Andrew Bynum is Awake (!!!) and Reportedly “Thrilled” with Trade

Finally, some (alleged) thoughts from Andrew Bynum on being traded to this city where we all love brothers. Or something.

From Hoopsworld:

Sources close to Andrew Bynum say he is beyond thrilled about the situation in Philadelphia. He’ll get the chance to be his own star, be the focal point of the team and remain in the discussion as an All-Star starter.

Bynum is in the final year of his deal and, like all of the names on this list, is not signing a contract extension. The 76ers say they are OK with the risk, because they feel they acquired a marquee center that will stay long-term.

Unless the wheels completely come off the franchise, a new deal for Bynum is almost assured because those that know him say he will not leave the money on the table to walk away and Philly has been given some level of assurance that Bynum is OK with what this new situation means for him. There have been no “commitments” made, but like Chris Paul and the Clippers, the 76ers understand where they stand with Bynum long-term.


Two things: BYNUM DOESN’T HATE OUR CITY… according to the report. Also, this is the first we’ve heard that there is an understanding between Bynum and Sixers that a long-term deal will likely get done. Last week, the Sixers front office and Doug Collins wouldn’t go that far– they simply said that nothing had been agreed to and it was a risk worth taking (paraphrasing).  

As our own Matt Hammond pointed out on Friday, both Bynum and the Sixers will likely want to wait until the season ends to get a deal done, because Bynum can get more money and years by becoming a free agent and the Sixers can take his knees and goofiness for a test drive.

Might be a slow today here on CB– working on a longer post for later, one that you'll probably want to read while wearing a hazmat suit.

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32 Responses

  1. Bynum is actually from a Philly suburb in Jersey. This is a “coming home” of sorts for him. He likes it here and will be here a long time.
    No presser for Jason Richardson ? .____.

  2. “Might be a slow today here on CB– working on a longer post for later, one that you’ll probably want to read while wearing a hazmat suit.”
    If it’s about Penn State, fuckin’ tank that shit, no one cares.

  3. Vegas has odds on the next post, below:
    Sandusky/PSU/Amendola- 8/5
    Carter/Richards/Kings- 2/1
    Holmgren/Amaro- 5/1
    Pence/Victorino- 8/1
    Who got “Burrelled”- 12/1
    Where is Scott Hartnell? 15/1

  4. I agree with Face – if it is about Penn State – Tank it – I skip over it .. and though it is a dull time in sports – Child molestation is not sports .. tank it

  5. I’m going to penetrate Bynum in his dirty filthy wet black cunt. I’m going to fuck him in the cut so hard that he starts to ejaculate blood infused diarrrhea into my mouth. Once I do that, I’m going to train him to say “RHEA HUGHES nipples are made out of toe nails” everytime he makes a basket. If he doesn’t say it, then for everytime, IM going to fist his asshole whilst wearing a dry, unlubricated rubber glove, then cut his hymen with a machete. After that, im going to go bite off my own dick and stick it in my brown asshole, shit it out, rub it on the infected hole where it used to be, then swallow it like a jelly bean because it’s so small.

  6. FACE – No disrespect intended, but Bynum is from Metuchen, NJ… much closer to being a New York suburb than a Philly suburb. I worry that he’ll play a year for the 76ers and then bolt for Brooklyn or the Knicks.

  7. @BigMikeySmallz: Due to the new NBA rules, the Sixers have the ability to offer him more years and more money than other teams. I think the hour extra 45 min drive down to Philly will be worth $20 more million to stay here.

  8. His biography actually says he is from Plainsboro NJ, not sure if that is closer to Philly or NY. Anyway I agree with @Carl Cunningham, money will most likely be the driving factor if he stays or not.

  9. ‘Cataldi’ has to be an unemployed 45 year old that lives with his mom. He only has 2 friends that still talk to him because hes such a loser and sends a mass text to all of them at 1:15 everyday, telling them to read his garbage comment that he wrote on the CB message board. He’s so proud of how great it is while his 2 friends text eachother how much they hate him. Then he walks up the stairs to get his bowl of Lucky Charms and steals some money from his mom’s purse so that he can start drinking again. Only to wake up at 1230 the next day and compose a meaningless, garbage comment on CB, again. Yes CB…. these are your readers.

  10. BG and CC — Plainsboro is near Princeton so it’s probably just a touch closer to NY than Philly. I believe he’s originally from Metuchen, which is very urban, while Plainsboro is much more upscale suburban. I think he moved his family to Plainsboro when he signed with the Lakers. Either way, I agree that it will be about the money… but there’s just something about this guy that makes me think that the glitz and glamor of NY means something to him. I hope not.

  11. Snow balls for Santa must have the best life in the world if he has to make himself look cool by responding to a troll on a message board. Good for you! You’re one of 4 people out of dozens to actually respond instead of just ignoring me. Mothers basement? Real creative. Go finger McCauley culkin homo.

  12. A Fourth Estate professional like you, “Kyle”, should be down in “Ventnor” enjoying a mohito with cracked ice and pissing off the side of a B.A. Boat, not drumming up cut and pastes about this 7 foot opportunist. I once taught Mr. Bynum how to swim, in a swimming pool bigger than mama. I have a very natural lust for NKOTB and not just to sell jerseys but to make things happen in that godforsaken “arena” of Sixer. You know what I mean “Kyle”. I need to eat my meat now, but I have more to say about this New Deal called Bynum. He’s going to be a bust bigger than this cheap gum I chew to keep the DUI dogs at bay.

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