Brian Westbrook Will Retire An Eagle

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This news was reported moments ago by the Inquirer'seff McLane. One of the best running backs to ever wear midnight green, some would say the best, will retire as a Philadelphia Eagle tomorrow. More from McLane:


That December 23rd game will be against the Washington Redskins at the Linc.

Mike Florio of breaks it down a bit further:

Westbrook finished his Eagles career in 2009 with 9,785 yards from scrimmage, a team record.  He also is only one of six players with 30 or more rushing touchdowns and 30 or more receiving touchdowns in his career.  In 2007, he led the league with 2,104 yards from scrimmage.


Some have been quick to say that LeSean McCoy is or will be the best running back in Eagles history. I say that when McCoy does it for as many years as B-West did or for longer, then we'll talk.

Westbrook had this to say after the news became public: 


We'll have more tomorrow as Westbrook takes the podium to put an end to an amzing career. 


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  1. This is getting out of hand. Starting to remind me of the Phils wall of fame.

  2. “I say that when McCoy does it for as many years as B-West did or for longer, then we’ll talk.”
    learn how to spell check you fucking idiot

  3. Dear Tim,
    You colossal fucking jackass. Maybe you should learn spell check, or maybe, just learn how to read. Would you like to state what was wrong with the sentence you just mentioned?

  4. Best Eagles running back ever? I guess that depends on what era you lived in. Someone of say, Ray Didinger’s age would say Steve Van Buren who led the Birds to their two championships back in the late 1940’s (I’m rather disappointed no mention was made here of his passing last week), for someone of my age (53), I would say Wilbert Montgomery whom I thought was fantastic. But Brian Westbrook is right up there with those two legends, so I’m glad he’ll officially retire as an Eagle. I like Shady, but he has a long way to go before he’s mentioned in the same breath as Van Buren, Wilbert or B-West.

  5. @The Taggart House
    They’re honoring him. Not retiring his number or placing a plaque anywhere.

  6. Brian Westbook was a local kid who brought nothing but hard work and class to the field everyday.

  7. Pretty ignorant statement regarding Bwest. He is the Chase Utley of the Eagles. You will remember how great he was, but in reality he only had 2 unbelievable seasons. Its ashame Andy never realized he should get a compliment so Bwest didnt have to pick up those 3rd and 1’s.
    Van Buren, Wilbert, Keith Byars. In that order.

  8. One of the smartest football players the Eagles ever had. Always new when to stay in and pick up the block and when to find some open space for a pass. Did everything well, and let his play do the talking. My favorite Eagle of the Ried era.

  9. @Jar, agreed, Westbrook is down the list a bit, great back, but down the list. You need to Add Ricky Waters in ahead of him. Byers though?

  10. @ Snow Balls: Come on…maybe you missed this part: “He also is only one of six players with 30 or more rushing touchdowns and 30 or more receiving touchdowns in his career.” That guy could set knew how to block and could take a low screen pass from McNabb and turn it into a 50 yard gain. Not sure if he is the best RB the Eagles have had, but he is definitely in the conversation.

  11. Westbrook and Dawkins – the last leaders the Eagles had.
    Wilbert Montgomery, Keith Byars,Duce Staley
    NFC East will always run the ball.
    Ricky Watters ? LMDO

  12. I don’t think Ricky Watters should considered as one of the best since he wasn’t around long enough to build up a substantial body of work. Then there’s his having pissed off Eagles fans with “For who? For what?” I imagine some fans STILL haven’t forgiven him for that.

  13. AL TRU i doubt very seriously you have a dick left after all that buttfucking you did in nebraska sans lube. Watters is still the eagles leader in average yards rushing per game. In 3 years he had 975 carries, 3794 yards rushing, 161 receptions, 1318 yards receiving and 31 touchdowns. He played in all 48 regular season games for some truly horrible Eagles teams. You may have been in nebraska during the mid-90’s so i understand your ignorance…carry on.

  14. Thats okay MM , defend all the selfish nutcase baggage toting players.
    Stats mean nothing.
    It’s who you are underneath.

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