Even The Phillies’ Graphics Guy is Mailing it in

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Reader John sent me an email: 

In accordance with 1990s night, the Phillies broadcast showed a graphic of players who played the most games in the 1990s for the 4 major sports.  The Eagles player for this distinction is linebacker William Thomas who played with the Eagles from 1991-1999 (140 games as listed on the graphic).  Only the picture is clearly Tra Thomas who was drafted in 1998.  To be fair, Tra Thomas did (or still does?) call himself Willie at some point, but they still have the wrong picture associated with the player that it is supposed to be (and the linebacker was always WILLIAM [not Willie] Thomas).

Someone from the Phillies just probably hit google images for William Thomas.  The 3rd picture that shows up from the search the is Tra Thomas headshot that they used.  Can the Phils get anything right?  A little fact checking please! 


He used an awful lot of words to confirm that the Phillies did, in fact, use a picture of Tra Thomas, who does, in fact, show up as the third picture in a Google image search for “William Thomas Eagles”: 

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But John missed perhaps the more obvious error: MICKEY MORANDINI IS MIKE FUCKING FONTENOT (!!!).

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 8.54.54 AM

As you see, the first true headshot for a “Mickey Morandini” Google image search comes up in the second page of results and is a picture of Mike Fontenot, with the caption “Mike Fontenot is Mickey Morandini.” Someone should tell the Phils' graphics guy that wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

Let's go, graphics guy: step it up!


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  1. that was a trainwreck of a sports telecast last night i could not believe that pick of fontenot instead of morandini and the willie T mix up……but even worst was T-Mac and Wheels they are god awful….T-Mac is the biggest nerd in the history of sports and there is no doubt in my mind he has never seen a naked woman….Wheels is 2nd on that list but i’m assuming he stumbled into some puss back in the day hanging out with Harry & Whitey please put LA and Scotty Franz on TV please i rather have that happen then the phils pick up a third basemen next year….add pat the bat instead of murph in the stands and see how much random P he destroys during the game now thats great tv

  2. They also has a quiz question that had 1987 and the person as an answer for 90s night. Could’ve been a “funny” trick question for Wheels though, I wasn’t paying close attention.

  3. Eric Bruntlett. Having Burrell take Murphs job is probably the best idea ive heard on this site. absolutely brilliant, bud

  4. My friends and I had noticed quickly after the acquisition that Fontenot strongly resembled Morandini. I’m sure their lazy graphics guy plucked it from some blog saying the same

  5. Mick the Stick deserves more respect.
    Everything about the game last night screamed early 90’s. From the unis, to the crappy play, to the bush league telecast. They really took the whole thing seriously.

  6. the graphics guy was just trying to fuck everything up to be reminiscent of how thoroughly the phillies fucked everything up in the 90s in honor of 90s retro night

  7. The William Thomas they are referring to is the LB William Thomas who played here from 1991-1999 and was a 2 time pro bowler.

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