Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 11.03.30 AMWork it, girl

This video is straight from the local news playbook: So perfect. So sound. So cheesy. 

Like every other star athlete, Bryce Harper has a PR person who arranges for him to get involved (and in front of cameras) with helping kids [insert thing that kids like or need to do]. Yesterday, the teenage dirtbag slugger stopped by a Virginia baseball field to instruct his peers on how to play like a big leaguer. His advice: “Be as sexy as you can.”

Somewhere, a parent just Googled child services… and Jimmy Rollins nodded.

That was it from Brycecakes– 90 seconds of a b-roll and hot air from the local reporter*, with one soundbite worthy of air. Normally we’d point out that Harper is kind of d-bag, but since I just wrote 1,000 words about Ryan Lochte being a douche, I feel it’d be douchey to keep writing douche.

*The reporter is delightfully attractive. Kind of a weathered Pia Toscano thing going on. We’ll expect NBC 10 to hire her by the end of the summer.

Video after the bump.

via Hardball Talk