Eagles Not Going Back From Black (Jerseys)

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 4.35.54 PM
For some unholy reason, the Eagles will wear their black uniforms again this season. 

According to the best Eagles reporter there is, Tim McManus, the jerseys, which were cool in, like, 2005, will be worn on October 28 against the Falcons. So, a Halloween game. Basically. 

Meanwhile, our fashion editor Dan Fuller sobs in a cubicle (mostly because of the font on that bootlegged jersey).

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14 Responses

  1. I don’t have a problem with the black jersey if they only wear it once or twice a year… AND as long as they wear it with the white pants. The couple of times that they wore the black jersey with the solid green pants… brutal to watch.
    My thing is… why not wear it against NYG on a Sunday night in prime time? Or against Dallas or Washington as an added means of “intimidation” for a divisional opponent? Wearing the black uniform against Atlanta on a Sunday afternoon, who also has a version of a black uniform, elicits a reaction of “so what?”

  2. Hate the black jerseys. Hate the Eagles’ jerseys in general. Enough of the stupid “angry eagle”.
    Can CB start a petition to bring back the pre-1996 look? I’m thinking protests at the Linc Parking Lot, or an “old school” apparel section at games.

  3. The Black unis are the best ones we’ve got! That said they need to wear them with Black or white pants… the Green pants are horrid.
    What we need to do is go back to the Kelly Green all together and get away from the gay ass forest green they wear now. I think Black Jerseys with Kelly green accents would be pretty bad ass!

  4. while the black jersey has lost it trendiness, ill have that as an alternate jersey any day of the week over that ridiculous bumble bee jersey they wore a few years back! i swear that jersey took double-A batteries. yes, bring back the kelly green!

  5. Well, hopefully they’ll wear them with white pants instead of green which they did a few times about ten years ago.
    I’m still undecided if Black over Green or Green over Green is their worst combo, though.
    Black/Green: http://sdrv.ms/OZsCkg
    Green/Green: http://sdrv.ms/O6LuzR
    Black/White: http://sdrv.ms/O6LCiP
    (the best of these combos, but this picture makes it obvious why midnight green isn’t a good color. It just looks drably “dark” when the lighting isn’t perfect.)

  6. These jerseys haven’t gotten this much attention since the MNF when Madden said, it’s raining so hard down on the field that those green Eagles jerseys are starting to look black..

  7. That pussy Jew Jeff Laurie said he will never go back to Kelly green because he doesn’t want to disrespect the boston celtics

  8. I thought it was Jewish Jeffery Lurie ‘s wife that made the call to switch abandon the Kelly green .. She is a whore who ruined best uniforms since my TBC soccer uniforms

  9. Black is boring and unimaginative. Unfortunately, it sells in the inner city where I live, especially with young black men who find that sort of thing cool. Hell, I’ve seen guys wearing Pittsburgh Penguins home jerseys, and I suspect they have NO idea what hockey is and probably don’t give a damn either. In a word, stupid. Give me the kelly green for the Eagles any day.

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