Winning Streak


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  1. this is all whipped cream on shit. Just like birding a hole to avoid shooting 100.

  2. Awesome win!! Played AC/DC through the whole rally because I read about a virus hacking into a nuclear facility in Iran late last night and played Thunderstruck at full blast. Kratz hit the homer during Thunderstruck and my friend and I continued to shred AC/DC until the inning ended. Feels like 2008 again! #EPIC!!!

  3. I’m trying to sleep but Papelbon’s face is running through my mind. I’m scared Kyle…

  4. For a second straight night, I turned off the Phillies in disgust after falling into a deep hole, only to be shocked after finding out the next morning that they rallied to win. Meanwhile, they’re still in the gutter. Meh!

  5. way to be 10 games out of a playoff spot but celebrating like you won the world series you douche paps

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