon fans who don’t know who the manager was before charley. Its not his fault that rube gave him nothing to work with. If they can get offers for rollins, wiggy, pierre, or blanton you have to take it to start clearing salary. If they retool for next year it could help this year. They will get bullpen pieces to help. Don’t blow the team up and get hammels signed. It takes a full year to recover from achilles surgery so ryan will be better next year.

  11. i’m all for making moves to make the team better, but not one person on here can tell me that Jimmy’s range, while decreasing, is still easily replacable. If the Phillies let J ROll walk in the offseason, there surely would have been daily posts about how the replacement was awful and they should have signed Jimmy.
    Even at his age, still a top three shortstop with no replacement in this system or really anywhere else.

  12. Kboy: you might be the first person to say Dom Brown looked good playing defense. Dont even know that he would be able to make up for the errors and missed balls with hitting.
    And yes, the manager before charlie was Larry Bowa.

  13. I don’t have an issue with how Jimmy plays. Its how much he is getting paid and the fact that he is still batting leadoff. He is still great defensively and has a little pop in his bat but he can’t swing at the first pitch because he is a leadoff hitter. His job is to make the pitcher work and get on base. When I heard they brought him back I was happy because he is valuable to this team but when I heard for how much he was getting I was pissed. They are treating him like the yankees treat jeter.

  14. @frstm
    I meant he is having fun again. Sandburg said that he thinks Dom is more relaxed than he has ever seen and he is seeing the ball well off the bat. He is looking like an all around hitter down there. I said bandwagon fans didn’t know who he was.

  15. I HATE the talk about salaries. This team makes BANK (pun intended). And the new TV deal is on the horizon. STOP PINCHING PENNIES. You chose this path by tying up a shit load of money for the pitching we currently DONT have and trading our whole fucking farm system away. Land a deal for a young PROVEN talent and spend some fucking cash. Jesus on a bicycle this team is annoying me lately.

  16. Je n’ai pas un problème avec la façon dont Jimmy plays.When J’ai entendu dire qu’ils le ramena J’étais heureux parce qu’il est précieux pour cette équipe mais quand j’ai entendu pour combien de temps il devenait J’étais en colère. Ils sont le traiter comme les Yankees traiter Jeter.

  17. Keep Rollins … dont be retarded
    he’s still a very good defender on a team built around pitching. And over the last 2 months he’s been hitting much better
    Focus on Victorino and possibly Utley to an AL squad … christ focus on trading Pence he’ll bring the most back and he’s overrated as shit

  18. Courtesy of Google Translate, here’s “Chaussures…”‘s post:
    “I do not have a problem with how Jimmy plays.When I heard they brought him back I was happy because it is valuable to this team but when I heard how long it became I was angry. They are treating it as the treat Jeter Yankees.”
    I don’t know why that guy wrote in French.

  19. I wish Google Translate could understand 3 finger Lenny’s Kensington white trash language.

  20. just had a strawberry frosted donut and nesquik with my sources… hearing the phils are asking for two full years of rollins salary in return for the shortstop…magic johnson is said to be willing to do that deal…more on this in a few hours after my panera bread meeting with sources

  21. -Trade Hunter Pence to the Rangers for Olt.
    -Trade Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers for a couple pitching prospects
    -Trade Shane anywhere and get anything
    -Sign Cole Hamels to an extension.
    -Polly and Blanton both come off the books next year, with Shane, Hunter, and Rollins gone, they have some free money to…
    -Sign Josh Hamilton
    -Call up Dom Brown
    -Resign Juan Pierre to another 1 year deal
    Giving us a starting lineup next season of:
    Pierre 7
    Utley 4
    Hamilton 8
    Howard 3
    Ruiz 2
    Olt 5
    Brown 9
    Galvis 6

  22. If you got rid of Rollins and Shane, that frees up near $20M. Add Blanton to the mix at the end of the year, and you’re at $28M+. Cole already makes $15M, so you add $9M to that to get to $24M, and you keep him, and you still have $19M from the jettisoned contracts to play with. And that’s not counting Polanco or (possibly) Pence…then the TV deal. This team has the money, they just need to make the RIGHT moves.

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