Michael Vick was on the Today Show this morning to promote his upcoming book about redemption or something. Wearing one of his new V7 t-shirts, Vick talked about his continuing efforts to speak out against dog fighting, the moment he hit rock bottom (his kid, seeing on TV that Vick could go to jail), and his new outlook on life. It was all very heartwarming. You know, except for when NBC ran B-roll of Vince Young Jerrod Johnson a right-handed (former) Eagles quarterback who just happens to be black.

UPDATE: Well, this story just got Inception’d. Like several sites, we originally wrote that NBC mistook Vick for Vince Young. Wrong. As correctly pointed out by Deadspin, it was actually Jerrod Johnson, who spent some time with the Eagles last summer. He wore number eight. Young wore number nine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to monitor a conversation between my pot and kettle.

H/T to Guyism for quick video turn around