Will Ferrell Poked Fun at the Flyers Today

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 2.35.06 PMPhoto: Flyers

Hey, here’s a pick-me-up on the Phillies’ day of reckoning– Will Ferrell and Zach Galafanjkhkjlsdahfuiaenfulneauneawlinljkhaflnhdjashfalsd were in town today to promote their new movie, The Campaign. They held a rally at the Constitution Center, where they were joined by members of the Eagles and Flyers. Ferrell likely didn’t disappoint, but he’s a Kings fan and provided the Flyers with a reminder that they, too, sent some of their most recognizable players to the West Coast… where they went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Zac Rinaldo had the quote of the day, though: "I’d love to be part of that wolf pack, the wolf pack Alan has in The Hangover– that’s me."

[By the way, this is 100% the reason why they have athletes show up at these things– because now you get sports blogs promoting the movie, too. We'll bite. Anything for Will, really.]

Video after the jump.

Courtesy CSN


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  1. Jonnnnny Marks here! We are trying to get Will on the show ( MAaaaaaaa the meatloaf sound effect)

  2. Tom Evans must be a bad ass, it takes alot to get tough over the internet and specially talking tough to a girl

  3. The video was pretty awesome, but I couldn’t get through the whole thing because I just got tired of staring at “The Selected Item is No Longer Available” for 3 minutes

  4. ooh hoo hoo! Can you feel the tension in the air right now? I can feel it all the way down in my plums.

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