Some F$%king Crazies Commissioned a Plane to Fly Above Penn State Today and Demand Joe Paterno’s Statue be Taken Down

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Reminders of Joe Paterno are slowly disappearing. Last Thursday, Nike removed his name from their Child Development Center. Yesterday, students changed the name of student-tent area outside Beaver Stadium from Paternoville to Nittanyville

Today, more: Paterno’s alma mater, Brown, removed his named from coaching position and student-athlete award.

But one glaring reminder of Paterno, his life and career is still on exhibit: his statue. Its existence is at the center of a fairly silly debate in a situation loaded with misfortunes. A hunk of bronze that has no impact on the lives on anyone. It should come down, though. At best, it’s a distraction. At worst, offensive. Police are currently guarding the monument until the University can figure out what to do (on Sunday, they said it would remain, for now). And perhaps that’s a good thing… because these folks mean business:

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Yep, that’s an airplane banner. Flying over Penn State today. Demanding Joe Paterno’s statue be taken down.

No word on who is responsible (the owner of the plane won't say who the client is). Perhaps an enraged donor. Or aviation enthusiasts from Ohio State. Or pledges from Lambda Epsilon Omega, following the request of The Godather. Maybe Blue is in there. Maybe he’s going to parachute down and take out the statue in a form of old man vigilante justice. Dust in the wind, motherfucker! YOU’RE MY BOY, BLUE! We really don’t know. But they’re probably pretty fucking crazy. We’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Can’t wait for the public outrage to leave my alma mater. As a alum and donor we will handle it thanks.
    The Casey Anthony mom’s plus “outraged” sports fans can be a real annoying lot.

  2. These people so worried about this statue are definitely thinking about the victims. I mean, how can the victims begin rebuild their life when a statue stands that they never have to see? We sure do need news stories and idiots bringing it up every hour, keeping it in the spotlight. That’s what the victims need.
    People- on both sides- have lost sight of what’s important.
    It was bad enough when it was 6, 10, 15 individuals worrying about reputation over the safety of kids. It was bad when students forgot who the real victims were after Paterno was fired. And now these idiots make it bad because they are “offended” by a statue when what the victims really need is for all this to die down so they can have the spotlight taken off the story of their abuse, get (or, hopefully, continue) therapy and try to pick up the pieces.

  3. @ tfor3- Since Penn State is a state school unfortunately everyone in the state has a say. Plus why would anyone expect Penn State to take care of it, they hid the mess for at least 13 years.

  4. You know who could really be Joe Paterno’s best friend in all of this? George Zimmerman. Just wait till that fiasco starts up.

  5. tfor3 – we’ve seen how your school “handles” things. Penn State is a joke – what do they put in the water up there?

  6. i don’t care much for psu, or college sports for that let justice be served how it needs to be handled (none of us in this blog have a say, unless you happen to be one of the 12 picked for a jury in upcoming trials; doubtful) ….. but if the person paying for this cared so much about the severity of the damaged lives, then shouldn’t he/she have taken some of the money it cost to hire a pilot (and create a banner) to i dunno, say donate to a child crisis counseling center or a charity or fund set up for victims of acts such as these ….? people like this are the biggest crazies of them all, because their concern is over a statue and a reputation (on an opposing end) as much as these people they mock for supporting the man and his reputation (in a positive way)

  7. just had mcflurry with sources…hearing the take down will take place next monday evening at around 6-7pm… stay tunes for major details

  8. @tfor3 you sound like a typical know-it-all PENN STATER who unfortnately gives PENN STATE that TYPICAl “ARROGANT” label. As the biggest issue in sports history and one of the biggest news stories in the world anybody is free to his/hers opinion.

  9. PA tax dollars paying for a police officer to guard the statue, i presume?

  10. Although I feel the statue should probably come down, the banner thing is insane!! I do agree, tax payers money going to protect the statue of one of the men didn’t protect innocent children. I guess a statue is worth more than children in the eyes of PSU.

