Eagles Trade Moise Fokou and Greg Lloyd to Colts for Kevin Thomas and Seventh Round Pick


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  1. Greg Lloyd blows. I gotta think the “prize” here is the 7th round pick since they’re already so overloaded at CB. I guess it’s a lateral move since we drafted Fokou in the 7th round originally, but you’d think they could get more for Fokou since he’s shown to be at least a competent starter and a more than able fill-in.
    Oh well, it’s August and we’re talking about 7th round picks changing hands for other 7th round picks, so there’s no reason to really give a fuck either way I guess.

  2. Damn, Moise is a really good guy. He even tossed me one of his gloves after practice yesterday at Lehigh.

  3. I think Kyle should make his readers happy & start posting women’s volleyball pics. I pleasured myself to the 1 brazil chick the other day. She had an ass & a half

  4. @Brian – it’s not like Fokou was that great anyway. The only way Fokou was a bright spot was that he sucked the least, which I wouldn’t exactly call a bright spot.

  5. @Tommy K, I didn’t say I agreed with him, just saying he was talking about Fokou not the other guy. I agree with you they both sucked.

  6. It’s all good up at dynsty camp, i don’t see how anyone can stop us now! The philadelphia eagles, the gold standard of nfl football in August

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