Video: Claude Giroux Plays NHL 13

Because the release of NHL 13 may be the only sports-related thing we have to look forward to this summer, here are two random videos. One, a skinny-looking Claude Giroux sampling the game and, the other, a preview of the sweet new goaltender animations. I wonder if they have that one where Bryz watches a deflected shot flutter by his shoulder?

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10 Responses

  1. Klye, why do you heff to make fun of me? I mean it is not like you are kool. you have a loser blog in sit in your new house and eat cookies all day. i am better than you

  2. simmer’s skinnier. toothpick legs.
    doesn’t stop either of ’em from being tough on the ice or playing a mean game of horse.

  3. O&B – G actually played pretty well. It’s too fucking bad Laviolette couldn’t coach his way out of the trap, or a wet paper bag for that matter.

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