  11. I actually heard they are going to do one of two things:
    1.) Turn the Statue’s head backwards so it’s “looking away”
    2.) Scott PA suggests they just “cover it up” for 13 years

  12. wait for the Curley & Schultz trials when it gets much worse for the Paterno legacy – these scumballs have 1 defense – Joe told us to… Joe was God – he said don’t report it…we knew if we went against Joe, we would be fired…Joe knew everything…we’re finally safe from Joe

  13. Take it down, it’s a public embarrassment for the entire state. Why would anyone want it to remain? Because he was a good football coach (who also appears to have let a busload of kids get fucked by a child rapist in a school building for over a decade rather than get bad publicity)? Yeah, great reasoning assholes!

  14. That fucking “Eklund” guy is great. He cracks me up with all of his posts and his “sources”. I’m not sure if the name means anything, but I find him hilarious.

  15. Simple question here: If there was no statue of Paterno already, would they now ever put one up?
    Then I guess it shouldn’t be up.

  16. By the way, PSU grads really shine when it comes to brains. Jesus Christ, some of the dumbest statements & biased opinions I’ve ever read recently….

  17. What is it going to take to have a statue in todays world? We all have flaws. JoePa did the minimum. And thats fine, honestly I would have done the same thing.
    But the thing is, The good he did outweighs the wrong by ALOT. Guess what? George washington owned slaves and he has tons of statues and his face is on the dollar. But his good outdid the bad. Just like JoePa

  18. If they take the statue down, what will all the JoePa obsessed nuts be cheering to do next?
    Burn his birth certificate?
    Enough already…the outrage pointed at JoePa should be aimed at Sandusky.
    Get a clue people….he wasn’t the one who molested the boys. He wasn’t the one put on trial and convicted.
    Blaming JoePa for all of this is getting old.

  19. We’ll never know what JoePa knew! He built PSU with his bare hands. His blood, sweat, and tears paved the way for so many needy people to find success in their life. WE ARE!

  20. I’m not a Penn State alum… I’m not completely unbiased, either. My grandmom idolized Joe Paterno nad believed in what he stood for. The sad thing here is that Joe Paterno was a good man who made a very bad decision; what he stood for had nothing to do with pedophilia. Paterno didn’t love pedophilia but he did fail to act on information that, at least in hindsight, could have protected abused children. Perhaps he feared the repercussions or maybe he just didn’t want to believe that his colleague of thirty years was capable of such heinous acts. Regardless, Paterno should have done more and in either case he was wrong… he indicated before he died that he wished he had done more… but there’s no manual in these situations and I am not willing to damn a man to hell because of a lack of foresight. Take down his statue… sell it and donate the proceeds to charity but leave the area where the statue stood bare to serve as a reminder that none of us are perfect.

  21. A) The statue being up gives the impression that the college still backs this man to a degree. It represents a culture that has its priorities completely out of whacanthem it comes to sports. As long as its up, its a slap in the face to all victims of child abuse.They’ve got cops guarding it for fucks sakes. I know they’re just trying to prevent a riot and destruction of other property, but the message they’re sending is, “We couldn’t protect boys for 14 years, but well damn well protect the statue and image of one of the men responsible for enabling child rape…Cause, ya know….WE ARE–FOOTBALL!”
    B) Mount Rushmore is completely irrelevant. Slavery was legal back then and just as today, every politician was a hypocrite and never practiced what they preached. Not to mention that slavery was abolished when Roosevelt was around, and when washington and Jefferson were in their primes, slavery wasn’t seen as an issue, it was unfortunately the norm.
    And also, the people on mount Rushmore didn’t die in disgrace. They all made a couple humungous positive contributions to society that impacted the course of history, which trumped what few bad deeds they did (eventhough the bad deed in focus, slavery, was a part of the culture in those days). They aren’t like Paterno, who made a few humongous evil contributions to society that trump his past charities and call every ounce of that god-like character he supposedly had into question.

  22. ***”It represents a culture that has its priorities completely out of whack when it comes to sports”

  23. Hearing that the statue could be coming down. I would not be surprised if they decide to keep it up.
    More to come

  24. Joe Pa statue should stay. He wasn’t fucking those lowlife kids, Sandusky was.
    Joe built the fucking liBrary & in my eyes is a Saint!
    Joe Pa- I love you baby

  25. Melt it down into a giant Phallic symbol and rape Sandusky with it every day of the rest of his life.

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