UPDATE: TVs at Penn State Switched Away From CNN Just Moments Before Freeh Press Conference

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See update.

Officials at Penn State can’t do anything right, it seems.

According to Philly.com reporter Melissa Dribben, who was in the (not-so) happiest of valleys this afternoon, students who gathered in the Hub to watch the Freeh press conference this morning were unable to do so when TVs oddly switched to public access programming just an hour before the presser was scheduled to begin: [Philly.com]

But, just as an anchor was ready to speak about the report, the television screens suddenly went blank. They then turned to a public access channel featuring a reporter from The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown about the state budget.

Everyone watching suddenly went scrambling to find a way to switch the channel back at the student center, known as the HUB-Robeson Center Facility, or simply, "the Hub."

"Is this some kind of conspiracy?" asked Mary Krupa, an 18-year-old freshman from State College, Pa.


Well yes it is, little Mary– they didn’t want you to see it. 

The report added:

Several students went to speak with a student working at the main desk at the student center. But the student said a university employee was in charge of what is broadcast. That person, the student said, was in a meeting and could not be reached. 


Yeah, he was totally in a meeting as an independent investigator was presenting damning information about school officials.

UPDATE: Philly.com may have jumped the gun with their report. As pointed out by reader Frank, the TVs were switched to PCN, which was scheduled to air the press conference.

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Onward State provides even more clarification. Philly.com missed the mark big-time here. Our apologies for running with their report… should have known better.


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  1. The report was released at 9am. That’s when the TV was switched.
    Eyewitnesses confirm was switched back to show the press conference when it began at 10am.

  2. They were switched to PCN which was slated to cover the Freeh report press conference live. This is a horrendous bunch of bad reporting

  3. Missing DA’s body along with the hard drive to his laptop that went missing. Unreal.

  4. If any of these administrators’ names/email-accounts appear on any of the communications regarding “the subject” et al, they they, too, are complicit in the Sandusky crimes and, as such, should be prosecuted and minimally fired without benefits of any sort from the university.
    The administrators appear to be conducting a game of hot-potato with the scandal. They appear to be acting like people with a lot to lose and a lot to hide. Usually when people with a lot to lose and a lot to hide act like that, its because they are guilty of criminal behavior. The “oh, we’ll take care of it internally, believe us” method is utter bullshit. Punks.

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