Andrej Meszaros Had Surgery on His Torn Achilles

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 9.21.17 AMHere's Mez at the doctor's last Friday via (@mra99)


Andrej Meszaros joins the list of unfortunate Philly athletes to tear their Achilles. The Flyers just announced that Mezzy tore his last week during training in Slovakia. 

Paul Holmgren:

Andrej had successful surgery this morning to repair a torn right achilles tendon. The surgery was performed by Dr. Steve Raikin at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Andrej was injured last week during summer training in Slovakia. Andrej will be out indefinitely.


Unreal. That will cut into most if not all of Mezzy’s season. The Flyers, whose defense was already shaky, will, as of now, head into the regular season sans Chris Pronger and Meszaros. They missed out on Ryan Suter and Shea Weber this offseason, and instead acquired Luke Schenn and Bruno Gervais. 

Not good.

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35 Responses

  1. Well if Homer didn’t have a fire lit under his ass already then this out-of-the-blue bullshit should definitely do the trick. Stop with the 50 year, $150 million dollar offer fantasy land bullshit contracts & actually DO SOMETHING. We’re a weaker team now than last year. Get it through your head.

  2. Fuck fuck fuck.
    Well, that seals is. Bryz will be run out of town this season. People aren’t going to watch close enough to see the defense is absolute shit, so when the Flyers have 4-5 goals scored against them each game, it will again be all Bryz’ fault.
    It’s a shame, really. The guy could play well enough to win a Cup here. Now we’ll never get to see that.

  3. SO we’re looking at Timonen, Coburn, Schenn, Grossman, Gervais, Lilja, Bourdon, Gustafsson, and Brandon Manning… No Suter, no Weber, no Pronger, no Meszaros, no hope.

  4. This defense scared me before today, but now I’m just downright shitting my pants. The same defense that got unraveled and exposed by New York and New Jersey has only been detracted from this offseason. Yeah we got Schenn, but hes still relatively unproven, and comes nowhere close to filling the void left by Carle leaving/Timmonen getting older/Not finding a suitable replacement for Pronger. And now this? Not to mention JTs point. We could be in for a longggg fuckin season.

  5. Let’s just hope mez was in front of that lady in the waiting line. She looks like she could be a problem

  6. Sucks, but if Schenn is better than Carle, we’re still better off than we were last year.
    We’ll have Grossman all year and Mez barely played last year at all.

  7. Is anybody on here actually surprised by this news? I wake up everyday hoping to not see news of another Flyers serious injury. Sadly, I am disappointed most days. A close source has informed me that Mr. Meszaros actually injured his achilles months ago and Mr. Snider refused to pay for the surgery, thus the delay. I have a few of my fact finders doing some digging to verify this story so I will withhold judgment until that time. But if true, it is another tale of the Flyers Management not caring at all about their players and thus the main reason no free agents are coming to this club. They fear for their safety. Nevertheless, I hope that Mr. Meszaros can have a safe and speedy recovery because that is of utmost importance.
    In other news, our team actually got a meeting with the League office, including members of the Flyers management, scheduled for August 28th to discuss safety, equipment and suspensions. Will keep everyone informed.

  8. @ed- excuse pal but you’re a little off on your Ed Snider conspiracy theory.
    Injuries happen in hockey Ed & the flyers have been Hit with the injury bug but I do agree with you regarding improving helmets.

  9. People gotta get serious!!Talk hockey not a bunch of racist remarks,C’mon meow.
    So honestly that is brutal for the club in the upcoming season but there r some quality RFA’s out there still.If Homer knew what he was doing he would stop with the monster contracts & keep it simple.I’m a Flyers fan threw & threw but that GM is an ammaturr.Just think if we didn’t trade our captian last year & didn’t sign the Russian bear & started Bobrovsky the club wouldn’t be having any issues this year.Yes that means no simmonds or schean but we wouldnt be sp tight against the cap.I could go on all day about Homer,if I had 1 week in his seat in next years offseason we would be talkin Dynasty.

  10. Mr. Bossy,
    We have a treasure trove of evidence and eye witness accounts that would dispute your statement. However, like you, my main focus is seeking out changes to the current safety measurements as it relates to the head & neck regions, specifically, improving the helmet, mouth piece, face masks and neck guards. If things do not change with their current policies, we would love to have you out with us on the front lines once the season kicks back up. Look forward to meeting you and working with you in the future

  11. Ed Murphy,
    I’m too loyal to Mr. Snider & the flyers to against them. You should maybe take your concerns/issues to Gary Bettman at the national hockey leagues office in new York.
    Gary Bettman
    National Hockey League
    1185 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10036

  12. Mr. Bossy,
    Please refer to my initial comment above in which I stated that my team has a meeting with the NHL. In the future, please work on your reading skills. Thank you for your time.

  13. I can verify that he is at the Rothman Institute, i memorized that rug as i crutched my way across it 3 or 4 times a few years back. Bad news just keeps on coming for philly sports.

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