Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 9.21.17 AMHere's Mez at the doctor's last Friday via (@mra99)


Andrej Meszaros joins the list of unfortunate Philly athletes to tear their Achilles. The Flyers just announced that Mezzy tore his last week during training in Slovakia. 

Paul Holmgren:

Andrej had successful surgery this morning to repair a torn right achilles tendon. The surgery was performed by Dr. Steve Raikin at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Andrej was injured last week during summer training in Slovakia. Andrej will be out indefinitely.


Unreal. That will cut into most if not all of Mezzy’s season. The Flyers, whose defense was already shaky, will, as of now, head into the regular season sans Chris Pronger and Meszaros. They missed out on Ryan Suter and Shea Weber this offseason, and instead acquired Luke Schenn and Bruno Gervais. 

Not good.